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Published: Friday, Aug. 27 2010 1:00 a.m. MDT

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There was a time when a man's word was his bond. Unfortunately, Fresno State President John Welty's word was only a good as a junk bond -- worthless.

As long as the WAC survives, Fresno State won't be able to the MWC before 2013, since they already missed the July 1st deadline to declare their intentions to leave the conference.

It's likely that BYU, and possibly several other MWC teams could be gone before the Bulldogs ever play a game in the MWC. Wouldn't it be ironic if FSU and NVR arrived in the MWC to find essentially the same conference they left behind in the WAC, only with a different name and with Craig Thompson still as commissioner and the MTN still as their broadcast partner. They all deserve each other.


To Live Hard...nice try...dream on!


What makes the most sense right now is to form a new league, made for TV. Or to create a Western Division of the Big East if that can be sold to the Big East.

Even if there were only a few starting teams in the West Division it could greatly enhance the overall Big East TV revenue and give ESPN the Western foot print it needs AF, TCU and BYU would be very good TV draws for ESPN when playing Big East teams. Home games would fit the later time slot. As long as BYU could broadcast anything ESPN did not it would be a winner for all involved.


Xpat - agreed. If this is what was written in an email, let's see it, or at least report it that way. The way Ebor nhas written this article definitely makes you think this was just his opinion. BYU needs no help in keeping up with the Utes visibility.


This is a good example of just how difficult change is. No matter how bad the present is, like little crabs. we fight to keep anyone from changing the status quo.

"Get back down here. We can't rock the boat. It might change the direction of everything."

But we are going the wrong way. You know that.

Shut up and sit down and enjoy the ride.

But we are going the wrong way.

Maybe so, but enjoy the view.

Sorry, I need to get off.

The same type of opposition would have kept the Bible from being translated into English, but someone took the oar and started rowing against the current. Change is difficult, but sometimes it is also necessary.


This is all information that we have known for close to a week.

Lets wait until we have something new to write about before the next article.


The one glaring problem with the entire conference boils down to commissioner Craig Thompson. How do we get rid of this guy? He is a total joke!


BYU and Utah State should partner to create a new conference with a deal similar to the WAC model, but with BYU a full-fledged member in all sports.

Utah State
Boise State
Air Force
New Mexico
San Diego State

A very strong conference in basketball and a conference that would at least have a good chance of becoming an AQ conference in football.

Give BYU rights and revenue from all BYU home games, OOC games, and bowl games, in exchange for BYU giving up live broadcast rights to all BYU conference away games and bowl games that other conference teams play in.

BYU would retain the rights to re-broadcast any BYU game and any conference away games that weren't broadcast by the conference's television partner.

BYU would also agree to broadcast other conference sports on BYU-TV such as baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball.

The conference and BYU could have separate contracts with ESPN.

A win-win situation for all conference members.


live hard.

isn't it a bit of a long way around to criticize the church? its all talk until the ink in dry. everything else until then is just talk.

Ill step forward and say that Utah state showed integrity in not joining the MWC to a fault.

BYU joining the WAC idea was serving USU more than anyone else. They (USU) thought that they had secured the deal that is why they turned down the invitation to join the MWC but USU did not close the deal. having BYU in the same conference is more valuable than leaving for the MWC, a better conference, and have the possibility of BYU leaving.

all things are well in love, war and negotiations.


In 30 years of selling and buying over 150 companies there is one truth that is always the same. No matter what you think your value is and why, the only way to determine your real value is by what someone is willing to pay for you. In BYU's case they discovered this past 3 months and especially this past 2 weeks that their value is much lower than what they thought and only a fraction of what the fans thought. This is especially true of their footbal program which has been on a gradual slide nationally since the early 1990's and during the past 10 years (the BCS Era) they have been in freefall as programs galore have become BCS teams like UCONN, South Florida, Louisville, Cincinnati, Rutgers and now the biggest slap, Utah. This desperate act ignored the fact that other parties always have alternatives and the MWC, as bad as it is and it is a dead man walking, had options that trumped a school with little value nationally to anyone. If BYU was really the big dog they could have like Texas brought others with them. But they stand alone with little worth today.


I just don't understand BYU. Their athletic programs are superior to all others in the west, they generate more money than any other collegiate athletic program in the west, and their football team deserves to be in a big bowl every year. Why would they even want to associate with the little people in the WAC or MWC?


Seriously, BYU started the WAC with the best of the little people only to be disappointed. BYU started the MWC with the best of the little people only to be disappointed. The Y should just go independent and be done with the little people, already!

BYU, Now Serving Humble Pie

I really don't think BYU could have done a more terrible job going about leaving the MWC than it did last week.

Johnny Triumph

Welty's obviously a serious piece of work, even saddling the debt-ridden State of California with another $5M purchase. All for what?

So say BYU continues down the WAC road? Fresno and Nevada will have one common year with BYU in the WAC, but then what for BYU? I'd say that either:
1) BYU forms a new conference with an ESPN/BYU-TV agreement that looks similar to the 1980s WAC (BYU, Hawaii, USU, UNLV, SDSU, AFA, CSU, UTEP) or
2) BYU bides its time until the Big12 wants another football championship game and invites BYU.

BYU's silence plays to their advantage. Whatever they decide will be the right choice for the University and the Church.


RE: royalblue

Interesting idea to create a new conference with more TV freedom, containing only the teams we like and abandoning the conference that is falling apart around us.

However, didn't we already do that 12 years ago, with almost exactly the same teams?

How do you think it would turn out differently this time? I'm not criticizing, just asking for your thoughts.



You bring up a real good point. If for example, Texas decided to go independent and jump to lesser conference in all other athletics than football, Do you think any of the lesser conference members would have quickly jumped to the BIG12. No. They would have seen the value of being associated with Texas.

Clearly Fresno and Nevada weighed the “market value” of BYU and the MWC — and chose the MWC (including the 5mm penalty). Very, very telling isn’t it.


How can you not admit there is an element of keeping up with Utah, it's not an outrageous thing, it doesn't make BYU inferior in any way.

The Utes going to the PAC10 does create some competitive dissadvantafes for BYU, (revenue, recruting), they would not be a top program if they didn't try to rectify the situation.

You can argue all you want about their methods and the results but the bottom line is Utah going to the PAC10 was one of the catalysts for this change.

Quit trying to bring moral equilvalency or one program being inferior/superior into the discussion. It's simply a matter of trying to remain competitive with your rival.


We should all just wait to see what happens in the end. That's all that really matters.


Royal blue that is a pipe dream. and besides why include USU over Fresno St. or Colorado St. that doesn't make since. not including Wyoming is a given in your scenario.

having a conference that is built around broadcasting BYU only and then turn around and have a seperate deal with the conference will not sale at ESPN. the only why BYU in a conference would get a deal would be a conference deal. otherwise BYU would be better off in the west coast conference and independent in football.


I still fail to see how BYU did anything wrong or sneaky here. They are under no obligation to stay in the MWC as long as they give notification by Sept. 1. They have not breached any agreements. They haven't even done anything. What is sneaky is Fresno State's departure from the WAC after they had signed a memorandum of understanding. Nevada didn't sign anything, but given the fact they were part of BYU's negotiations with the WAC and appeared to be on board, they could have discussed the matter with BYU before switching conferences.

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