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Published: Friday, Aug. 20 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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BYU, along with the WAC, got blind sided.

The truth is that, out of all these conjectures, the most likely scenario is that the BCS schools will form their own league and render the NCAA meaningless.


Coach Patterson's comment that maybe we don't know what he knows is perhaps the most intriguing comment of the day.


Thank you again UTAH STATE for standing up and shedding light on the scenario. Seems like there were some foxes in the hen house.

Utah fans put your money where you mouth is, back out of the PAC whatever and stay in the MWC...if not you have no room to talk.

Cougars --Best Little Brothers

Perhaps, BYU will join Big-12 --Holmoe and Bronco would like that. However, Big-12 does not want BYU

May be a better option for BYU is independent and WAC. Seems logical to Kewgs. But, no, who will BYU play every year now? Idaho/LA Tech/Hawaii/NMSU? No sure thing that ND will play with BYU.

What to do?
What to do, Holmoe?
What to do, Bronco?

How about try to get into BCS the good ol' way?
Like the mighty/major Utes? Or like BSU, TCU? Win 12 games!!!


"The Big 12 could expand. The Pac-12 could expand some more."

The above scenarios are the likeliest to happen.

Remove BYU and TCU from the Mountain West and all you have left are BSU and Air Force; everyone else merits very little attention.

New Mexico
Fresno State
Colorado State

Real exciting teams there ... eh!

I can see the PAC-12 licking it chops to pick up TCU and Texas Tech.


None of this is based on fact.

Everyone's guessing. BYU haters, sorry to dissapoint you, but BYU has said nothing yet. Nothing. Everyone is guessing that BYU's plans were foiled. Who said that's their plan?

The one fact that has been established, is BYU and ESPN has an agreement in the works. ESPN is a powerful buddy.
Like it or not, the worldwide leader in sports wants BYU football, and will work to get it.

That is essentially the only confirmed fact.


USU could return to the Big Sky. It would serve them right for leaking information to kill the deal with BYU before it was sealed.


The team who lost in this mess...is Utah States.
USU, thinking BYU will join WAC, turned down MWC.

If BYU crawled back to MWC...hmmmmm...nice going Holmoe!


My what emotions and wild speculation from a rumor. To cast any judgment on BYU when there is no evidence BYU has done anything... is foolish. Dick is right... it's all "maybe, could be, might be and who the heck knows."

So far the only villains are Fresno State and Nevada. What clods to make a commitment on Friday and less than a week later do a 180 (or a Malone 360). What a bonehead $10 million error and Nevada Pres. Glick thinks the WAC will go easy on them.

The only heroes so far... Utah State! They kept their promise in light of an offer they really wanted and could rationalize easily. Love the Aggies integrity.

It was fun speculating the first day, but, now it is boring. We're getting recycled opinion in the fish wrapping of speculative news.


There is NO ESPN super-conference. This is a rumor with no factual basis.

1- The MTN contract would have to be bought out by ESPN for the MWC schools to enter another agreement.

2-Exit fees for WAC teams would have to be paid, since Benson's likely to want his cut.

3-ESPN isn't powerful enough to force a super-conference or they would have done it ALREADY with the best of the SEC & ACC, Big East and Big 10, or some other combination. Why would they bother with MWC and WAC schools that bring them little to no revenue?

Let's see what happens by next week at this time, then we can post to our heart's delight about it. For now, it's just commenting on rumor.


Re: Rock On

now that is a good piece of writing, finally something on here that makes sense.

Re: RValens

You just said that Air Force merits what? You're funny.


Who leaked information from USU? Albrecht, Barnes? Unless you listened to Big Blue (the bull) because you are into mascots and fictional characters I think you missed on your assumption.


This will all play out on Sept 1st.

I know that everyone at BYU is mum. I have friends in compliance there and they are strictly "no comment".

As a Ute fan and member of the church, I am definitely interested in how this plays out for byu.

I'm sooooo glad the Utes were able to get out when they had the chance!


The Big12 is trying to work out a new TV deal? ESPN could help put together a super conference with the help of the Big12 and at the same time create a super TV deal. They just need to get BYU, TCU, BSU and Airforce to jump ship to the the Big12 and that would settle things for good.


Best comment in the entire article...

"Or China may just write off the U.S. debt."

Made me laugh!!

Ernest T. Bass

byu was going to hamstring the MWC by bringing SDSU and UNLV along with them to the WAC.
The MWC then pre-empted their move by adding UNR & Fresno.
byu lost that chess match.
USU is the real loser in this. If there is integrity in Provo, they will demand the MWC brings in USU right now.


This is coming to be a daily soap like on tv let's get back to college football and season of 2010.For BYU to give the U of U rightful send off to PAC12 with nice loss. Go Cougars.


Cougars -- BBB; SoCalUtahFan

Typical comments from our BYU-obsessed little brothers; keep eating your spinach and maybe someday you'll grow up.


BYU never left the MWC, so there's no need to have to "crawl back" and the Big 12 could invite BYU tomorrow, so your "Big 12 doesn't want BYU" statement is meaningless. The PAC 10 didn't want Utah until Texas officially turned down the PAC 10's invitation and Utah was officially invited.

Why are Utah fans still so obsessed with BYU? They like to pretend that they've moved on, put BYU and the MWC behind them, but the reality is, they're so obsessed with BYU that they hardly pay any attention to their own team.

Craig Thompson may have saved the MWC by inviting Fresno State and Nevada, but what he really needs to do is save the MWC from his miserable failure of a television deal.


Scott: Typical BYU fan obsessed with hating Utah football. Seek anger management classes my man.


"You just said that Air Force merits what? You're funny." - Nehu

You don't watch much football do you? Air Force always plays other teams tough. Over the past few years they may not have the best of records but few teams consider them a pushover. Only an uninformed fan would make such a comment.

Our military academies always merit our attention and respect. From your snide remark, you evidently don't believe this. That's unfortunate because they are the men who defend this country and your freedom.


Smarmy comments by ute fans, what would we do without them?

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