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Published: Friday, Aug. 20 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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I agree with the Rigby kid, I am glad he is on my team. I have watched Alex Kuresa play about three or four times and he is a "watch him," type of player. I like the Provo Bulldogs because of Saia Pope, but if Mtn. Crest beats Timpview, it'll be a very good day.
The Mustangs are well-coached, disciplined and have real, home-grown talent up there in God's country. Timpview has excellent tradition in football, but its all move-ins and transfers, something like 25 or more players.
I am not knocking Timpview's players or coaches. Van Orden is as good an offensive mind as you will find, and a very good person, the same can be said of Wong---very impressive man!!
However, I think I speak for the entire state in that most of us are rooting for Alex Kuresa and the Mustangs!!!!


Love the excuses. Timpview has more home grown talent than MC could dream of..

Since 2004 off the top of my head the kids from TV who grew up in TV who signed major D1:

Harvey Unga, Stephen Covey, Matt Reynolds, Luke Ashworth, Chris Badger, Dalas Reynolds, Houston Reynolds, Bronson Kaufusi and probably a handful more..

Besides Kuresa, I'm not sure what home grown talent MC has


Good win for MC. I was impressed with the WR's that pulled down some very interesting passes. Can happen without them. One thing to consider...Kuresa and Zimmerman both played 4 years at QB, thus big numbers. Nelson, Larks, Manning and even Hart played only 2 at the position. Of course a state record would be made with four years behind center. That said, Congrats to Alex and his teammates.

Old Navy


Get real!!!

We both know that with all the out of school boundary players you have each year, Timpview should change it's name to the Utah County All-Stars!


You want to talk about talent? How about heart? MC made it to the Semi's with a 155lb. Nose Tackle last year.

Almost every single one of those kids is undersized, and yet they find a way to win.


Kuresa didn't start until very late in his freshman year, and I don't remember Zimmerman starting until his sophmore year. I could be wrong though.


congrats to my Mustangs on another win over a tough Highland team. The second half wasn't pretty, but you pulled thru with the win!


timpview football

timp dont sink down to others levels. i love how everybody calls us all stars from everywhere in the state everybody listen clearly because this is a FACT. we have 1.....yes i said 1 starter that lives out of our bounderies! u dont have to believe me but we know its true. bryson mckenzie lives in lehi, he's been coming to tv since he was a freshman. everyone else of our starters live in tv bounderies. u can go investigate for yourself if u want. the bottom line is our coaches make normal players all stars because we work as a TEAM. and we know that is true so we could care less what other people say. it is funny though, how out of so many other teams in the state that have kids from out of their bounderies ( which is legal), timpview is the only one that gets bashed and cristicized. just a thought

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