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Published: Friday, Aug. 27 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Andrew J. Marksen

As a season ticket holder this is a very bad idea. It was bad when Crowton did it and it is bad now. I for one do not look forward to seeing this pending train wreck.

Cougar Claws

Re: Marksen

You didn't read the article, did you?

What's the difference between Coach Mendenhall and Coach Crowton? The answer is: Coach Mendenhall.

I think Coach Mendenhall has earned the progams trust. If you don't trust him now you probably never will.


I hope you're wrong Mr. Marksen. One thing that does give me some peace is the fact that Crowton had many failures, not just at QB. Those teams were train wrecks, both on and off of the field. The atmosphere at BYU is most certainly different now. Hopefully that translates to success with the new QB situation.


Bronco is going to get the Max out of this team. The very predictable offense just got a lot less predictable.


Wow! Is Heaps being punished for not going on a mission?


Crowton did what he did because he had little talent to work with, and injuries. Doesn't relate.

BYU Student

That doesn't really make any sense, since he's 18. Kinda hard to go on a mission if you're 18. He may be 19, I don't know for sure, but he only got to BYU in January or something. Pretty young kid.


Fuzz: How can Heaps be punished for not going on a mission when he just graduated from high school and is too young to serve? You are brilliant!!!


I'm a little leery of this. Two quarterback systems don't seem to have a good success rate. They will both be looking over their shoulders every time they make a mistake, wondering if they'll get pulled from the game. That can't bode well for their confidence. I hope they prove me wrong.


Bronco needs to put the team first, and not whats best for two of the teams players.

The last 2 years Bronco favored Max Hall over every other player on the team and basically forfeited a couple games as he demanded passing plays instead of using a much superior running game.

After a couple more years of Bronco, the fans and the players are going to see that this mentality hurts the team and BYU will only get top quality recruits at the QB position, and maybe the receiver position. Any quality RB, LB, D-Lineman, etc. wouldnt even consider going to the cougars.

The next decade is going to be tough for BYU football. Well just laugh if BYU goes independent, as that will only make people think that decision was what ruined BYU football - well know the real reason.

ed in atl

This is going to be awesome. There will be plays where they will both be in at the same time. Jake may hand off to Riley, he could throw or run or Jake could throw to somebody else. It will be exciting.


2 QB system = no consistency. I thought Bronco was big on consistency? Plus, it does not foster confidence, something an 18 year old QB needs to grow in college football and a Junior QB needs to be a leader.

Plus, and I'm sorry, this is college football, not pee-wee league where it is all about having fun and teaching technique. It's great to be able to help these young men grow, but again, it's football - just win baby!


I think this system could give defenses big headaches, especially if Jake becomes a good runner.


'Fuzz' is most likely a yewt troll just trying to stir up trouble.

A 2 QB system can be successful if:

- the 2 QBs truly care about one another (this eliminates any potential jealousy)

- the team trusts and has confidence in both QBs to lead

- the head coach will allow each QB to make mistakes without excessive negative ramifications

If this is the case then it can truly be "I've got 2 weapons instead of one".

I can already see confusing opponent's defenses by occasionally putting in Heaps and running a surprise QB sneak or Nelson being inserted and passing instead of the expected QB run.

More weapons can be a good thing.


I just want to win, don't care about who is throwing the ball.

One concern...beating Washington. Losses are not acceptable.

BYU controls it's own destiny...does not matter what anyone else does.

Just win.



Big Hapa

Rise and Shout ! Lets support the product that Coach is putting out and if it works he is a miracle worker, and if it does not he will simply change it.

The Nelson & Heaps show should be exciting and unpreictable to say the least. Perhaps this dynamic duo is exactly what will move the team this season.

This depth conundrum has become the brain trust idea of the century or a pariah that will morph out of control.

We all will see it Saturday the 4th @ 5:pm

"POLY" Cougar Nation


Everyone needs to get off Broncos back. LaVell had bad years in the beginning and bad years at the end of a sucessful career. So if you don't like it, then sell your season tickets and do not go to the game. Nobody wants to sit next to nor listen to sour grapes, especially before the season even starts. There might be some merit to this. Oh, and keep in mind the mission of the football team....first a foremost is faith in God and in the mission of the Lord's Church. Football is somewhere down the line. Bronco understands that because tomorrow, it is not football that makes those who leave the program successful, it is their faith and family that makes them successful. And for us true blue fans on football, I think the key to the fun and excitement we will see next week, will be "what will the Wash defense do?" Coach Sark and Holt will certainly be busy and their hands full. They will change their defensive strategy numerous times to keep-up with the strategy of the cougar offense. The BYU defense will have their hands full too. Locker = pretty good.



What?? You have now proved yourself to know absolutely nothing about football. Congratulations!

Let's see. We just lost the most productive running back in school history. Why would any running back want to come to the Y? Obviously they would never get a chance to run the ball. Right? BYU just had the most wins in a 4 years period in the history of the school and has one of the best records over 4 years in the nation. Why would any athlete want to be part of that?

You are right. Bronco has no idea what he is doing and is ruining the program. His failures should have been obvious to all of us but we were simply ignorant.

You have saved BYU!

Dr. K

Live Hard: Hurray up and tell the MWC you're bolting, so we can get on building the MWC with teams of loyalty!!!

Who the heck are you? A BYU fan? Scratch that. Utah? Makes no sense. Utah State? Only if disloyal to the WAC. A generic MWC fan?! Does such a thing exist?

Or maybe you're some out-of-state lurking Deseret News reader. I'm going to go with some brand of disgruntled TCU fan. Either that or maybe this is Elizabeth Lambert from the New Mexico women's soccer team.

Just speculating of course.


My fear is that the "idiots" that call themselves fans start to boo one of these qb's if they make a mistake. Or that they start calling for the other qb that is on the sidelines at the time. I love the Cougars, but some of the "fans" are ignorant, and love to boo the players. I don't care if fans boo a questionable call by an official or a coach, but don't boo your own players. I'm not a big fan of a two qb system, but I will support who ever is playing at that time. GO COUGS!!!

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