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Published: Friday, Aug. 27 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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I can't believe the vitriol from both sides! Having played a lot of sports as probably most readers have, I can't remember ever wanting to see or be a part of any opponents career being over by injury. So to wish that on Asiata or any player is worse than inappropriate. It's also wrong to continually see posts go to the 'religion card'. I know there are many non LDS Cougar fans and many LDS Utes. Why do some have to create havoc for all? I enjoy reading posts that give me additional info I can work with. Not hate speak that makes my stomach turn.


@ute alumni

"To me, it has become more of a hate Mormons and less about schools rivalry."

The majority of Utah fans are LDS. The rivalry has more to do with hypocrisy.

Work on that for a while.

True Ute

Not only are there a LOT OF LDS Utes fans, but there are a LOT of LDS Ute players. Why would it be about hating Mormons when Utah's team is made up of them?

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