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Published: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 2:00 p.m. MDT

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It will be great to watch the Utes go 8-5 next year in the PAC 10 and get to go to Vegas, for a change. With our football talent, and some experience, let's say we get a great schedule - run the table - and Utah fans get to watch the TDS play for the national championship.

A stranger thing could happen. I'll be there in my Utah letter jacket with three stripes, cheering for my cougars (I repented after 1965).

Write this down and refer to it in the coming two years.


We'll still go independent. We're in to deep and I am glad. Glad we're done with Thompson and the MWC.


Holmoe is so great. The last thing I want to do is be associated with a weak WAC, but I trust these guys doing all of this. What an exciting time to be a BYU fan!


As we've seen, BYU is smart to do their business behind closed doors until the deal is signed, sealed and delivered.

As Holmoe said, anything BYU might say today could change tomorrow.

BYU appears to have had a firm deal worked out to partner with the WAC in football and become a member of the WAC in all of the other sports.

A couple of players changed their minds and now it's back to the drawing board to work out a new plan.

This is just like the Big 12 reshuffling we saw a couple of months ago.

No deal is a done deal until it's actually signed, and even then, players sometimes change their minds.

Stay tuned.

BYU will eventually get the kinks worked out and will go independent in football. It may just take a little while longer because of a couple of players who got cold feet in the home stretch.


What do we look at as a standard and say that "exposure" is down. Since the MWC bailed from ESPN, we've gotten lost some exposure, but made up for it in respect. When in the history of the old WAC or MWC have we had 3 teams finish the season ranked. This year we start with one in the top 10 and another in the top 25?

If the WAC allegedly has better exposure than us because of ESPN, and they have one team in the top 10 and no one else even sniffing the Top 25.

Utah just put 6 players in the NFL. TCU is preseason Top 10. Didn't we just get four teams into the NCAA tournament last year? Exposure may be down, but is that really the metric for success?

BYU needs to rethink this whole thing.


Everything is going to work out fine for BYU.

BYU fans just need to be patient.


Law of unintended consequences?

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

Nevada and Fresno killed the WAC and didn't leave that as a viable option for BYU.

WCC isn't as good of option for BYU because that means the schedule for football is that much harder to create. Still possible but the deal with the WAC would have made the schedule much easier. How good are the other sports beside besides basketball? I don't like the idea of shafting every student athlete that doesn't play football just so football can be independent.

Staying in the MWC isn't great because we are still stuck with the MTN and now we have two more teams who don't bring much. I really don't see how Nevada and Fresno help us get an automatic bid and even if we get one something has to be done about the TV deal.

If we have to stay with the MWC I hope they at least add Houston and make it a 12 team conference. 11 doesn't make much sense to me.

The MTN more than anything hurts BYU. If somehow the conference would give BYU back their TV rights I'd feel good about staying.


Go Cougars!!!


If Holmoe is stating it correctly and it is all about exposure and TV rights, then the only answer is to let the football team go independent, and have the of BYU sports join the best conference that will accept them.


I don't envy Tom. He has to be working frantically to figure everything out. Best of Luck Tom. Go Cougs!

To any haters who will inevitably chime in here ... If you're so (arrogantly) wise as to criticize Tom and his staff, do the rest of us the courtesy of sharing your wisdom on what should be done ... don't just stand on the sidelines and spew negative comments. Your weened-on-a-pickle attitude really stinks up the place.

BTW, I feel for Coach Rose. He must be in a tizzy.

As for me, I prefer Football independence and the WCC for Basketball. Doesn't Notre Dame split it's other sports between more than one conference? Perhaps that's an option. Good Luck Tom. You know more about the situation than any blogger here, including myself.


Why didn't BYU decide to stay in the MWC and have their Football team go independent? Why switch to the lowly WAC?

It is amazing to consider the dominoe effect that was set off by one man, Larry Scott deciding to expand the Pac 10. Texas refused his offer so Utah was taken which led to Boise joining the MWC which led to BYU leaving, which led to Fresno and Nevada jumping ship.....and I'm sure we haven't seen the end of it. Larry Scott single handedly changed the face of college football in the West.


I really hope things work out for BYU, otherwise they come out of this looking like they are selling themselves. Isn't that what all the BYU fans thought Utah did? I know all fans will justify this in some way, but it is what it is.

Flaming Liberal

Wow. I can't imagine the desperation BYU must have felt to embark on this knee-jerk reaction to Utah's Pac 12 move. The problem is, decisions made in haste, with greed as the motivation, usually turn out bad. Good luck BYU- you'll definitely need it.


Sounds like Holmoe is getting wobbly....

Seriously, is BYU going to let podunk Nevada, or Fresno dictate their future?

This is exactly why BYU is stuck where they are, they don't have the guts to venture and pull the trigger.

Can you imagine BYU going back to the abusive MWC?

ESPN drives all of this.

Get ESPN involved to up the dollars to UNLV, San Diego St. and New Mexico, in order for them to join the WAC then hold Nevada and Fresno to the 5 million dollar penalty they agreed to.

And you have a great basketball league, and a league where San Diego and UNLV can finally grow in football.

Benson needs to be aggressive.

No more soicalistic revenue sharing with the bottomfeeders.

Otis Spurlock

Just looking at the photo, you can almost smell the desperation oozing from Holmoe's pores.

Tom in CA

The BYU Cougars have been lining up their ducks and exploring their options long before the events of this summer. Their decision making is not a knee-jerk reaction to the choices made by any other school. BYU will control their own destiny and come out smelling like a rose.


And "without saying anything," Tom Holmoe told us that the benefit of independence is indeed to be able to play teams from a lot of different places. A greater "reach." Makes sense.

Thank you, Education Week.


The one thing that really iritates me when I read these articles about BYU's leaving because of a lack of exposure and their current tv deal, is that BYU WAS RESPONSIBLE for this current deal. Just like BYU is doing RIGHT NOW, they lead an unorganized, emotional-filled coup to begin a start-up TV network that benefited BYU (directly and indirectly). The former Cougarblue Network/Sportswest merged into the MTN and provided/provides continued services for the channel. Dave Checketts came in and pushed the network to the market, left us in the hands of CSTV and later Comcast and even later CBS.

Now, we have a horrible TV deal with little exposure....but not only that, my alma mater (UNLV) HAD A LUCRATIVE deal with ESPN for the sport we care about, basketball, and we had to get rid of it because of, well...largely, BYU's doing. My school has lost millions because of this, but its a sacrifice you make to be in a conference....so we did it. Now, BYU wants to just take their ball and go home? Not gonna share with your neighbors anymore? Karl Benson called Nevada and Fresno Selfish?!!?!?!


Take BYU to the WCC! Its about as close to a perfect fit for the non-football sports as you will find for BYU. That league has a great basketball tradition, an existing TV deal on ESPN, and Gonzaga is a nationally recognized program that would make a great rival for BYU. Yes, they are small schools, and play in small arenas, but BYU can still bring big names to the Marriott, and having a path to the NCAA tourney is the most important thing. The WCC placed two teams in the tourney last year (Gonzaga and St. Marys). Is the WCC perfect? No. But it is a lot more attractive and stable than the WAC, and BYU doesn't even have to withhold their football from them because they don't play that sport. Plus they are all private, religious institutions like BYU, and in this fan's mind, those are the kinds of institutions that BYU should be seeking to affiliate itself with in the future.

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