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Published: Saturday, Aug. 28 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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I hope that BYU enjoys being an independent. Now that the school has angered the MWC by its insolence and belief that its is better than the rest of the league it would be very tough to go back.

As for the Pac-Ten/Tweleve that won't happen for a long time if ever.

Emotions are pretty raw here in California after the LDS Church involvement in Prop 8. There is no way that any of the four California schools could endorse membership for a Mormon school.

Students, faculty and alumni would be outraged at an invitation to BYU. Even a huge national TV draw or big bucks from a national TV contract would't be enough to shake off the stigma of the churches involvement. (Thank god BYU has neither)

The Big XII might be an option once they figure out exactly how to split the loot.

50% to Texas and 50% to everyone else.

Great move BYU!


If everything were to be wraped up in a blanket, BYU most certainly should go independent. There is so much hate towards BYU by schools who couldn't do a thing by themselves. Utah and BYU aways field a good program and maybe a different school once in a while but to be in a lagger conference, usually in the top, helps other schools and fill the coffers with money they should keep for themsleves, makes a good reason to move from the MWC. That blue carpet in Boise would be reason enough if nothing else. Go UTAH-BYU.


Interesting if WAC and CUSA teams will come together forming a new conference, or the WAC can entice some of the CUSA teams to the WAC. That way BYU can go indy in FB with the rest of their sports in the CUSA, and USU will still be a part of a viable conference. We'll see what comes about on Mon or Tues. If BYU is going to go indy for 2011, they need to advise the MWC by or before Sept 1, otherwise they will remain part of the MWC until at least after the 2011 season.


I meant the rest of BYU's sports could become a part of the new conf (if the WAC and CUSA teams can come together to form a new conf) or a revamped WAC conf.


The players and coaches answers are canned, they keep saying "it's just another year" yeah right! Between the U going to the pac, BYU jumping the gun on independence and TCU gearing up for a BCS run, this is one of the most compelling preseasons I can ever remember. All of this is not lost on the players no matter what they say.


You talk about Utah hating to go to Wyoming to play games in the snow and cold...now USC, UCLA, Oregon, etc. will hate coming to SLC in late fall to pay in the cold...


Panamasesnews, first thought about the WAC, BYU and CSUA merging was you have got to be crazy with teams from East Carolina to San Jose St. to Hawaii what a logistical nightmare.

then I pulled on my BYU classes and it started to make since. BYU is after all out for exposure. well they would have stops in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, what great exposure.

but without the BYU Glasses on you realize that they would only be playing Rice, Tulane and university of central Florida. not quite the exposure you had with the BYU glasses on. besides I would hate to have "We are marshal II" filmed at Laval Edwards Stadium.

I can see a new conference in the making soon after BYU leaves the the mountian west with 6-8 other members to fill the middle of the schedule. and leave 4 or 6 non conference games so BYU could play the big boys.

a good mix would be to have TCU, Huston, San Diego st., Fresno State, Boise St., Air Force, and possibly Southern Miss, Tulane, Tulsa, Hawaii, New Mexico, UNLV, UAB, and Memphis.


Re: Live Hard

"Utah most likely will fight the WAZZU for basement sloppy seconds for last place..."

Typical jealous BYU fan. The only thing you have going for you is your hope that Utah will lose in the PAC 12, the very conference you begged and pleaded to get into, but were rejected. Unfortunately for you, the Utes will end up immediately contending for the PAC 12 championship next year, and the years to come.

How are you going to deal with that then?



Got news for you pal. Live Hard is not a BYU fan at all. Read his post again. He is a fan of another MWC team (don't know which). All his previous comments from multiple past articles atest to that fact. So share your uneducated drivel with someone who at least is a fan of BYU.

Truth Machine


Fiction: Utah regularly wins conference championships.

Fact: Utah regularly finishes 3rd or worst in the conference.

What makes you think the Utes will immediately contend for the PAC 12 championship when the Utes so rarily contended for the WAC/MWC championship -- only 6 titles in the last 50 years?

Even Kyle has only managed one championship, versus two each for BYU and TCU. Utah's regular 3rd place MWC finish will translate into a regular 6th place finish in the PAC 12.



Thanks for your hateful rant. You're not as accurate as you think you are, but I hope that you feel better now.


Truth Machine--2 BCS Championship wins equals invitation to the Conference of Champions.

I will say no more.
I NEED say no more.

Henry Drummond

When the Utes line up to play USC or UCLA on a November day in California, I just don't think they will be remembering wistfully all the good times they had playing football in Wyoming during a snowstorm. Don't misunderstand me. Laramie is not the end of the world...but you can see it from there.


@ Truth machine

I see your logic. When Utah was still a member of the MWC, the pac-10 was overrated, the teams were awful, and gosh darn it, the mountain west was a better conference. Now, Utah goes there and instantly all the programs are awesome and will pound the utes into oblivion. which is it?


Where can I buy a jacket like that!!! Go Cougars!


@Truth Machine:

Looking at the entire University of Utah history, they have won 26 football championships (Rocky Mtn. = 10, Big Seven = 5, Skyline 5, WAC 2, MWC = 4) which is more than BYU has won (20?).

That the U of U won the majority of its football conference championships in the 1st 50 years of its program as opposed to BYU's winning its majority in the last 50 years is irrelevant.

The University of Utah's 2 undefeated, BCS bowl-winning seasons in the past 6 years speak for themselves. The U has also beaten UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, Cal, Oregon State, and USC all in the past decade. They also have won 9 straight bowl games.

Tell me again, why the U should be so concerned about leaving the MWC and go to the PAC 12?


"share your uneducated drivel with someone who at least is a fan of BYU."

I obviously did---you.

Rock Of The Marne

Live Hard why the hate? I surmise from a couple of posts you are a WYO fan? BYU and Utah are Rocky Mountain/Intermountain West teams; that won't change with conference afflation. I think the smart Utah and BYU fans will remember where they came from and try not to disrespect the other teams/cities and states that make up the current MWC and the old WAC. I for one will be pulling for the Wyoming’s and CSUs as they are from the same neighborhood (Rocky Mountain West). My advice though would not to hate other teams for doing what your team would do as well (unfortunately in the end it all comes back to money). Best of luck to U of Wyoming in the future; there were some great games.

Blue AZ Cougar

@ Laser

Yeah, no kidding -- that BYU jacket is sweet! Bronco looks like Chuck Norris with that thing on. What a stud!!



A little know fact is that the ute suck on the road when it comes to playing pac 10 schools.


Re: Truth Machine

You're in need of a brief history lesson. For the 1st 50 years that the U of U and BYU competed, the U won 20 conference championships in the various conferences that they were aligned. They hit a dry spell, then have won 4 titles in the last ten years (26 total). BYU, on the other hand, did not win a single conference championship until the latter 50 years (about 20 total). Either way, neither of those accomplishments is very relevant except for what has taken place in the last decade.

During this time the Utes have won 4 conference titles. They have 2 undefeated, BCS bowl winning- seasons. Along the way they have defeated UCLA, Arizona, Cal, Stanford, USC, and Oregon State all of the PAC 10/12. They also have a 9 game bowl winning streak.

Tell me again, why you think the Utes won't do well in the PAC 12?

Re: MacNasty

You call this "uneducated drivel." Why?

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