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Published: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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I hope this isn't true.


Dang, USU might have just sacrificed themselves for the Cougs unless the WAC can recover from this recent death blow. BYU really owes them one.


"One thing holding USU back, aside from the $5 million buyout, was the role the Aggies were playing as a friend to BYU in its potential move to the WAC in non-football sports."

Once again, BYU leaves USU high and dry. Be careful, USU, who you call a "friend." BYU is looking out only for themselves, you should do the same. How many times has BYU done this to USU now? This is not the first.


Seriously doubt it.

Here is Sub Zero Now Plain Zero

USU, what are you doing? Forget BYU, BYU is going to do whatever they want. You should have joined the MWC. Call up the MWC and accept the invite immediately


Glad to see some integrity going on in the college sports management field.


Amidst the saga of the conference wars, I for one am proud of my Cache Valley upbringing and my affiliation with USU. Count on the little university up north to stand true and loyal.


Seriously? USU? Unbelievable. I don't see BYU hooking up with the WAC now.

I'm dying to hear something out of BYU. I bet they're still working feverishly to figure out what to do next. I wonder if we could see a new conference - the best of the MWC, WAC, and CUSA could be pretty interesting.


Aggie fans will have more reason to dislike the Coogs than Ute fans if BYU doesn't show the same integrity the Aggies have shown.

Integrity = BYU to the WAC in all but football.

Who else is betting on BYU showing no integrity in what will be a classless move where they end up staying in the new MWC minus USU
Independent in football while joining the WCC for all other sports?


BYU has sunk to a new low getting athletic advice from Utah State.

Just fire Holmoe now.


It's official now. USU's AD has posted an open letter on the USU website. So much for integrity. USU stuck to the agreement that they made with other teams in the WAC as they all promised they would and Nevada and Fresno stabbed them in the back. Try to do what's right and end up getting screwed over.


I'm pretty sure Utah State doesn't love BYU enough to sacrifice its future so that BYU can get the deal it wants. Besides, Utah State will be playing BYU annually in football and basketball anyway.

The more likely scenario is that $5M was too much for Utah State to pay out, especially considering their athletic program was already in financial trouble (mostly due to football).


I'd like to see BYU pony up the $5M to get USU out of the WAC. It's the least they could do.

Well, BYU wanted exposure and they got it. They have exposed what they are really all about to millions of football fans around the country. How embarrassing.


As bad as USU is financially, Nevada and Fresno are in much worse positions and they found the money. They made a deal with 8 other schools and didn't want to be the one to stab everyone in the back. Fresno and Nevada had no problem doing that though. I know that integrity and ethics are a rare thing today and it's good to see someone still has them even if they don't get you ahead.


Integrity = BYU to the WAC (Football Independent)

Who else is betting against integrity? Over the years USU fans have more reason to dislike the Coogs than U fans have.
We'll see which University is classless real soon when BYU opts to either stay with the MWC or move to the WCC for all but football.


Archie, Did you read Scott Barnes' statement? I dislike BYU as much as anyone but it was Fresno and Nevada who left USU high and dry. BYU was headed to the WAC, except for football but the defections of FSU and UNR halted that.


USU showed integrity and it is nice to see. The deal was all but done according to Carl Benson and Fresno and Nevada ruined it. I feel really bad for USU because they are likley to get screwed in all of this. Same for Hawaii.

Sadly they probably did not have 5 mill to spare up in Logan.


If this is true, I will never give another cent to USU. The people who made this decision are idiots.

For how many years has USU pleaded and tried to get an invite to a better conference, and they turn it down...unbelieveable. Just can't believe it.

Welcome to 1-AA football - here's your schedule:

Idaho State
Weber State
Montana State
Sac St
Portland St
Directional WA

Makes me sick, absolutely sick.


There is way too little integrity nowadays - not only in sports but in all aspects of life. I for one respect USU for upholding their end of the agreement entered into by all members of the WAC. It is a shame that the administrations at Reno-Nevada and Fresno State have no integrity. It would have been fun to have BYU and USU in the same conference.

Good luck to USU. I'm hoping that things fall out their way.


Get a life Archie. USU and the rest of the WAC members were excited to have BYU join. BYU did nothing to USU. Fresno and Nevada let down all the schools in the Mountain West - including USU. Get over your bias and place blame where it belong, with the two defecting schools.

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