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Published: Thursday, Aug. 26 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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So, let me get this straight...this guy shoots an officer, the police back off and then negotiate a peaceful end to the situation? I don't want to hear again about an officer using force when he didn't have to. This criminal is lucky he didn't get a one way ticket to his maker.


"I don't want to hear again about an officer using force when he didn't have to."

Isn't every interaction between police and the public different?


What the heck?

Convicted of murder already...

Now shoots an officer...

When can we get back to take a life...give your life!

Capital punishment will save millions of dollars, let God take care of the nut job, and nobody else will get hurt by the same person.

Not rocket science people! The officers should have taken him out.


Sure, lets use tasers on grandmas, infants, and the mentally handicapped, but not shoot someone who actually shots a cop.


Tasers are used to reduce the threat of someone to self or others. Guns are used when lives are at stake. Since they had no idea how many people with weapons were in this home, they had to back off. Had they known it was just one or two, they would have penetrated the home had they thought other members were in danger.

lost in DC

My thanks to the officer and his comrades. I pray for his speedy recovery.


this guy had a ecord long violation of parole..
He had enough time to start over and move on to better places.
Well its kind of too late for this guy!


I really worry about Jail Records. They were busy about making up the story, You can not trust the COPS!


So, do you think they will plea bargin this time?


I don't want to hear from or see either of these two punks ever again. I hope they both get 35 years without parole. Put them away and throw away the key. Trash. Who the crap shoots at cops? They're lucky they're not dead. They're also lucky these were some of the most professional police officers I've ever heard of. These thugs also are complete morons for shooting around family and a child? What complete idiots without feeling and without conscience. GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL & DO NOT PASS GO OR COLLECT $200. Bye bye forever.


Larry, Please discuss this with your parole officer before you say anything more.


Another body for the tax payer's to support for atleast the next 20 year's, after they've already done so for the last almost 20 year's.
why have a death penalty if your not going to use it ???


Larry | 3:23 p.m. Aug. 26, 2010:
"I really worry about Jail Records. They were busy about making up the story, You can not trust the COPS!"

Really? My wife and I watched the incident from our bedroom window, Skippy. The police are NOT making anything up (funny: I was watching a cop show on the DVR when a REAL cop show started right outside!).

Everything from the guns trained on the perps (at the door, in the parking lot, at the bottom of the stairs, etc.), to making them walk down the apartment stairs with their hands on top of their head (backwards - that was fun to watch), to hearing the injured officer in distress (yes, I was that close), to the police dogs searching all the stuff they were searching for, to the KSL News truck parked out in front of my house all day long.

In short, Larry, it was real. ALL of it. Trust me.


he violated his parole again He has long police record of Jail time/whatever Prison.

It sounds like He never wished to start over we dont know if he tried to do good for his own self!

But they have a Job to do police parole agents need to bring him in)
I had a friend was in for TEN YEARS Got out stayed clean for awhile.Went in Broke his PAROLE went back to
State prison Folsom California For another TEN!
He is now been doing great clean for now for five years giong to be married has a new truck most everything to stay out A leader not a Follower!


Hope the officer comes out OK. The idiot should have never been let out of prison.


Back to Prison thats not a great place..But he never learned his mistakes..
sad times this guy should have at least try to get more ways to be strong move on to try--to turn his life around- keep clean with no violations!

the sheriffs Dept. should have had PAPERS RIGHT!

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