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Published: Monday, Aug. 23 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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the world

Harmon, this is real journalism, and it deserves some recognition. You answered questions that have desperately needed answering. Thank you.


This week will definitely be interesting. I agree with you that other than an invite from the Big 12 going independent is the way to go. The question then becomes: What happens to the Cougar Basketball Team? WCC, Revised WAC or will the MWC swallow their pride and realize that BYU basketball is better than no BYU. Who knows.
With Utah gone there really isn't a whole lot left for the Cougars in the MWC.


Great information and insights. I completely agree that the status quo is not acceptable. BYU has worked and prepared to make major changes that will significantly enhance their position in the world of college athletics as well as their role as ambassadors for the LDS church. This is a great and exciting time that many of us have waited for for a very long time. I can't wait to see how everything unfolds.


The BEW's think that it is out of some silly envy and the pac ten. When in true reality it is all about the stupid stupid tv deal that Thompson came up with. ESPN is the meal ticket and BYU is smart enough to see it.


I am not sure why some give Dick Harmon such a hard time. This article must have took some serious thought to put together, and I found it to be excellent. I am sure being a writer is not easy as there must be plenty of deadlines to beat.


Well done Dick Harmon, well done.

Ernesto de Bajo

I was hoping that some reporter would go back in history and give a balanced, complete and essentially accurate picture of how the MTN came into being and how it turned out as poorly as it did. Although Dick Harmon's reminiscences on the subject did give some perspective, I think that we are still waiting for the job really to be done.

Until a professional finds the time and gumption to dig deeper, perhaps the contributors to the Reader Comments, especially those with good memories, will produce a discussion that gives a deeper understanding of this history and its making.

One thing that I remember is that before the MTN, the MWC was affiliated with ESPN and there was disatisfaction among at least some MWC members with the dates and starting times that ESPN was dictating.


The key phrase in this article is that the current situation does not maximize benefits for BYU or the MWC. BYU has recognized this, but the MWC thinks that by playing dirty with BYU they can somehow improve their situation. It won't happen unless Thompson and the other goonies in Colorado wake up to reality.


All I read was "BYU concerns" about TV revenues. What about the other 7 programs? Why weren't they jetting lawyers to review contracts?

And why is this such a HUGE problem now. Did Dick ever report this major issue before?


WAC nolonger an option. The WCC would be great for basketball, not much else. Tough decisions being made. Glad its not me.

Max for President

This is EXCELLENT journalism Harmon. One of the best articles I've seen from the DN, ever.


I don't see anything happening until 11:59PM, August 30, 2010, if at all this year. In talking about the BSC challenges and how to structure something that works is the fact the BCS rules will forever be changing because of the BSC mafia. In this case, the cheaters always win because the cheaters are in both the BSC, government and judicial system.

Jimmy James

Wow. I think I just entirely agreed with the whole article. (Except, while not desirable, the status quo might still be a possibility for BYU.)

And thank you for acknowledging that the MWC probably wasn't getting an invite to the BCS even if Utah had stayed. That's something a lot of my BYU friends fail to grasp who are still unhappy about Utah leaving. It's not that the MWC isn't deserving, but, that's just the way it is.


This is why change is so difficult. People jump to conclusions about this and that and won't open their eyes to the big picture that is being effected. Hold judgment people. All will benefit. You will see.


A very good article Dick! It seems that you stepped out of the box to do this report. Thanks for your objective view point. It will not only be interesting to see how this unfolds, but how things will be in two to three years from now. I believe things will go BYU's way in the long run no matter what happens this week or next year. We will look back on this in a few years and marvel at what happened.


To be fair and equitable to ALL the members — please MWC, do not succumb to the bulling tactics of the tds. Keep’m kicked out of have them rejoin as an equal partner.

P.S. just like the tooth fairy, BYU going independent is make-believe.

Wash DC Reader

Dick... there should be five follow up articles on this one. I wish this were written a long time ago, but I guess it is better late than never. I would much rather you spend your time hitting this baby hard than attending practice. Please don't let this go by the wayside.

The Desnews/ksl needs to put this center stage for all to see.


This is the new paradigm.

Texas and Oklahoma are not doing a 1/10th split on all of their TV revenue, with Iowa State and other Big 12 (10) members, not anymore.

USC and Oregon will Not be Sharing Equally with Utah, Washington State either.

It's looks like Capitalism is making a comeback over the Socialistic Utopia, Conferences tend to promote.

It's just untenable, that a BYU, with 65k fans for Home games, Road games boosted by 10-15k, a National Following and the Ability, "On It's Own", to increase it's revenue by 10-15 times, would stay put.

(ya, ya ya, "They're not Notre Dame, OK, we get it),

They're Not Wyoming or UNLV Either!

The Great MBA program at BYU would "Fail" anyone, for being so Idiotic..

More importantly, the Braodcast Facility, and the abiltiy to see games, in all sports, anywhere in the world, is esential.

Again, the current contract prohibits this as well.

Comcast does not even "offer" the Mountain on it's National Network, it's only available in MWC cities.

Enough is Enough, anything short of Independence in Football, will not be acceptable to BYU's fans.


To Uteology - are you serious? Dick Harmon has raised this issue in at least 20+ articles that I've read. I'm not a fan of the incessant smack talk on these boards, but really uteology, where have you been?

Excellent article Dick!


Potential audience of 51 million? I find that extremely hard to believe. Here is why; when you are setting up your new dvr or cable system what do you do, that's right you skip the channels you don't want. If I weren't LDS I would skip the BYU channel just as fast as I skip the Baptist Channel etc. now.

Here is the other thing people don't realize. Kids that grow up outside of Utah may have a passing interest in BYU football, but that is about it. The kids in Ohio grow up Buckeye fans with little to no interest in BYU. I know from experience. LDS kids in Florida grow up Florida or FSU fans. LDS kids in Texas grow up.......... you get the point.

There is no way that there is a potential audience of 51 million for BYUTV. Just because it is on the cable package doesn't mean people watch it.

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