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Published: Sunday, Aug. 29 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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BEW's in 3. 2. 1....


This will be the game to show whether the cougars are going to be horrible or above average. The Huskies will continue to have a below average team this year (look for next year to be a breakout season for them).
A sound win will indicate BYU will not be a below average team. A Loss however, will not only indicate that the cougars are below average, it will show that they will probably end up in the bottom third of the MWC. Not a good thing if the cougars want to go independent.
The MWC teams this year are mostly improving over last year and it will be a tough conference. Dont think that UNM, Wyoming, SDSU and Air Force will be easy wins. CSU and UNLV could also beat any team that loses to the huskies.
Curious to see how my home citys team does in the opener. Good luck, I hope you can help maintain the respect the MWC has been receiving after Utahs and TCUs continued successes.


I like BYUs chance of stopping Locker. When coaches have a long time to study a team, they can be very good at stopping certain players. Look at what they did to those stellar RBs from Oregon State. Look at how they limited Bradford to under 100 yards passing in 2 quarters. BYU will be ready, but Locker will be far better than the last time we played him. Still, BYU has most advantages in this game. Washington lost all their away games last year. If they beat BYU, it will be a new for Washington. The last time they won on the road was in 2007.

Also, last year the most Locker ran on the road was 33 yards vs. ND. Many of those road teams had less than stellar defenses. Keep him from running and hold him to under 300 yards passing and BYU will be fine.


Remind me of U-Dub's record with Locker taking the snaps.


Yea, Locker is good… real good.

Can the tds defense stop a more ATHLETIC (i.e speed) team? It’s a forgone conclusion that the tds will lose this game. What may surprise is the total points tds gives up

The number? 58

Otis Spurlock

The Sporting News is predicting that Washington will finish in 8th place in the PAC 10 this year:

1. Oregon 12-0
2. Oregon State 9-3
3. Stanford 9-3
4. Arizona 7-5
5. California 7-5
6. UCLA 5-7
7. USC 8-5
8. Washington 4-8

If BYU can't beat the 8th ranked team in the PAC 10 at home, then that speaks volumes for how good the Conference of Champions really is in football!!

Troll Hunter

Locker is overrated as a quarterback, this is a guy that should have played tightend in college. I really think BYU should do just fine against Locker and should come out the winner in a close one. 24-20 is my prediction.


This game is winnable. It usually takes the offense a few games under a new quarterback to start clicking, and with 2 new quarterbacks, I don't see that changing. BYU's defense will rise to the occasion, with the defensive backfield shining. I predict BYU wins 27-21.


We were lucky to win the last time we played. Washington won't finish last as some predict. The Y will be in a dog fight. I hope I'm wrong but I think Washington wins by a touchdown or more.


@Troll Hunter

So. . . you say Locker is overrated. What will be your excuse when the tds gets thumped by WU? There shouldn't be any excuses, right?

@Otis Spurlock

So . . . if a "predicted" 8th place PAC team beats the tds, what will be your excuse; the officials, as usual?


Why don't you change your screen name as "Hater?"

Flaming Liberal

Could someone please translate what Bronko said into comprehensible statements?


"(Locker) is usually the fastest guy on the field, including everybody,"
HUH ??
Great quote from Mr. Helmet to Helmet.



Who is WU? You must not really be in to sports to think UW is WU. Typical bubble utah yewt who lives at home and takes 9 years to finish school



Nice win in Provo last year ... uh ... I mean in Ft. Worth ... um ...well, anyway nice season. I hope the Pac-10 doesn't decide to listen to the former UCLA chancelor and change its mind about you guys.


My guess is that the PAC10 officials will keep the game close...but anyone thinking Locker is not a good QB has not watched ANY football the past few years. Why would he be projected as the #1 QB taken if he wasn't any good? Nice thought process goofballs!


Number 10 will take a page out of the Brock Huard playbook and lead the Purple & Gold to victory at the Cougar Rameumpton this Saturday.

Remember Coug's, the UW team that went winless two years ago took the the Quest for Perfection squad down to the wire. I'm sure that loss and the bogus celebration penalty will be on the mind of Mr. Locker this Saturday.



The University of Washington has been decimated by poor coaching and some terrible years. Don't forget that this school has, historically, been a strong presence in football in the PAC. Their new coach, and staff, will bring them up quickly and their first step is to beat BYU. I am an alumni of both schools and look forward to a great game. I'll be watching from

Idaho Coug

On one hand, it is a plus that our defense has been practicing against a good runner in Riley and passer in Jake. On the other hand, I don't recall they stopped Riley that often and my guess is that Locker is a MUCH better runner than Riley. But we do have a much more athletic defense overall than usual so given the d's chance to practice against the run and their athleticism, I guess we are as prepared as possible for Locker.

Given that WA's d has practiced so extensively against Locker, I'm not sure our two-headed QB will come as quite the challenge it may against others.


Remember Bronco blasting the PAC10 officials after the UCLA game in L.A.?
He didn't win any friends that day and if they Yners lose at LES on Saturday will they blame the turf or the officials? Probably neither since they've worn those out.
I am amazed at the vanity and egocentric attitude of the students, Coaching staff and Tom Holmo believing that any school is just going to drop what they are doing and either join BYU in a conference or play them 1-1.
I am LDS and here on the Eastern seaboard no one cares about YBU.
Boston College , yesssss, Rutgers --you bet-- West Virginia.. Pitt .. oh yeah.
All byu did was put off a lot conferences and the P.R. they so desperately sought backfired and left a lot of teams and coaches with disgust at BYU"s ill planned actions this August. These last few chaotic weeks did not help the teams ,(or the churches) credibility.. just the opposite.

Where's Stockton ???

It's going to be a whole different ballgame this time around. Byu's supposed formidable defense back in 2008 had their hands full with Jake the last time and were lucky to come out with a win. It's no wonder Locker is probably the leading Heisman candidate going into 2010. He showed the tenacity to not quit and practically handed the Cougars their lunch all by himself. Steve Sarkeisian having had time to work and recruit with this present Huskie Team ought to be making a big difference in the PAC...I smell comeback for the Huskies....But will be cheering for the Cougars

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