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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 24 2010 2:00 p.m. MDT

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A Bush telling Utah how to improve education? Is our education really that bad? Then again, with the worst education funding in the country, it should not come as a surprise.


I have never seen a standardized test increase student achievement. I have seen politicians use standardized tests to further their own careers but I have never seen a standardized test cause a kid to learn more, learn better or for that matter significantly signal whether or not a child will be successful in life.
I have however, seen many great and noble teachers create classroom environments where kids learn to love learning, learn to love innovation and learn to be better citizens, husbands, wives, students etc. I have seen schools help children be their very best. Today I see great teachers who love the children but loathe the fact that they must teach to the test in order to justify their existence for another year. I see parents who send their kids to school unprepared and then blame the school.
It is the parents responsibility to raise the child and educate the child. The teacher and the school is simply a resource to do so. When the public understands that then students will succeed. Until then politicians can continue to manipulate standardized testing to show both the good and bad of public education. Support our Utah Public Schools.


The edumacashunation of our kids is importantest to us. We should insurarate that our kids are as well edumacated as Mr. Bush's brother was. If only the teachers understood the strategery of the situation they could improve the nuklar education.

To paraphrase our former President and the brother of the guest speaker.


Maybe kooky liberials will listen to someone from out of state who's not a Mormon? Then again maybe they won't?
Regardless what a novel idea ... Choice!
and along with that Grade the schools, grade the teachers, give parents a choice where to send their children, reward achivement. UEA leaders are going to blow a gasket when they see this.


No, they didn't start to improve learning they learned how to game the system.


Don't be bigoted. The guy oversaw a huge jump in educational results, and that's really hard to do. Personally, I'll sit at the table with anyone who has good ideas, no matter what party he is from.


I am a conservative Republican. We have choice now. I can choose to sacrifice and send my children to a private school, I can choose to school them at home... which I do anyway as a good parent, or to a sub par charter school or I can choose to send my children to a great neighborhood public school.
I have school choice. Anyone that says they want more choice probably has a financial interest in charter or Private schools.
We have a great constitutionally mandated public school system in Utah.
Parents educate kids. Schools are there as resources. If your kids do poorly in public schools you may want to point at yourselves rather than the school. I find that the effort you put into schools you also get out ten fold. Public education is a bargain in Utah. Join with me in supporting your neighborhood public school..... NOT THE UEA but your neighborhood public school.

utah guy

Who paid for him to be here? Whose agenda is he here to promote? He didn't just show up of his own accord. That would have been an important item to include in the article.


Seems that when someone who has met with success is willing to share they better be willing to take our criticisms as well.

In many school in small communities in Utah the substitute teachers are paid less than $8.50 an hour to be responsible for an entire classroom. In case anyone is intersted you can make more babysitting.

What do you expect from teachers making $8-$12 an hour? You may know some really good teachers as I do but they are not in classrooms anymore. They are working driving big trucks, working for corporations, computer companies and working in the oilfield because as a society or state we value those positions and are willing to pay for them even though we say we love education.

Bob Pomeroy

Given that success of the system despite under-funding was attributed to string cultural support, what is his purpose in being here? To encourage more government spending, or promote additional cultural support? Neither seems appropos.

DR Hall

It is nice that a visitor can help us with public education, but this is more of playing politics. This state used to be known for higher percentage of children in school and a higher standard of education. But then some one got the brainy idea that kids do not need education unless they were wealthy and so they cut back on school funding and student acheivement buy putting more kids in the same class to over burden the teachers, removing aids, lack of school equipment and lack of student courses. This mentality continues today. This is due to the strong influence of one political party that beleives in making huge profit over proper training and services, but get the funds for contracts for their business buddies. We already have knowlegeable Educational leaders but not with any input to this Administration or Congress. There fore we as the state of Utah are on a steep decline until we change the attitudes and direction of priorities. Good luck with that acheivement.

Sorry Charlie!

Does it work better than No Child Left Behind? Does he have to fudge the numbers like his brother did to make it look like it works?

Capt Coaldale

All this advice from a politician who "raised the bar up." Is it even possible to raise a bar down?


If you want kids who score well on standardized tests, adopt the model. If you want entrepreneurs, go elsewhere.

utah guy

On KSL he is quoted as saying that class size doesn't matter. I would like to challenge him to try to discipline and manage 30-40 eight year olds and try to teach them to some pre-set curriculum standards. I'm sure every elementary teacher would love to hear about his great discipline techniques with children who will not behave and whose parents do not care. I'm sure he has spent much time in a classroom and could give great guidance. Oh wait...


Bush: No Child Left Behind.

Bush: No Child Left Behind?

Bush: No Child Left behind!

Wait a minute.

Haven't we seen this movie before?

Hey! It does not matter what Republican Royalty tell to those Republicans out in Utah.

They want to be seen as part of "Our Grab for Power"; they will fall for anything.

Teaching to the test...

Letter grades for schools...

Money for highly graded schools...

Privatizing public funds...

Truly avant-guarde.

Lifelong Republican

How much did it cost Florida to run this program?

I would be interested in those numbers.

Also, often in these articles they say they can take their funding and choose to go to another school.

Where would you do this in Utah?

It isn't like we have a bunch of empty schools or classrooms.

Every school I have ever been in is full beyond capacity.


I support choice, hate the UEA and I believe it is my responsibility, as well as my wife's, to educate my children. The school can supplement, but they can't substitute.

I am certainly not so far removed from my time at Brighton High to recall of my experience as sanguine, my teachers as "noble" or to believe that the education was glorious. Most of my teachers were there to punch a clock and cared as much about teaching as they did about what they wore to work. There were exceptions, but the better part were union members first educators second.

My kids attend public schools and I make sure I teach them what they need to know to make the grade.


When people are held accountable for their performance, performance improves for the majority; and the minority, unwilling to improve, should leave the establishment requiring accountability, which is also an improvement.

Few like to be held accountable, and that's the reason we have so much mediocrity in our educational and other government-run institutions.

Where there is no accountability, we tend to get lazy and perform more poorly than we should. It's called "human nature"; although there are some sterling characters who consistently try to do their best, supervised or not.

Years ago, I worked as a telemarketer for extra income. There was also an elementary school teacher working for extra money. Her grammar and pronunciation of our English language was so terrible, I silently gave thanks that she was not a teacher of any child of mine.

There simply MUST be a standard to which our teachers are held, if they are to continue teaching. Our children do not deserve being cheated out of an education, because their teacher didn't have one.

I wonder how many comments opposing accountability for students and teachers are from those in the field of education?

the cat nextdoor

Class size doesn't matter? Crazy!! School Choice? Utah has it (open enrollments, charter, home schools, online, concurrent enrollment, private). Teaching to the test? Not a good teaching practice and NOT education. Really, this is about minor politicians listening to big shot politicians from their political party instead of students, parents, and educators.

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