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Published: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This is the beginning of the end for BYU football.

So Cal Living

.... or the beginning of life on a bigger stage.

BYU 99

This is an agressive move by BYU that says we're going to be independent unless a better deal comes quickly: Option 1: I doubt the Big 12 is going to ask them to join the Big 12 but that would be a better move. Option 2; BYU stays with the Mountain West with a more favorable TV deal with the MWC. This is something similar to what Texas did when offered an invitation to the PAC 10 and they improved their TV revenue. I'll bet BYU is wanting a sweet deal, they'll get it and stay put.
Option 3: They go independent and get a chance to play whoever they want and have their own network to get revenue and national respect as they play Notre Dame, PAC 10 schools, Big 12 schools, Utah and Utah State.


No brainer, 5 x the money, 5 x the exposure and if for any reason it does not work out, they have their pick of WAC and MWC anytime they ever want to go back!

BYU just has to help bolster the WAC and pull some teams along with them that want to keep their BYU rivalry going! SD State, UNLV, BSU, heck even TCU, Houston and UTEP might follow if promised consistent games year in and out with BYU along with a true National audience on TV!! If even a couple of those follow, Fresno and Nevada may reconsider! Perhaps they could just raid Conf. USA for SMU, Rice and UTEP, but I like the idea of sticking it to Craig Thompson, that guy is a horrible commish and needs to be FIRED!


Re: Stenar

What evidence do you base your analysis on? Is it just a feeling you have, or it's based on factual merit. I'd love to understand the epistemology of your argument on the demise of BYU football.


I think the football team will be OK. But having a son who is a student athlete in another sport at BYU, I worry how he'll be affected now that there is no stable conference to affiliate with. The WAC looks like they might implode. Then what are all the non football sports playing for if there is no conference?

I think this a huge gamble that might pay off but might fizzle out altogether.


Utah moves to the Pac 10 and BYU basically moves to the WAC (if rumors are true). I know their football team will be Independent, but with all their other teams in the WAC, it pretty much makes them a WAC team. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of their games would be against WAC teams when they do their schedule.

Maybe that is BYU's plan, to purposely fail at being independent so they can move back to the WAC. Now with BSU gone, it will be easy for them to dominate that conference and finally get into a BCS game lol. I am sure by then USU will be dominating them.


Classic Utah County business practice of a pyramid scheme. Nice to see BYU got caught in it and are now in a seriously bad position. WAC is no more and BYU is done.



Finally BYU can take control of its own destiny.

No more MTN. No more being punished for not playing Sundays.

Army, Navy, Notre Dame, and now BYU.

That's thinking outside the box!


This is potentially a HUGE improvement for BYU Athletics, assuming every piece falls in order. If ESPN and the BCS are willing to help BYU go independent as far as scheduling and broadcasting and as well as allowing BYU the chance to play in a BCS bowl game, then there is nothing wrong with this move. Financially BYU can do it, that's not holding them back right now. What concerns me is the potential to be locked out of the parties, (which when you look at it, that is where we are right now and will be for the next 2 years). I look forward to hearing the new developments and will watch closely


This is the beginning of the start of BYU Football!

BYU will remain in the MWC with the announcement of Fresno and UNR joining the league. The WAC is history, as Hawaii will be going independent, LaTech joining CUSA, and Utah State or UTEP being invited into the MWC to round-out a 12-team league.

The MWC's new CBSC contract will give weekly exposure in more homes across the country via Dish and DirecTV.

BCS qualifying is also in the mix for the new-enlarged MWC.

With TCU's Gary Patterson hinting of more teams moving around the country, BYU will be staying in the MWC as things unfold.

Go Cougars!


This didn't shake up the college football world at all. Maybe the city of Provo and the rest of the zoobs state wide. They would be playing teams in the WAC, thus still not proving anything as far as becoming a dominant force in college football. They still would get rocked once they faced a half decent opponent and their recruiting base just got smaller. Great move cougars. FYI Boise State and TCU have been to a BCS game Utah State hasn't and probably never will. Your competition is becoming more pathetic.


I could see a possible switch, with UNLV, SDSU, BYU going to WAC, as Boise, Nev, FSU go over to the MWC...if Y has decided to go independent in just football, it would be exciting for Y fans, and great to see them taking total responsibility for their own program, that being what the LDS Church has long preached, "self-reliance" and freedom from being controlled, "act, instead of being acted upon."..........another possibility might be eventual new MWC by increasing to a "super-league" with, say, 16 teams, 2 divisions, made up of the best MWC & WAC teams. Of all the teams, considering all sports, BYU is top of the class. Money generated by going independent would also be a plus for a Church school whose mission is to reach out worldwide its influence to increase the good and give more choice to as many as possible.


When you consider the dynamics of BYU football, from a 70,000 seat football stadium, an LDS base nationwide that includes athletes desperate to play for the team, and a very long traditional of competition...this is just the beginning of BYU football.

I hope they go independent. The downside, they don't get to play for a championship? I remember the year BYU played Wyoming in the WAC Championship in Vegas. They beat them, did nothing to enhance the bowl they went to and ruined Ituli Mili's knee on a bad tackle. If they create a four conference super league BYU is just as likely to get an invite as an independent, as they would a member of the MWC. And in a four conference super league zero chance (ZERO) the the MWC is one of those four conferences. If anything BYU, TCU and Boise St are raided. Going independent doesn't change this a bit.

And BYU plays in front of 150 million TV sets, with ESPN helping in transition with some games like Norte Dame on CBS...hmmmm

Do it!

What's up?

Interesting to think that there might be no MWC teams in Utah.

Steven S Jarvis


Must be a Ute fan.

Independence is the beginning of a new era for BYU and is long overdue. I hope they connect to the WCC for the other sports. But for football, BYU has its own destiny in its hands.

Going independent will mean more exposure and better scheduling. It also means that BYU might still be able to schedule the Utes on a yearly basis (though I was hoping for a year or two break so things can calm down). I would expect Utah, Utah St. yearly, Notre Dame and Navy more and a smattering of SEC, B10, B12 and PAC teams. The only bad teams that would be on the schedule would be the close regional ones. Hopefully the Utes won't be one of the bad games.


By- By- football relevence at BYU....

Jimmy James

With the WAC now only going to have 6 teams, it will be interesting to see how things shake out. While I'm sure that the WAC will find two new teams to add (at least I hope they can), I wonder if that will change how much BYU wants to affiliate with them?

While BYU going independent might end up being an awesome thing for them (but maybe not), my personal hope is that BYU stays in the MWC and that the MWC adds one more team to bring it to 12 teams which means: Conference Championship! (Perhaps the MWC could swing a deal where BYU still gets to broadcast games on BYU TV?)

And as long as I'm dreaming of things that probably won't happen, I would like that 12th team to be Utah State. It geographically makes a ton of sense, they're a strong basketball school, and their football program is on the rise. (I'm a big believer in what Gary Anderson is doing / capable of doing.)

Granted, as football drives the Benjamins, I bet that in such a scenario the MWC goes for Houston.


WAC? What WAC? Pay attention folks. There are now 6 teams in the WAC. The best of the bunch being....Idaho? Hawaii? You want to stick your sports there?

Independence for football, with other sports playing in the WAC, made sense. More money from football, a group of 7 WAC teams to help fill in late-season scheduling issues, a much worse conference for other sports but still a conference non the less to help with scheduling those events.

With the WAC being blown up, where does BYU turn? WCC? Disband all other sports? All sports cannot be independent, that's been made pretty clear. So now what? Crawl back to the MWC it looks like.

BYU got outsmarted by the most unlikely suspect, one CRAIG THOMPSON. He destroyed the WAC, leaving BYU nowhere to go. BYU was either set on leaving, or trying to show the clout they think they have, and both got a nice swift kick to the chin by Thompson. Take your place at the MWC table, and be quiet, and keep fighting for 3d place behind TCU and Boise.


Creative1 - I think what you meant to say was: "Buy! Buy! football relevance at BYU"
I know I'm "buying" into this independence notion.

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