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Published: Monday, Aug. 23 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Hmmm... so BYU would be running the WAC wow breaking news so in other words they would basically call the shots once again in the WAC much like they and Utah did 10 years ago and make the decisions. Really no surprise there.




BYU "running the WAC?"

Looks to me more like they were getting a seat at the table in all sports except football and were willing to bring money and exposure to the WAC.

Plus a 10 year agreement with Hawaii? Nevada and Fresno told us a big part of the reason they bolted was that they could not make money going to Hawaii. "Too expensive." Apparently BYU can. hummmmm.


BYU isn't going back to the MWC, mark my words. This could get very interesting...


Sneaking out of MW to the WAC with a prenup before they ever declared...I divorce you, I divorce you I divorce you! Is that kosher?

Wiley Old School

"BYU would agree to not rejoin the MWC if that conference were to eventually receive automatic qualifying BCS status."

Wow... bet the fans would have loved that clause!

Wiley Old School

Good grief! The more facts we read, the more it seems that there was some cosmic intervention that saved BYU sports from itself.

BYU owes Fresno St and Nevada a big favor!


That MOU was very insightful allright. Had the MOU turned into a binding contract the conference should have been renamed from the Western Athletic Conference to the Brigham Young University Athletic Conference. To me the potential deal with BYU and the WAC is about as lopsided as it gets with a very "rich" and "politically" powerful religous based university throwing its weight around with extreme audacity!! It is obvious that BYU already has ulimited financial resources but the two things that the school does not have in the MWC is absolute control over their football revenue "potential" and market share (or marketability) of the BYU slash LDS "brand". If you stop to think about it, BYU sees itself as bigger and certainly more important than any athletic conference or college athletic program in all of college football. What other institution outside of Notre Dame would even attempt to pull something like this off-NONE!!!! Is BYU and the LDS church really that powerful and influential within the collegiate sports landscape. I say yes!! It's about TV money and the Church already owns and operates a mega communications empire. All I see here is greed at the expense of others.

Cougars --Best Little Brothers

...There will be no sharing of BCS revenues by either party...

Does this mean BYU will return the BCS revenue that Utah and TCU earned for the Cougars?

lol. So seflfish and "confident" as in "Quest for Perfection".


CougarKeith: While I am sure all Ute fans will join me in thanking you for your sympathetic thoughts, please don't beat yourself up.

Wherever BYU lands I imagine the SLC media will spin it as a triumph. That said "Ute Nation" indeed the entire nation outside of the Utah bubble will be fully aware who the big winner was in this summers conference square dance...

TV revenue $1.5M to $15M+
Trade LV Bowl for Rose Bowl
Trade Games vs. Wyo and CSU for games vs. UCLA and USC.

Don't hate us just because we are beautiful.


Wait Cooger Keith did you just imply that Utah should be jealous of the MWC championship game?? I wonder what channel that will be on? I know, I know your BYU Network gets into 60 million homes...but 54 million of those despise you based on comments like that!



I think you should count how many teams will be in the MWC. I am pretty sure there are not 12 unless of course Wyoming is now fielding to teams as your post would indicate.



I don't think you see anything


This just keeps getting better. BYU sneaking around behind the MWC's back. Complaining about the very TV contract their President helped create. Trying to play a game of chess pitting the MWC against the WAC.

And what happened. BYU was outsmarted by a guy almost every BYU fan would say shouldn't have a job. That's right, The Craig Thompson, outfoxed good ole BYU.

Talk about embarrassing.

Hope the Y likes playing games versus San Fransisco, San Diego, and the other powers of the WCC.

Ute in Chicago

BYU saw how Boise was able to get to BCS bowls, and they decided to give it a shot (play one good team per year and beat up on glorified high school teams). Instead of rising to the level of competition they would see from TCU and Boise in the MWC, they decide to go back to the WAC. Interesting message to send to your athletes.


AggieFan74 |

"Had the MOU turned into a binding contract the conference should have been renamed from the Western Athletic Conference to the Brigham Young University Athletic Conference."

I completely agree and I'm pleased these these details have surfaced. I noted in several posts that BYU would be looking to gain control over the WAC and it looks like they were on a path to do just that. Dictating who would play whom and when?? BYU keeps all the money except when ESPN televises a WAC game. Are you kidding? Boise State is gone, how many WAC games will ESPN televise??

It suddenly becomes very clear why Fresno State and Nevada opted to join the MWC.


"TV revenue $1.5M to $15M+"

Utah will received $0 in 2011

"Trade LV Bowl for Rose Bowl"

Utah is more likely to play in the Las Vegas Bowl than the Rose Bowl

"Trade Games vs. Wyo and CSU for games vs. UCLA and USC"

The dust isn't settled yet. Utah could be playing Colorado and Washington St. instead of Wyoming and CSU. BYU could be playing Notre Dame and Navy instead of Wyoming and CSU.

Ernest T. Bass

This sounds neat. why aren't we doing this?


RE: AggieFan74

Do you really think BYU football is about "greed" or is it about making a sound business decision with church mission exposure.

Somehow I just don't think that these decisions are made in a smoke filled, room late at night with all the stress, drama, etc. that the word "greed" invokes. Geesh! Give it up.

To think that BYU sees itself as some HUGE SUPERIOR power and "more important than any athletic conference...is ludicrous.

The MOU was nothing more than an agreement that spelled out certain conditions. Both parties were protected by it, revenues and all. I'd really be humored to see what you would think to be a fair agreement under the circumstances.

Giving up the right to play a championship game on Sunday and refraining from Monday nights 'ain't' nothing.

Look what the gov't does to make atheists feel warm and fuzzy during any holiday.


BYU will still be waving goodbye to the Mountain West, Craig T, the Vegas Bowl championship goal and his bad TV contract. Nevada and Fresno St did not put enough lipstick on that pig for the cougars to stay.

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