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Published: Thursday, Aug. 26 2010 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Great Job, the church could use more stories like these as opposed to all the prop. 8 stuff...


they are human LDS church Helps everyone..

Im not LDS but they are some that are amazing in world we live in.
Fortunate to have known them besides the point good)


I am GLAD my church is helping these people...

Even though we all know that had the floods happened in Utah, these people wouldn't care less about it, much less think to help out.

There are a lot of people who like to lurk on comment boards around the Internet and take cheap shots at the Church...

But for all their superiority complex and fault finding... I don't think I've ever read about atheist organizations giving humanitarian relief -- or doing much of anything constructive for the world for that matter.

No matter.

I'm glad we can help and are helping -- not because we may impress them and one day be allowed to proselyte, but because we truly are our brothers' keepers.

Good for the Brethren!


First a question, not intended to offend, just curious: Where does the money come from that the church uses to help? Is it from tithing monies? Again, I'm just curious, so if someone could explain, that would be great. I ask because if it's tithing monies, then obviously those who pay tithing are then technically forced to give their money to this cause, which seems to go against what a lot of people don't like about taxes, etc.

@Tlingit: A, you're really going to compare Pakistan to Utah and worry about whether or not they would care if Utah had a flood? Maybe you should try living over there for a while. B, I'm an athiest, and I give to multiple charities. Do you, or do you just wait to see what the church does and call it good? C, you talk about people "lurking around the internet" and taking "cheap shots" at the church, yet in your brief post you make two cheap shots at two different groups. Amazing!


Last sentence is made to show where the money is from-Donatuions and Church sales more enough people that are willing to go out of thier way of Human kindness)


To xscribe... Mormons are not forced to pay tithing!! The church also has a humanitarian fund that members may freely donate to and do!


that is mentioned And thank you LDS faithful church we all in this BigWorld on a tiny Ship :)


The article describes where the money comes from. There are various categories for donating to the church including Humanitarian aid, to provide food to others (fast offering), tithing, and more. It is completely up to the individual to contribute in any capacity.

Nobody is forced to pay tithing or to make any donations to help others out. We are definitly encouraged to serve others, but nothing is forced in any way.


Good to see my fast offering money go to a good cause! (like always)


In answer to xscribe's question, the money that the church uses to help comes from those who voluntarily pay fast offerings. Fast offerings are a donation that is usually made at the beginning of the month to help those in need. Members of the church will fast and pay fast offerings just as Isaiah taught to do in Isaiah 58: 3-8.
Members of the church also pay tithing as taught in the scriptures. Tithing is used to pay for temples, churches, and other church supplies. Church leaders recognize money from tithing as sacred, and are very careful on what it is used for. Also, no member is forced to pay tithing. Tithing is a commandment that when followed brings blessings as taught in Malachi 3: 8-10. Similar to all commandments you are not forced to follow them. I know that the sacrifice I have made to pay tithing, has been a great blessing for me. It has increased my faith in Christ. When I pay my tithing I feel like I am giving up something, for something greater. I also believe that the Lord blesses people temporally when they pay their tithing.


You mean all these years the church has been forcing me to pay tithing against my will and I didn't even know it? Wow, thanks for enlightening me. You must be really smart because you know more about tithing than I do and you are not even a member.


@ xscribe

The funds used by the Church for humanitarian efforts do not come from tithing donations. Tithing goes toward building construction and maintenance, missionary work, and the church-owned universities, among other things. The funds used to provide humanitarian relief are called Fast Offerings. These are offerings made voluntarily each Fast Sunday (thus the name 'Fast Offering'; Fast Sundays are every first Sunday of the month) by members of the church and vary in amounts based on each member's desire/capacity to give. To date, members of the church have donated millions of dollars in Fast Offerings that have gone directly to many humanitarian efforts, including, most recently, Hurrican Katrina victims, the Indonesia Tsunami, and the Earthquake in Haiti. Fast Offerings are distinct and separate funds from tithing donations.

Northern Lights

xscribe, yours is a fair question.

The LDS Church accepts different categories of donations, including tithing, fast offerings, and humanitarian assistance. Each donation is voluntary and is used by the Church for their designated purposes when needed. It's likely in the case of Pakistan that most of the funds came from fast offering and humanitarian assistance donations since that is their purpose. Members understand up front what these funds can be used for.

I don't know of any active member who opposses the use of these funds to help releive suffering in the world. I'm grateful that the LDS Church has the ability to contribute to disaster relief world-wide, regardless of nationality, with such speed.


xscribe- Fast offerings are one of the big sources of welfare donations for the LDS church. Church members are asked to fast once a month and donate the money that would have been spent on the food - and encouraged to do more when possible. There is also a humanitarian fund that members (or nonmembers)can donate to. This is all volunatary, as is paying tithing.

They members also voluntarial work on welfare farms, canneries, factories, etc. to produce food that is used in the welfare system. I have worked on a church hay farm where the hay went to a church dairy, a church grape vinyard where the grapes went to a church cannery to be made into juice and jam, know our ward assignment is at a flour mill where we clean it and then work to produce bread flour, cake mixes, etc. The LDS church owns beef producing operations, the largest in Florida I've heard and even one in Hawaii. So now maybe you have a picture of where it comes from. You should go on a tour of welfare square.


read this other story cure the cause dont get sick.
The taliBan dont want no one to help Flood Victims/or else> world of nations section?

Classic Mom

I love that my money goes to relieve suffering in the world and I whole-heartedly approve any tithing that ends up in a situation like this. But, welfare comes from our humanitarian aid and fast offering donations...We know where our money goes and we spend a lot of time making supplies for emergency relief. Which will end up in Pakistan as well as other places. Thanks for pointing out the possible conspiracies, but I think we're pretty happy with the church's relief efforts. And the "Church" is really us. Because it is staffed by volunteers, like me.


Thanks to those who chose to explain rather than ridicule, as Jay-Jay did. Hope it made them feel better.


What?! No put downs by LDS hatefuls, or complaints by the darn ACLU about something they can dream up to gripe about--like alterior motives for being helpful?! I love how the Church is always one of the first on the spot to extend help and support after a tragedy, what a great example to others.


xscribe: the money comes from the church members. We are not forced to give our money to cause.

LDS Liberal

I hope none of the ultra-conservatives don't see this another example of the redistribution of their wealth - story.

You know --
Haves, giving to the have nots.

And not having to work for it or have to pay it back, ect.

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