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Published: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Rob of NV

So many what ifs with all the news in the last two days. If CBSC wants a larger footprint, are they offering more money? If what Thompson said about expansion is true, then why have invitations not been extended to Houston, Tulsa, or UTEP. These teams sew up TX and OK. As the WAC implodes, perhaps even New Mexico State. The MWC does not need UT State, as some have suggested. In this case, the MWC will look like the old WAC 16-team super conference. Generally, I like the idea of independence. However, the WAC proposal I do not believe is a viable option now. Perhaps western basketball-only conferences such as West Coast or Big West may be other options. The concern about independence is bowl tie-ins at the end of the year. I think television and the BCS can be worked out. This will be interesting to see how it all plays out. In the end, I hope BYU has a better TV deal. They carry the MWC, even when other teams perform better (i.e. UT and TCU).


This is hilarious. BYU just got worked by Craig Thompson.

I DARE them to go independent in football and take their other sports to the WCC, which means they'd have to drop a few sports, and they'll be playing most of their away games in gymnasiums.

BYU is what they are. A program that can't get special concessions from a bad MWC conference, and a program that isn't attractive enough for the BCS conferences. yet, their self-perception is that they're Notre Dame.
That misallignment is much like their perception of being a relevant football program, even though both Jim Rome and Colin Cowherd reiterated today that they haven't been nationally relevant since 1984.

As a Utah fan, I'm laughing all the way to Pasadena and $18 million a year . . .

Mike W

Stay in the MWC BYU... the independent move is a huge mistake, and suicide for the lesser programs. Add Houston, and maybe add Tulsa if you can kill off Wyoming. Create a 12 team, two division conference with a west featuring BYU, Boise, Fresno, San Diego, UNLV and Nevada and an East featuring TCU, Houston, New Mexico, Air Force, CSU and Wyoming/Tulsa.

I don't buy for a second that BYU will have some great schedule as an independent. I more have visions of Army, Navy, Louisiana Tech, Utah State, San Jose State and Hawaii to go with occasional matchups with Utah, Notre Dame, Boise... better off just staying where they are.


I like Madden's comments above, and as a fan of BYU football, would agree. However, the MTN has GOT to go, and Craig Thompson with it. That network is a joke.

I read all these comments about BYU having a tough time scheduling. You guys best catch-up on the recent news items. Going Independent, ESPN has already guaranteed BYU that it would be a very willing partner on at least 4 marquee games a year. BYU has locked schedules for the foreseeable future with Nevada, Fresno State, Boise State, Utah State and Hawaii -- regardless of conference affiliation. Independence would allow the flexibility to keep the rivalry with Utah and, dare I hope it, keep it in November (a la FSU and Florida) and televised nationally on ESPN (I mean, that would be marquee). Add games against other Independents, Notre Dame, Army, and Navy and the remaining 3 marquees -- that's a good season. And besides, Independence is a means, not an end.

I think BYU's big consideration right now ought to be Men's Basketball. The team's looking really good and deserves a quality conference.


A second note...

Has anybody done the math yet on where the MWC stands on criterion 3 with the additions of Fresno State and Nevada? They've got to bring the conference's average up, right? Replacing the loss of Utah with Boise State was supposed to be a wash; does this get the MWC where it needed to be for BCS status?


So, here's a scenario:
* BYU remains in the MWC for a couple more years,
* BYU continues with Utah as our last game in 2011,
* TCU beats BYU that year to win the MWC, with BYU placing second,
* TCU's invitation to a BCS bowl sends BYU to the Las Vegas Bowl...
* ...to play the PAC's 8-5 Utah in back-to-back meetings -- the first time in this venerable rivalry that these teams have played each other twice in the same season.

Tuffy Parker

Three things to consider:

1) The MWC is mess with or without BYU. Thompson's Mtn. "network" has been a complete disaster both from a $ and quality perspective. Now they've added two more teams who will share the same measly revenue??? Without the pie getting any bigger that makes absolutely no sense.

2)Utah fans talk about the BYU arrogance but already act as if they have already won and will continue to win every PAC 12 championship. Oh, the irony...

3)Anyone who thinks this, or for that matter, the entire conference alignment picture is finished is mistaken. This will continue to evolve - likely into a four super-conference scenario... BYU's positioning for that possible day is unaffected by conference affiliation or independence. Independence, in the meantime, means more control and more revenue.

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