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Utah State declined offer to join MWC

Published: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Poor USU turned down the MWC a little too soon. I guess that's what you get when you do secret deals with BYU - left out in the cold.


We would love to have gone but we could not afford the buyout clause. Great Job by the part of Logan State.


It is nice to see Utah state has integrity in spades. Go Aggies


Moral of the story; Never trust BYU


Fresno State and Nevada have really demostrated their true colors in stabbing Utah State and the WAC in the back.

It's too bad that Utah State's integrity in living up to their commitment may cost them dearly.

I can't see BYU ever wanting to be associated Craig Thompson again after this.


It's called integrity!!! There was a plan to help both BYU and the WAC. If only BYU would show such loyalty to Albeicht and USU in staying firm for them.


Man, Utah St. has earned my respect for staying committed. Fresno St and Nevada made some ugly moves.

Moral of the story: Never trust Craig Thompson

sports fan

I just became a huge utah state fan.


Whoa, that sucks.

Cougar Blue

I feel terrible for USU. I'm sure it's little solace to say that it's refreshing to see someone stick to their word, but it is. Best of luck to the Aggies.


I think hedgehog has it wrong. More like never trust Nevada or Fresno State.

It's so strange... Why did they agree to the plan in the first place? Clearly they had no intention on keeping their word. I hope UNR and FSU rot at the bottom of the MWC for years.

It's nice to know that USU leadership has some integrity. They didn't deserve this outcome.


Don't blame BYU. This is not about "integrity" on the part of BYU. The deal was that BYU would join a cohesive WAC that had 8 members, with all members committed for at least 5 years. Fresno and Nevada kicked the other WAC members in the teeth and killed the deal. You can't expect BYU to keep its end of the deal when the WAC didn't keep theirs.


This is certainly a day I am proud to be an Aggie. Kudos and respect to Pres Albrecht and Scott Barnes for honoring commitments of this nature. Yes, we're flying into a stiff headwind and the future is uncertain. And people will criticize. So be it. In a day when everyone says that no one has integrity, and then someone steps up and proves otherwise, it's more than just a little refreshing. Good one for the farm boys!

I believe we'll land on our feet somewhere, somehow, and likely be better off for it. There's no need to panic for a solution at this point. It's gut wrenching, but the conference will remain intact this year and there's likely still a lot of shuffling left to be done. For the time being keep your eye on the ball, WIN on the field, earn respect, and work towards a profitable conference alignment in a vigorous but honorable way. I have confidence we'll survive and prosper if things are done right. And if not, is it really worth having?

Thanks to Pres Albrecht et al. Go Aggies!

Shake -n- Bake

Hedgehog you are priceless. Are you a 10 year old kid? You think it was BYU who abused their trust? Go ask your mom and dad to explain it to you.


I was really looking forward to watching the Aggie Y game this year. Who cares now. Go UTES


@MESOUTE That is a disgusting thing to say about doing the right thing and honoring your word. Integrity in this world is too rare to be mocked like that. That being said...

Karl Benson said in his teleconference that the $5 million buyout does not apply to the remaining six members. Hawaii is talking about going independent and La Tech really wants a closer conference. Because Utah State was the first one offered and because an 12 team conference would give the MWC a championship game and a better shot at the AQ they want, I really think Utah State could end up in MWC without having to pay the $5 million. Integrity could payoff in the end. I trust Stan Albreicht. Anyone that can raise $300 million in four years can talk their way back into a MWC invitation. We can only hope.


USU may have taken the "high road" with its WAC partners -- but it let its fans and student athletes down in a big way.


This absolutely breaks my heart, but I couldn't be prouder to be an Aggie.

Thanks Albrecht and Barnes for not selling us out. As much as it looks like it right now, I don't believe that the good guy always finishes last at the end of the race. I think we'll figure it out and be ok.

NoCal Native

hedgehog totally has it wrong. BYU had nothing to do with the back-stabbing that occurred here. Read the details very carefully. Because of this treacherous situation, I hope the best for USU and BYU. This really all started with Larry Scott of the PAC10 trying to create a super conference and failing.



Will Byu honor their "committment" to the WAC? after all it was the Kewgs who drew up all this deception.

You know, force all the WAC teams to sign a penalty clause to insure they can't leave. Nice morals.

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