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Published: Friday, Aug. 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utes 31 Tide 17

Pierce is right on the money, as always, when it comes to college football on TV.

Boise is a poor man's Utah and Nevada/Fresno are even poorer substitutes for BYU. The MWC is finally paying the piper for it's horrible TV and bowl deals.

The moral of the story: Never, under any circumstances, hire Bill Dole or any of those arrogant clowns on the Mtn.

SJ Bobkins

Sadly CT only diluted the very small TV money by adding the two teams, and I haven't a clue what inviting USU was supposed to do other than head off BYU. He lied about BYU being involved in the voting to invite the three schools and he lied about "being pushed" by Comcast and CBS to add new markets. BYU has owed the SLC market forever, Utah along with USU are pathetically behind. Looking at the news stories shows how much more attention BYU gets BECAUSE readers demand it. After distilling the actions of the past two days, I don't know who did worse the WAC or MWC. Nevada and Fresno haven't been winners outside their own league, Fresno has poor B-ball and F-ball attendance but larger facilities, Nevada has the NCAA mandated 30,000 seat stadium, but 20,000 a game draws. Starting with USU the attendance has been behind the "must" 15,000 min for at least 10 years, as has Idaho, NMS, with SJS being just over. I appreciate USU standing behind their promises, but a more self-serving press release I've never seen.

Rob of NV

Thompson is following the same logic as the old 16-team super conference WAC. Lots of teams in good places, but teams that played second fiddle to BCS or more popular teams in the area. I would have found Thompson more believable about the expansion decision as not a response to BYU's decision if they would have added Houston, UTEP and or Tulsa. However, his target was only WAC teams. Most analyses of expansion that I have read on the MWC included Fresno State, Houston and possibly Tulsa and/or UTEP. Nevada was way down the list because they bring nothing to the table in TV ratings.


The MWC has been a joke since it began. It was a true blessing that Utah was invited to leave and we can only hope and pray that BYU finds a way out too.


Nevada and Fresno State would be much better off convincing UNLV and SDSU to join them in the WAC, exchange UTEP for La. Tech and then renegotiate the WAC ESPN contract.

New WAC Football
Utah State
Fresno State
San Jose State
New Mexico State

For all other sports
Utah State
Fresno State
San Jose State
New Mexico State

Joe Schmoe

Thompson sealed his own fate this last week.

ESPN is going to build a new conference with BYU.

Wait and see.


Re SportsFan,
I agree with you but I'd take it a step further. Why not get the other big teams from the MWC to come over to the WAC as well. The MWC TV contract is a killer and the WAC has ESPN tie-ins already. Neither conference is good now, so I would pitich a new WAC to be a BCS conference...

Utah State
Fresno State
Air Force
Boise State
Houston or UTEP

This is 12 teams and elimiates any talk of other teams being good enough to get a BCS bid.


"ESPN is going to build a new conference with BYU."

Joe Schmoe,

Your insufferable arrogance is Y the Y is so hated. The sad delusional thinking that ESPN thinks BYU is worthy of its own conference is flat out ridiculous. Mormons will watch BYU athletics, I get it — but your time tested insecurities are showing when you think ESPN thinks BYU is worthy of its own conference.

Holmoe is being proactive it what everyone outside the bubble already knows, The BCS conferences have no interest in BYU. BYU will need to create its own happiness, but as history has proven, Kewgs desperately seek the approval of the outside world.


All great comments. The one about ESPN being behind the creation of another conference makes a whole world of sense, because they are losing all their contracts. What is left of the WAC is now a complete joke, and with the PAC-10 signing their new deal supposedly w/ FOX, ESPN is in a quandry. They have always had a love for what BYU has brought to the table, and was their darling back in the late 80's and 90's when they consistently aired BYU games on Thursday and Friday nights. Now that their more recent darling (Boise State) has joined the MWC, and now under that lousy MTN TV package, they have no presence in the western US. You can bet the farm that they were behind BYU's attempt to go independant, and certainly may be conjuring up a plan to start a new conference that would consist of AFA, BSU, BYU, CSU, TCU, Houston, UNLV, SDSU as a way to maximize the best bang for their bucks, and with BYU's TV station could make some serious dough (relatively speaking). I'm sure this won't happen overnight, but just watch and see...


This is the most intelligent article I've seen on the Mountain West conference rumors. I guess all the sportswriters and internet bloggers just don't understand the business of college sports.


Is CT a lawyer?...if not, he should be...what a bag!

Tuffy Parker

Great article and right on the money. Thompson is and has always been disingenuous at best...

Also great to see some insightful and intelligent posts after all the hyperbole and mudslinging that's been going on for the last couple of days.


As much as I love poking fun at Cougars it is true that ESPN very well may build a new conference around a team like the Y. BYU stepped out and made the move to free itself of the MWC, DON'T BE STUPID ENOUGH TO GO BACK. Go back to the MTN WEST? Really? Even if you are only back in the MTN West in "other" sports it would be completely lame. Andy Katz and others from ESPN have said some interesting things the past week. They've alluded to a new conference. I would definitely wait and see before saying anything, which to date is exactly what they've done, so good move BYU. If you tuck the tail and head back to the MWC you will become about as smart as Fresno and Nevada who basically went from a TV deal to no TV deal (in low definition). Craig Thompson despite throwing a nice counter is still no smarty pants, I mean even if he killed the WAC he is still not in the BCS and he STILL has the lamest network in college sports. Versus is better than the freaking MTN channel in low def.


Fresno st is comparable to San Diego St. and Nevada is comparable to Wyoming in attendance. Nice move Thompson. NOT!!! Pathetic!!! This does nothing for tv revenue. If the reports are true that BYU can make 1.5-2.5 million dollars a home game, then Why are they waiting? My guess is BYU is worried about the other sports.


Hedgehog you are the only one I see with insufferable arrogance. Go back to the u article, if there is one.

Tuffy Parker

Great article and right on the money. Thompson is and has always been disingenuous at best...

Also great to see some insightful and intelligent posts after all the hyperbole and mudslinging that's been going on for the last couple of days.

caleb in new york

Pierce's main conclusion is absolutely wrong.

The MWC might not have improved its position of money earned from the TV deal per school in the conference.

However, the MWC definitely improved its overall TV profile. Adding the Reno and Fresno markets definitely improves the overall TV profile, even if its only by a little portion, even if the money earned per school from the TV deal does not increase. Adding the North Dakota market would improve the the overall TV profile, even though it would only marginally improve it.


Thanks for calling Thomson out on his unabashed and selfserving disdain for the truth. He gives the impression that President Samuelson (BYU) was on the phone conference with the other MWC Presidents when they approved the move to invite Nevada and Fresno.

Craig, tap your ruby slippers and keep repeating - "there's no place like home ... there's no place like home"

caleb in new york

upon further thought - the general idea of Pierce's article is correct but the title or headline of Pierce's article is probably because I think TV profile doesn't mean money earned per school.


This projected move is about MONEY and EXPOSURE! What the Mountain West was/is offering is ludicrous.

If BYU can make more in one ESPN game and not split it, then this move is a no-brainer! BYU could get up to the $10 million range and control their own destiny!

Can they get good games?

Even if they only got 4-6 games out of the WAC, take a look at the following possibilities?

Boise State...In

Several more from the Mountain...like NM, SDSU, UNLV.

Now, we're up to 8-10 games...without a sweat.

Add in Texas, Oklahoma, etc


A few from PAC 1-


We're not counting the Florida States, and so on from SEC

What about with Army, Notre Dame, Navy?

What about any of the rest of the big boys?

How about a few marshmellow teams to schedule.

ESPN and the LDS Church wouldn't take this move on unless it made sense. Hello?

With their HD studio, etc, the Y might be turning good teams away. ESPN covets their HD truck.

With ESPN scheduling teams will want to come to Provo..in all sports!

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