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Published: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Otis Spurlock

It's a great time to be a Ute and a member of the elite Conference of Champions.

It's too bad that BYU doesn't have someone of Chris Hill's caliber running the show.

Ernest T. Bass

How does this possibly create more exposure for byu? I realize The Mtn's footprint in limited but not many people outside of Utah are going to tune in to byu-tv, who aren't already byu fans. And those fans likely already have a network that gets The Mtn.
I do not see how this creates more exposure for byu and even if is does, it's not going to expand their limited recruiting pool.


Independence in football and the WCC for everything else looks really good. So the MWC added Nevada and Fresno St? Big deal. It may ruin the WAC, but it doesn't make the MWC any better. When BYU goes independent in football, the MWC will have to wind up taking even more teams from the WAC, making it one big joke of a conference like the old 16-team WAC that failed miserably. There is no reason BYU should have to put up with The Mountain tv deal. There's no reason they should have to keep playing teams like UNLV and Colorado State in football. If the WCC is willing to take on BYU's other sports, BYU should jump on it.

Tuffy Parker

Gotta love the Ute fans or perhaps more accurately, BYU haters - First they rip the Cougars for being left in the MWC. Now the Y makes a bold move and the same folks are jabbering about how arrogant or stupid it is. How does one get to be so myopic in perspective?


Their schedule will be BETTER.
More exposure.
More excitement.
Better TV coverage.
Better BCS chances.
More $.

What's not to like?

I'll take my three Utah letter jackets and cheer for the Y again...since 1965!


Scheduling is also less problematic than thought. The WAC can provide 4-5 games. BSU will "play anyone, any time". Utah will be under local pressure to keep the rivalry. A BYU/AF game makes a nice ESPN draw. Ditto for Army and Navy.

That leaves a about 3-4 games from BCS conferences. BYU has been doing a couple of those anyway each year. The SOS will likely be better than most BCS contenders.

This is very doable. ESPN can be counted on to provide a couple of really good money making national interest games.

BYU has to win on the national stage. That is the hardest part.

However, just being on the national stage instead of buried in obscurity will help the recruiting. BYU will start getting a lot more speed and specialty non member athletes who will keep the standards.

The MTN is not going to serve BYU's long run goals. It just does not have the capability.

That Makes Sense

If BYU can schedule Army, Navy, Notre Dame, Utah, and Utah State every year. Then get one or two BCS games with eastern schools like Florida State or Penn State to kick off each season. Then add a few patsies who need the money to fill out the schedule, they would have every argument for a BCS bowl and, in some years, an argument for a BCS championship with a perfect season.

They keep ALL the revenue from TV deals and bowl appearances. They broaden the exposure of BYU (the stated mission of the program) to a world audience. They don't travel to Laramie in the middle of winter or put up with bigotry in the pit.

Then, they align with the WCC which will strengthen their men's basketball standing (the only other non-money-losing sport at BYU), and they will be aligned with other private universities that are also mission driven. And traveling to CA and WA to play in the WCC is sweet for the athletes. And they televise it all for everyone to see thus promoting BYU's image and the image of other religious universities...

Am I missing something here?

Tuffy Parker

Three things to consider:

1) The MWC is mess with or without BYU. Thompson's Mtn. "network" has been a complete disaster both from a $ and quality perspective. Now they've added two more teams who will share the same measly revenue??? Without the pie getting any bigger that makes absolutely no sense.

2)Utah fans talk about the BYU arrogance but already act as if they have already won and will continue to win every PAC 12 championship. Oh, the irony...

3)Anyone who thinks this, or for that matter, the entire conference alignment picture is finished is mistaken. This will continue to evolve - likely into a four super-conference scenario... BYU's positioning for that possible day is unaffected by conference affiliation or independence. Independence, in the meantime, means more control and more revenue.


I think the WAC and MWC should join and split teams geographically into two divisions. Allow BYU to have its own TV contract -- same as Texas in their league deal. The BCS can't reject a champion from all WAC + MWC teams and still have any credibility whatsoever.


Sure if funny listening to the Ute fans rant on this blog and BYU hasn't done anything yet. Why would they rant here if they don't have anything to do with the MWC anyhow? BYU will always do what's in their best interest and if this is, then they'll do it. I am sure this is not a knee jerk reaction like many are talking about. Who knows, this could have just been a ploy to lure Nevada and Fresno State to the league. Funny how some think this is the end to BYU football. What a bunch of dorks. They can only see what is in front of their noses. BYU does not make moves unless it has thought it out very carefully. We will be fine either way.

The Deuce

Talk about throwing the rest of your sports teams under the bus. BYU as an independent in football is at best risky. Stay in the MWC and prove you can beat Boise State and TCU first. There are other sports programs at BYU that are nationally ranked and this throws them into a worse position. Recruiting will suffer. I want to hear from Coach Rose and the basketball program. You gain nothing scheduling Utah State in football. Restructure the MTN TV deal and work here first. Prove yourself on the field in football against the competition you already have then look at your options. My guess is that looking at 3rd place in the MWC in football is not that good of a view. You know what they say about a cattle drive, "if you are not the lead cow the view is always the same."


Just got a tweet..
TCU and BYU are going to the Big 12,
replacing CU and Neb. Big-time football arrives in Provo with Longhorns and Sooners coming in every so often..sweet!


Explain to me how this is a good thing. They will no longer be playing for a conference championship; no longer playing for a BCS championship (don't kid yourselves. If they can't make it within the MWC they won't make it as an independent--just look at how successful Notre Dame as been). You can't tell me that BYU players are going to be excited to be appearing on BYU TV.

So with all of those incentives taken away, how does Bronco keep his players motivated? This is not just a dumb idea. It is stupid. It will kill recruiting. How do you sell a program that plays for no championships and no automatic bowls?

Stay in the MWC. It is getting better with the addition of Boise. BYU should work on improving its product and see if they become more attractive to the Big 12 or Big 10. But I think BYU should work on improving the MWC and make it an AQ conference.

Utah's move may be monetarily beneficial but consistent 7-5, 8-4 and 6-6 seasons will not keep the fan base happy. Vegas Bowl, here they come.


Until some major proof is shown I won't trust anything about BYU heading to the Big-12. Lets hope for the best but not get ourselves carried away.


Utah fans are an absolute joke. They reign down doom and gloom on BYU with no educational intelligence at all. Bottom line is this...Its obvious that losing Utah to the PAC 10 hurt the MWC. Even with BSU, the MWC is insignificant to the other BCS schools, just like the WAC. BYU got shunned by BCS conference expansion and left to fester in the deadend MWC.

This possibility to go independent shook up the pot, which was sorely needed, and it worked. Notice FSU and UN are now apart of the MWC making it a now stronger league if BYU is convinced to stay. One more team and you have a 12 team league with a championship game, which will be difficult for the BCS to ignore for long.

If BYU still goes independent, then it works to their advantage with revenue, scheduling flexibility and national exposure. They have the means and the following to do it. Also sets them up for when the Big XII comes calling, and don't pretend that they won't come calling. They will need 12 teams eventually to keep up with the SEC, Big 10, and PAC 12. Much better fit.


What if Igualmente turned out to be the original source for all of this craziness? I would never trust internet again.


This is a train wreck of epic perportions. Im so glad Utah is not caught up in this self inflicted mess. Nice due dilligence Holmoe.


Like another poster stated,

"BYU's jealousy at Utah joining the PAC-10/12 is driving this whole unfortunate set of circumstances".


I think they should add the remaining 6 teams from the wac to the mwc and call the new conference "super-wac(k)"

It's pretty descriptive of this entire situation


BYU is to be commended for this bold move.It's this kind of spirit and determination which made America great. It exemplifies freedom and the American way. GO COUGS!

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