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Published: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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O the drama!

Some serious math needs to be done regarding the BCS review process. If the MWC has a legit shot at becoming a member of the money party, BYU should certainly stay. If the MWC will allow member schools more flexibility in getting out their own TV coverage (since the Mtn is pathetic) that might be enough to keep BYU in too.

Right now, BYU is still the biggest earning team in the conference and now they are slicing up the small pie even more...all the MWC did today was make the WAC worse, and the MWC at best marginally better.

Big 12 = BYU ideal landing spot in a few years. Indpendence + MWC in other sports is 2nd. Otherwise, stay at home Cougars.


Whos in charge down there? This is a mess of epic proportion. Did Holmoe do his dd? Looks like this whole game of poker is about to backfire in his face. So glad we have Chris Hill in charge at the U

Jonathan Eddy

BYU's upcoming declaration of independence will be the greatest step forward for a storied football program and a huge leap for a university whose mission statement has always remained intact. It's good to see organizations that aren't swayed by the winds of popular opinion. Go Cougs!



Go independent in football and join the West Coast Conference in all other sports. WCC commish Jamie Zaninovich has reached out to BYU, according to ESPN's Andy Katz. This would be awesome. All of the schools in the WCC are private religious institutions, so BYU would fit in so perfectly there. All of the markets they would be playing in have heavy LDS populations. WCC hoops is very strong, and a great rivalry with Gonzaga would emerge.

Oh, by the way, the WCC already has a great TV deal with ESPN...

WCC.... make that happen Holmoe!!!


Just wondering...if all these also ran schools are so desperate to play byu why did Nevada and Fresno State bolt in a matter of hours when it appeared byu would likely be regularly scheduling them?

Personally I don't think UNLV, SDSU, etc. have much interest in going to a league on life support. Finally, if byu has no other option than going to the WCC (no football) what will their late season schedule look like? Teams in the midst of conference championship races probably won't be interested in an excursion to provo and playing irrelevent teams will quickly drop byu from the spot light. Seems like a very risky proposition.


Going independent in football is a bit more arrogance than I would expect from BYU. Is this pride before a fall? Or is this brillant? I guess time will tell.


Seems like a rather knee-jerk, "we've gotta do something, no matter what it is" move by BYU in reaction to Utah moving to the Pac-12. A conference affiliation is the best situation for all BYU sports. Essentially rejoining the WAC in all sports but football is a step backward. BYU ought to remain in the MWC for now, especially with Fresno State, Nevada, and Boise State coming on board.


Thompson has already noted that there will be not be any changes to the current broadcasting agreement until it is up in 2016. This means that as long as BYU is in the MWC, the option to broadcast the games will not be an option. The MWC conference needs BYU in football more than BYU needs the MWC. The other sports need a conference so even a toned down WAC might be better since the other sports are irrelevant in the big scheme of things. Rumors about moving the other sports to the WCC are starting up but all I know is they have a decent top of the league in Basketball, don't know about the lower part or other sports....can someone shed some light on that?


Nice move by Thompson to pick up Reno and Fresno, that makes BYU's decision a little bit tougher.

While going independent might help with revenue and exposure it won't make BYU a better football team.

I don't think independence will have a major impact on recruiting. BYU already has abundant exposure nationwide. In fact, if they end up filling their schedule with WAC leftovers recruiting might start falling off especially with in-state kids that could play in the Pac 10 with Utah.

I don't really see independence as a fast path to the BCS. If they win in the MWC they'll get to a BCS bowl just the same as in an independent scenario (ask TCU and Utah - then ask Army and Navy).

If it makes financial sense and allows the church-run school to be independent from Sunday games etc. then I think it's justified, but I don't see it as a move that benefits the football program in a major way.


I'm a BYU alum and have been a HUGE fan my whole life (and will continue to be), but this is the worst idea EVER to come out of BYU!


So glad Im a Utah fan. This is a debacle of epic perportion. Who's running the ship down there?


Way to go BYU!!! You are now back in the WAC!! The U upgraded to the PAC-12 and BYU downgraded to the WAC. Yes BYU fans you went to the WAC, all of your athletic programs are going to play in the WAC therefore you are a WAC team. Don't tell me your Football team is independent when 5 of its games are with WAC teams. BYU just joined the WAC.


Craig Thompson is playing hard ball with both BYU and the WAC. It looks like the MWC and the WAC are in all out war and the loser will be left in shambles. BYU now has a very hard decison to make now that Thompson has Nevada and Fresno St coming over. Now more mouths to feed with 11 teams they will need to go to 12 teams to have a conference championship game. Going Independent is a huge risk and could leave all the other programs at BYU in a very weak WAC. Football is king but the Basketball team should also be considered. 4 MWC teams made the NCAA tournament last year, the WAC had 1. We will see who has the better poker hand when all is said and done.


Who do you play in November? Army, Navy, Notre Dame.

Who do you play in September and October? Utah, Utah State, Boise State, TCU -- teams that want their games SEEN.

Who else to you play in Sept and Oct? Texas, Florida State, Ohio State -- anyone who wants their games broadcast WORLD WIDE on ESPN AND BYU's network.

I'm just sayin'


Once the dust settles, the WCC might be a player in this story. Here is a little background on this conference. They have 8 schools in their league, and are all religiously affiliated, like BYU. The schools are:

Institution Location Enrollment

Gonzaga University Spokane, WA6,375

Loyola Marymount Univ Los Angeles8,300

Pepperdine University Malibu, CA8,000

University of Portland Portland, OR3,300

Saint Mary's College Moraga, CA4,768

University of San Diego San Diego CA7,548

Univ of San Francisco San Francisco8,000

Santa Clara University Santa Clara8,377

"The Conference is characterized its unique emphasis on combining excellence in athletics with academics, and is built on the foundation of values, character, and academics."

These values are compatible with those at BYU. At first glance one may overlook this little conference, but a second look might create an intriguing consideration.


There is an abundance of arrogance and a durth of facts swirling around today. The 'haters' have more fodder and the 'fans' have questions and hope. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The only real questions is ... are you a BYU FAN or a HATER.

Haters ... get a life beyond hating BYU or you'll have a sour, weened on a pickle life.

Fans ... don't become a UofU hater. The venom's not worth the effects. GO BYU!


You just don't get it. The MTN is NEVER going to be a BCS conference. It's TV contract has no value. BYU has no better option than going independent.

BYU and Utah had home attendance of 64000 and 45000. That leaves TCU with 45000 as the flagship. They might wise up and make a move.

BSU left an opening with ESPN by joining the MTN. BYU has jumped on a national TV opportunity that gets EVERY one of their games (including minor sports) on national/international TV.

BYU exposure takes a quantum leap. The recruiting improves. They make more money. They can upgrade the schedule by replacing Intermountain teams with medium BCS teams around the country.

BYU finally drops the regional myopic shackles. It is not a Utah or regional team.

If independence does not work then BYU joins the WAC. How well did that serve BSU? Very well.

This is a big winner for BYU. The risk is less than thought (BSU in the WAC). The MTN was NEVER going to serve BYU's best interest because it CAN'T.

Utah bolted why should not BYU?


I've read about two dozen spins on this story, and anyone of them might be true. However, the bottom line is this, if BYU wants to have success in the next few years and beyond as an independent (football) they MUST win their games this year to get the respect going from the BCS teams they want to play in the future. That means beating FS, TCU and Utah all on their fields. If this happens, BYU could write their storybook ending as they want.



Seriously. A MWC with 11-12 teams cannot do a full round-robin in football. So schedule each year based on the prior year, with all the top teams still playing each other and the bottom teams playing each other, without cross-over.

That means BSU, TCU and BYU would NOT HAVE TO PLAY THE WEAK teams every year. It would significantly bolster their computer and human rankings. Eventually, this probably leads to relegating or branching out and forming another strong league, dropping the weakest members.


Still laughing about these scenarios. Life long Cougar fan hopes we stay in the MWC and convince Houston to come on in.

Rivalries area based
TCU Houston
SDS Fresno
Wyoming CSU
AFA New Mexico

6 team alignments
BYU, BSU, SDS, Fresno, UNLV, Reno

TCU, Houston, Wyoming, CSU, AFA, New Mexico

Conference Championship
Hold it at the top ranked school, guarantees a sellout.

The basketball league will be pretty strong as well. Baseball will be strengthened with FSU.

I like it. Let's do it.

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