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Published: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Craig Thompson should never be trusted.

Wiley Old School


We've got WAC officials stating that BYU has been anxiously engaged with USU and the WAC about a BYU exit from the MWC.

We've got the MWC commissioner stating that BYU was at the table when the MWC reached out to Fresno St and Nevada.

BYU is playing a game of poker. Integrity seems to be the price paid to sit at the table.


Is there any irony in the fact that BYU basically built the WAC for 40 years, and now, without even being a member of the conference, they may have killed it by their greedy intentions (I'm active Mormon, but it is what it is)? Benson putting the blame on Fresno and Nevada being selfish is bogus. If Benson is going to make that claim, doesn't he have to add BYU as the most selfish of all? BYU started this mess to simply make more money in one sport. I'll be interested to see how they get themselves out the firestorm they've created.

Actually - the more I think of it, the more Provo does belong on the same line as Moscow, Logan, Ruston, and Las Cruces....


I dont know the entire story inside BYU. Looking at it from outside Provo, BYU has looked slimey. I think that is what some of the media has said about it.

Otis Spurlock

The Lord wants BYU in the WAC.

caleb in new york

the espn article about this quoted Karl Benson as saying several FBS schools have contacted them about openings to get into the 6-team WAC. Who could that be?


Months ago the MWC talked about becoming an AQ conference without adding Boise State. Then all of a sudden Boise State was added to the MWC and then Utah left to join the PAC 10.

Boise State brought as good or better rankings than Utah but suddenly BYU decided that the MWC couldn't become an AQ conference and had to leave.

At the same time BYU was encouraging BSU, BYU was collaborating with the WAC and Utah State to leave.

BYU then announces that it is looking at going Independent and the MWC reacts by inviting Nevada, Fresno State and Utah State.

And now....somehow... it is Nevada and Fresno State that are greedy. Sorry.....I just don't buy that. If there is greed lying around it falls at the feet of BYU.


In hind sight, USU was trying to be the stand up example and was welcoming the BYU Cougs back home. Too bad for them, the news did not come out before all this came down. I would have liked to see the Aggies in the MWC. Better competition and I think they could compete with most of the teams in there. But we will see what happens to the WAC, hope it stays, but gut instinct tells me the respirator will soon be pulled on the WACY WAC!


this is a very humble photo thanks for the smile


Thompson should be fired as the commish. He's had teams with huge national success and the best he can do is get them broadcast on the internet. It turns out even MWC television partners won't allow the Y to show their own games, what gives?

Utah is gone, BYU want to go who can blame them. The one who should be under the gun is Thompson.


Does anyone feel like waiting for BYU to make an official announcement, because at this point, BYU is just exploring the same options they were 2 weeks ago...

Wiley Old School

"No good deed goes unpunished" - Anonymous

"BYU, shame on you" - Paul Harvey

Johney Utah

At the end of the day, what appeared to be a saving move by the MWC will seal their fate. They have actualized their own fear, their demise. The ultimate result will be the collapse of the Colorado Springs based conference. Mark my words.

And whatever happens, the Utah/BYU rivalry game should be scheduled like the USC/Notre Dame game; that is, late in the year.


The smallest minds with the most narrow views live in close proximity to the mountain states. Why is it always somebody's fault because they want to do something better? BYU has been the single most influential force to build and maintain, not one, but two conferences. For years and years, they have been the single most recognizable component in the conferences.

Now, when just about everyone realizes that significant changes are taking place all over the college football landscape (well, except that Joe Paterno is still coaching at Penn State...), Utah leaves the MWC, the Pac 10 tried to become the PAC 16, The Big 12 practically imploded, etc., etc.

So, BYU seems to be doing what would be beneficial for the flagship university of the MWC, all this venom issues forth. Those who are whining and complaining ought to be grateful to see what the remaining teams can do on their own. If things get better, it's glad to see BYU go. If things get worse, be thankful BYU hung around as long as it did.

In the meantime, try using your spare time to get Congress and the White House from spending us to death.


War? Seriously? It's just every team bettering his situation.

They're just making college football in the off season exciting during such a boring summer when all there is going on is lamo soccer and baseball.

I'd love for nothing more than to see the WAC fall apart. Let's face it, they're a terrible conference that is rarely on the national scene. I'm all for one super conference! Just leave out weaklings like UNLV and USU.


"The MWC has a 47-34 lead in games vs. the WAC. But if you toss out its 12-1 mark against Utah State (including seven wins by Utah and BYU), the series is MWC 35, WAC 33."

Rock, what are you trying to say about USU??


To Wiley Old School

"Hello, turn on the light and you won't be in the dark" - Veracity


"I am active Mormon." Does it make your comment more true?

BYU and its fans had been patient about Thompson and his ability about negotiating TV deal for years. BYU has its TV station on both satelite network and cable, and ability to broadcast in HD. Why should they settle at mtn or Versus. Greedy? What's wrong is that. What if your boss tell you he will give you 5 bucks less next paycheck?


@footballjoe. BYU hasn't announce anything. I don't know what your reading. BYU never announced it was looking into going independent ESPN did. Yes it is true they were looking, but BYU doesn't say anything, until it actually happens, they keep their mouths shut to a fault.


It's becoming UGLY and it' not even close to be over yet. Just wait ...

More shoes are about to drop!

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