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Published: Friday, Aug. 27 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Good article, but ignorant utah fans are going to put a lot of dumb pointless comments about this one....All i can say to the ute fans is, we will see what happens in November....


Amen. I know its time to show patience. I really hope BYU can knock a home run with this. They are a deserving program.

No other program in the MWC can match BYU with support, history, nor fan base. No, its not even close with Utah. I can't believe how much hate people have for BYU. When ever I hear the "arrogance" card played, it's usually someone who is being arrogant.

Alpine Blue

Thanks Dick. Excellent summation of BYU's current dilemma. BYU has always been a target of critics and haters-with a lot of ire being targeted at it's sponsoring organization. You can be certain that BYU's continued athletic success will only further inflame those same critics. There will always be haters. We hear them everyday on these comment boards.

Like you there are a lot of Cougar fans on pins and needles awaiting some sort of News Conference to be announced on Monday or Tuesday.

I am totally confident that whatever course is chosen, BYU will continue it's long-standing tradition of athletic success and will find even greater glory in future years on the fields and hardwood courts.

Also feel that the time may soon come that the Board of Trustees will choose to discontinue intercollegiate athletics at BYU-when it no longer serves or fosters the best interests of the church.

Hopefully later than sooner for this life-long Cougar fan.


Great article Dick. Thank you!

Cougar Claws

Wow, people hate BYU? That's impossible! I thought everyone loved us.

Nothing to see here folks. The haters will always hate. I think it's funny how it is perfectly okay that Utah left the MWC but it's a major crime that BYU is trying to leave.

That Fort Worth lady is a crock. You know very well that TCU would be gone the second they got a Big-12 invitation. (By the way, BYU still leads the all time series with TCU). So I think that BYU has done a little more than accomplish nothing. They also make more money than Utah and TCU.

Oh well. The only reason the rest of the MWC is bitter is because they know that the conference would go bankrupt if BYU left. That's not arrogance it's j BYU should do what is smart for BYU. That is what any other intelligent school would do. What if BYU called all the MWC schools together and proposed to leave? Obviously they would be against it. There's no behind the back dealing going on, it is just common sense that the MWC would have been opposed to BYU leaving.


BCS dollars mean more than any television contract and the Cougars have yet to prove they can get there. Utah and Boise State have been there twice by the way. BYU brass needs to be reminded that the Pac 10 took Utah and not them because Utah was the most valuable school in the league -- not BYU..sad but true. Everyone needs to accept this. There are some valid reasons why no current BCS conference wants BYU and it would be a far better plan if BYU brass would simply try and fix those problems rather than creating new ones by going independent.

Oklahoma Cougar

Just as there have been those detractors mentioned there have also been some allies-some of them unexpected-that have come to BYU's defense. Earlier this week Al Eshbach and Jim Tramel (not always BYU advocates) spent nearly 10 minutes on their "Sports Animal" syndicated radio show espousing BYU's efforts and chances of going independent. They were very complimentary and supportive of BYU's efforts to seek a better deal with ESPN.

Howard S.

However this plays out for BYU it won't be close to the positive outcome that the PAC 10 is for Utah.


I just wish that someone would make an announcement soon. I am tired of all the speculation from both BYU fans and UTAH fans.

Captain L

Dick, BYU has taken a hit from the negative, critical, haters of BYU and the church. To me BYU hasn't taken anymore of a hit than the church does for claiming to have the truth. BYU hasn't done anything wrong, they have only taken a hit by those who hated them in the first place. Those who truely look at the facts, know that everything BYU has done has been above board and ethical. Wanting to improve their circumstances and doing the necessary communications & planning to see if it is feasible and beneficial is only smart and prudent. There was nothing wrong with what BYU has done.
It really bothers me to have the BYU haters falsely accuse and demean BYU and the only justifiable reason is their hatred of BYU.


In the end, it will not matter what BYU's decision is. Those who hate BYU, whatever the reason, will continue to do so. This situation will just become another bullet in their gun of vitriol. As it stands, Mr. Harmon makes an unpopular, politically incorrect, but very true point. BYU holds assets that others in their conference do not (Utah was closing the gap in recent years, but they’re gone too). This will always be a source of tension within the league and its’ fans. Ironically, the anger being expressed by those around the MWC is only evidence of that which they wish, and pretend in their articles, was not true. They need BYU, and they hate BYU for it. They need the exposure, the money, the recognition and the history that BYU brings to their world and now that they might lose it, vitriol is all they have left.

This is not arrogance, nor delusion. This is reality. Hard to hear, almost impossible to admit, but simply reality

Alpine Blue

No doubt Howard S./HH/Chris B. It is guys like you that we are speaking about-the haters and mockers.

Predict that our continued sucess will only fuel your hate and envy.

BEW lover

It almost feels like going back to the MWC at this point would be a huge disappointment, not to mention the fuel it would give all the I-told-you-so critics out there. And if that were to happen, for years to come every school in the Mountain West would be gunning for those "arrogant" Cougars every time they played. Without wanting to, BYU has become a benchmark for everyone else who wants to prove that they're as good or better than the Cougars.

So my vote is to get out. You know you're going to eventually, so just do it now and face it like a champ. It's like any investment: you can't have big-time rewards without taking big-time risks.


The truth hurts Dick.

Jennifer Floyd Engel is absolutely clueless. Her ignorance is stunning. TCU is a great football team; I mean wonderful. But look at the Fort Worth papers. Sport writers are begging the fans to come and see the games; to fill empty seats. A team like TCU deserves better fan support, and, better sports writers.

Bob Hammond obviously did not understand Holmoe when Holmoe said in July that BYU was exploring all options. If he actually thinks the MWC had no idea of BYU's options, Hammond might be interested in purchasing Madagascar; I hear there's a guy willing to let it go for a song.

I lived in San Diego for years. SDSU fans dislike BYU, period. Doesn't matter, they have and always will. That's fine, I won't lose sleep.

When there are no reasonable arguements or logical rebuttals, people sling mud and call names.

Your aforementioned collegues need to understand the concepts of due diligence and fiduciary responsibility. That is what BYU did and is doing.

No doubt, these sports writers did no thorough research and investigation into the matter. They have a lot in common with congress; clueless and arrogant.


How was BYU being "sneaky" when in a 2008 interview Karl Benson of the WAC was asked if the WAC would take BYU's other sport should they decide to go Independent. That was 2 years ago. Or when Tom Holmoe said earlier this summer that BYU was exploring that option? Or when the news was leaked, not from Provo or even Utah, but from Colorado?! If this was a secret, it was the worst kept secret in college football.


mr harmon, good article and i think it might be too late to go back to the mwc? utah state could go independent as well? wow. still waiting...



BYU has always been a ligtening rod. People tune in either with hopes of watching BYU win or with rancor to watch BYU lose. There are not many in the middle ground.

Its kind of like the Dallas Cowboys a few years back (and I am not likening BYU's football acumen or skill to that of the Dallas Cowboys; its too bad one must preempt stupidity before it undoubtedly would occur in the following posts). People watched the Dallas Cowboys because they were either loved or hated. The networks knew this and their resultant ratings were stupendous.

BYU and its fans must know that the occasional lightening strikes bring a lot of heat and sometimes deafening thunder. The raucous din of the BYU detractors over the last week or so is proof enough of this fact.

Johney Utah

Brother Harmon, indeed. What you write is well presented.

But it is the very mixture of sports with piety which you endeavor here that so many find, not objectionable but absurd, really.

I remember sitting in my sixth grade classroom as a student in Orem the week before what would become the miracle bowl and one of my fellow students saying half joking, "We have nothing to fear. We will win. The Lord is with us!"

Its become part of our culture.

Would the folks at SMU have tried a joke like that?

Are the Cougars really the modern, "Knights of God?"

Football is a war metaphor. But does it deserve the trappings and divine rite claimed of the armies of centuries past?

It's the fact that BYU is acting so blatantly out of jealously and pride(the deadly kind). Your rivals cannot help but wail in the face of this hypocrisy.

However, I think BYU could call the bluff of Fresno and Nevada and follow through with the "project" as previously compiled. In that scenario, the $5million becomes truly enforceable. In fact, the two would simply return to the WAC. But is WAC-dependent independence worth it?


Mainly BYU is catching flak from MTN homers. The rest of the country is either pro BYU or does not care. It is really very small potatoes to them.

This will blow over quickly and any damage is minimal compared to the long run good that will come of it.

Besides if BYU leaves the MTN that voids the TV contract with Comcast. There is a clause that negates the contract if both Utah and BYU leave.

What a gift to the rest of the MTN. They will be free to negotiate a real TV deal based on their own merits. They will no longer be stuck with BYU or Comcast. Some of them will schedule BYU just to make money.

Part of the hatred comes from getting beat most of the time.

I would really like to see BYU schedule most of its games with teams out of the Intermountain area. That does the most good for BYU and makes for much better ESPN games.

International coverage is an incentive to schedule BYU.


@M98 @1123pm

You could not be more wrong. Utah was not taken because it was the most valuable in the conference. It was the most "politically correct" decision. I have personally heard one of the Pac10 coaches when asked about BYU not being invited over Utah was "in his opinion" due to reasons OTHER than anything to do with their program (like religion, prop 8, etc.)

Utah has an excellent program and was deserving of the invite but don't say that Utah was the most "valuable" in the conference because it simply is not true.

If ESPN could have a contract with any current MWC school to broadcast their games, which team do you think they would consider the most VALUABLE??

Harmon has written some excellent articles about the "independent" situation. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

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