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Published: Friday, Aug. 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tom took time out during education week? What is Tom an educator or just the mastermind behind BYU's numerous Vegas bowl appearances? OK maybe he is both but look BYU your national profile isn't going to change too drastically. You may be in a conference that has IND, WCC, WAC or even MWC but none of these are affiliated with BCS. Your profile can only be raised as much as the next Elder's quorum discussion will allow it so while you continue to raise the profile and do things to bring the Y to prominence and put those around you down, in reality your rise to prominence is nothing more than Vegas Bowl greatness. I may have mentioned that a time machine is the only real thing that will bring a "raised profile" to BYU, and that is only if it can be set to 84'.

Again this whole thing is really quite silly, universities tossing integrity out the window because they want to raise profiles and better their student athletes . . . wow it is getting deep in here.

Meanwhile BCS is raising their profile and gaining prominence-guess we know who the smart ones are.


I like the WCC for men's basketball! BYU joining the likes of Gonzaga and St. Mary's would give the conference a potent rpi boost. Why not?

Rob of NV

The Big West Conference offers 16 sports that line up well with the sports that BYU offers. All of the teams are in CA. Perhaps this conference would be a better fit than the West Coast.


nehu, such cynacism with absolutely zero illumination, other than a bitter mind. And BCS is gaining prominence? If you mean more and more people discuss it as cartel, yes it is becoming more prominent.


What BYU looks like is a thwarted jealous child throwing a tantrum over the success of it's rival.



One thing is for certain, nehu, if that's your real name?

ESPN would never be interested in cutting an "Individual" deal with the Utes.

Again, your worth hinges on others. As you had with BYU for 40 years.

BYU's position is secure and is strong enough to stand alone, if need be, with those who are in the know.

ESPN is negotiating with BYU as an Independent, no conference coat-tails here.

They know the value of BYU.

When Utah had it's greatest win ever, against Alabama, it was still "BYU", that ESPN contacted, for the Grand Opening of Jerry's World, not Utah!

So save your condescending attitude and know this....

BYU may or may not go Independent, but, they have the "Option" to do on their own, what Utah can only do as a group. (that is, match dollar for dollar any money Utah might attain)

BYU simply wants to "Own" it's "Brand" and market it accordingly.

This idea of BYU, which draws 65k a game, has a National following, (yes, we know, they are not Notre Dame), and boosts attendance by 10-15k at away games, equally splitting revenue with



Is playing in gym's that hold 1,500 and an occasional 11:30pm game on cable what Holmoe after?

All I can say is...It's great to be Ute!!


Wants to bolster its national profile?

Try to get into BCS bowl first.


As usual, another jealous, BYU obsessed Utah troll, this one hiding behind the nehu moniker, staying up until after midnight just to spam another BYU blog with inane comments.


Nevada and Fresno State would be better off staying in the WAC and convincing UNLV and SDSU to join them with a renegotiated ESPN

--in Football
Utah State
San Jose State
Fresno State
New Mexico State
UTEP/La. Tech

--in all other sports
Utah State
San Jose State
Fresno State
New Mexico State
UTEP/La. Tech


"BYU could strike a deal with another league – the West Coast Conference."

San Diego
Santa Clara
Saint Mary's
San Francisco
Loyola Marymount

Oh ya ... that lineup is a real "Murderer's Row." :o)

I'm sure BYU's basketball fans are chomping at the bit to see those teams come to Provo.


way stop now that all the competition has left the WAC. Go be a big fish in a small pond and forget about playing for a big bowl. isn't that what this is all about. playing on ESPN and not MTN and not playing in bowl games, not having the protection from negative exposure when you are bad.

How can playing a few games on ESPN be worth missing out on the exposure of bowl games. The BCS is not going to make BYU the same deal they did Notre Dame. All the lower tier bowl games are affiliated with conferences BYU would be iced out of those games. If you are talking exposure why consider going independent. you loose a lot of exposure going independent. I will grant you that the MTN contract needs to be fixed.

why is it that every time BYU and its conference is about to make a big splash it bails. BYU got exposure alright. This week the current administration from president to AD have exposed themselves as just like the other guy underhanded, conniving and selfish. Just the image the church wants. and the next president of BYU and AD are?

Howard S.

Re: T.S.Zarathrustra | 6:28 a.m.

"What BYU looks like is a thwarted jealous child throwing a tantrum over the success of it's rival."


BYU seems to be willing to sacrifice their non-football athletes and coaches for a few Thursday night football games on ESPN.


HOO HOO! Nehu, stop man -- I'm laughing so hard I can't breath! First of all, why do you care (oh yeah, the BYU obsession thing -- sorry, forgot about that, li'l bro)? Secondly, tell me again why the utes bolted for the coast? And PLEASE don't tell me it was for more exposure, higher national profile, to better their athletes, increase BCS and NC opportunities, or to increase football revenues, 'cause now any of those answers would REALLY make your criticisms look hypocritical. You're killin' me, man!

Monsieur le prof

@T.S.Zarathrustra: bitterness is not becoming, my brother. Nothing has been thwarted and there is no tantrum, merely an ambitious plan to elevate the Y football program so that more people can see it on TV, while at the same time raising much more revenue.

It sounds like a smart move, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. Things will work out one way or another. (And there is no apostrophe in its. Did you forget your punctuation rules already? Tsk,tsk...)


hedgie! Welcome back! Must be a BYU article. Let's see if you're commenting on the Utah article..... nope! 0 Comments actually! Yep, good time to be a bandwa- ...Ute.

Cougar Blue

I was wondering about the Y's involvement in the discussions between the MWC and Fresno and Nevada. Thanks to Boise State's Pres., that's cleared up in my mind. The WAC would be wise to pick up at least Montana from the Big Sky. Their football program has had national limelight for years.


Dear Ute-dorks,

Keep up your childish attitudes...your so-called acceptance into the PAC10 is going to be your demise. Ask WSU, OSU, ASU, AU how much notoriety they have enjoyed over the past 30 years? Nobody along the east coast gives a dang about what goes on, on the left-coast, because most of their games are on after everyone else has gone to bed. Utah's inclusion into that so-so league may get you some more cash, but notoriety? Forget it boys, you'll disappear into oblivion with your 7-5 records that will become the norm. Laugh all you want about BYU begin stuck in the MWC (for now). Whatever happens regarding this conference alignment talk, BYU will always be superior to Utah. It has for the past 40 years when college football grew to prominance, and will continue to do so from here on. Your 6 years of excitement just doesn't measure up to BYU's 30 years of notoriety. Great accomplishments concerning Utah's RECENT run, but that is about to stop. Scoreboards never lie, and will never change in the future. GOOD LUCK LITTLE RED FACED BOYS, You'll needIT!


Byu is kidding themselves if they think the pastures are greener as a football independent. They're not Notre Dame as much as they'd like to think they are. I think the main reason they want to bolt is because they're tired of finishing 3rd in the mountain west all the time.

Wiley Old School

Seems to me that BYU is reinforcing the Utah County ethics stereotype:

* Trying to get out of the TV contract that BYU endorsed and helped establish (not unprecedented behavior, e.g. not honoring the last year of Crowton's contract)

* Positioning their efforts as something that would help the WAC yet trying to limit WAC team options so that BYU can achieve it's end-game

* Leveraging USU's honor and goodwill and leaving them hanging out to dry

* Throwing every non-football athlete and coach at BYU under the bus

* Believing their own hype about the potential upside (just like Utah County pyramid schemes)

* Blurring the lines between business/athletics and religion (implicitly if not explicitly)

It's things like this that cause me to wince just a little bit when I sign an idealistic young person's ecclesiastical endorsement for an application to BYU. (BYU is a fine institution but I, from an admittedly biased perspective, am not "fully invested" when it comes to BYU's athletic program.)

wyoming cougar

re: rvalens2 | 7:14 a.m. Aug. 20, 2010

That would be better quality basketball than the utes have brought to Provo for quite some time now.

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