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Published: Friday, Aug. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Right on.


Another pompous, we are better than anyone article.....


Thanks Scott! Great article.

BYU has been giving far more than they receive from the MWC for far too long.

When BYU, by themselves, is attractive enough to a broadcaster like ESPN to be offered more for ONE GAME, than BYU gets from the MWC for a full year for all sports combined, it's time to move on.

Thompson's pre-emptive strike to sabotage the WAC deal is only a temporary road block. If CT really wants to keep BYU in the MWC, he's going to have to bend and offer some serious concessions in broadcast rights. Otherwise, BYU will leave the MWC, either as an independent or to another conference. That's a certainty.


If BSU has no clout, then why does ESPN broadcast half of their games every year? They love the Broncos


To bigutefan...another jealous cry from a ute fan still wanting to be equal but can pull it off.


another thing that bothers me about this whole "we deserve more" attitude is that byu was a founding member of the mountain west. if they had such a problem with the tv deal, why didn't they speak up when it was being put together? it's not like the league just puts these kind of deals together without imput from the schools. the league could have gone with espn, but they seemed to think the deal with versus/cbs college was better. you made your bed, now sleep in it!

Wash DC Reader

As pompous and as egotistical as the article sounds, it is true. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that if the MWC minus BYU does not bring in nearly as much $$$ or viewers. I hope BYU goes independent in football and stays for all other sports. This would still allow BYU to play five MWC games a year... a win-win.


I would be curious...if it is true that each MWC school sees about 1.5 million a year for football, what CT is receiving personally and what it costs to run his office and staff...anyone know? Do they received the largest piece of a pie they bake and burn?



One more time for you. The issue is not who is better than someone else. The issue is # of eyes watching the game. A team could have a very poor team (Notre Dame in past years) and still be very valuable to TV networks because of viewership.


Sorry Scott....what world have you been living in? BSU may not be Notre Dame or BYU, but it definitely does have a national following.

Stating that only Air Force would be the remaining MWC team with a national following is pure local arrogance.


The pie without BYU would be smaller and it would be divided between a bigger pool. This article is an accurate assessment of reality.


I really hope the MWC doesn’t flinch to the bulling of the pompous tds. If the tds thinks their better than their conference “partners” then simply resign and go independent. JUST DO IT ALREADY.

The truth is the tds needs the MWC security more than any revenue upside of going independent.



Sorry guys. "It ain't braggin' if it's true." Calm down, take a step back, swallow your own pride a little, and you will realize that BYU, win or lose, is the ticket. They draw the largest media crowds. I know it stinks, but you can't just throw a tantrum over it. Figure out ways to harness their drawing power for your benefit. Now I am sure you have plenty of fans yourself. That is lovely. But total eyes, total butts in front of Television sets, that victor is BYU by a landslide.

It's like these articles. The comment boards, the viewers eyes, the excitement, the hate, the anticipation; This is all about BYU and so even you are interested. You try not to be interested because you hate them. Yet here you are, reading, worrying, commenting, arguing, kicking and screaming. Get the picture? You are selling newspapers because you, like millions of others, have a stake in what BYU does. Ouch.


To cush81: The reason ESPN shows so many Boise State games is because the WAC has a contract with ESPN (and because of their success, they are the most marketable team currently in the WAC). Notice that most of the Boise games we see are on Thursday or Friday nights? That was one of the reasons the MWC formed The mtn. network - they didn't want to play weeknight games. I guarantee you'll see a lot less of Boise State next year when they're in the MWC and stuck on The mtn. (And that makes me sad, because I like watching them.)


Cush81, it sounds like you're a BSU fan, which would explain your lack of knowledge about the details of how the current tv deal came about (it's ok, you weren't around the MWC when the deal was hatched). The fact of the matter is that BYU (and I think Utah, as well) raised multiple objections (such as lack of coverage on networks other than Comcast) that the tv executives said would be remedied within a year or two, and BYU signed tentatively for the good of the whole conference. Since then, no remedies have been made and it has been several years, so BYU is tired of playing the game with Comcast Execs and has decided to go in the direction that will provide the national coverage, rebroadcast rights, ability to choose broadcasts on other channels (local, ESPN, etc.), and revenue that they are capable of getting for their brand.


Pierce is correct, dead on.


To bigutefan: I think Scott would have said the same for Utah. Both BYU and Utah have held the league together for years...its just that Utah already made their jump and are irrelevant for THIS conversation.

To cush81: ESPN airs half of Boise State's games because Boise St. is a good team that is willing to play on any day of the week (and usually does) to get national exposure. Plus, the WAC has a deal with ESPN, and who else in the WAC would ESPN want to show?

Footballjoe: Come back to this discussion when Boise State starts regularly selling out their 33,000 seat stadium. Its not your team or your fans (who are both awesome)...just your location. BTW, I don't know how pumping Air Force is local arrogance. Boulder and Boise are about equidistant from SLC (where Scott presumably resides).


Ute fans and BSU fans: To say that our local media is arrogant about our local team is completely ignorant, and shows you just find reasons to hate BYU. Stay away from our articles if you don't like us, and go read articles about your own team. I'm sure the media coverage surrounding your team is equally as loyal.

Pickle Juice, The Key to a BCS

BYU is probably owned a bigger piece of the pie, but BYU is a founding member of the MWC and long ago decided how to split that pie. It seems like sour grapes and greed is now motivating BYU.


I try to never miss a BYU game. If I can't get there then I watch it on TV. I am part of their National audience. I am sure every team has at least a few fans like me. I don't mind sharing with the other dogs that run in the MWC pack. But, if the Y is going to keep up with the U it needs to find more revenue sources. If the product becomes the second fiddle in Utah it will hurt the ratings and the money for all teams in the expanded MWC. I enjoy occasionally watching BSU, Utah, TCU and Air Force. Let's hope the leaders get this worked out to the benefit of all parties.

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