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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Dig Dug

Whoa! Lets keep the discussion on track and leave the hallowing for the right things...

Anyway I don't see a whole lot to lose for the Y by going independent. It will be a hard road to walk, but could prove to be rewarding in the long run. Conversely, staying put in the MWC will likely yield more of the same, good, but nothing earth shattering. Even if a future bid from a BCS conference never comes, they Y would always be welcome in any decent mid-Major conference. I think they should give it a shot!

I will be very curious to see their scheduling. Probably take a few years to get things straightened out, but if they could get 3-4 descent teams on the schedule, their place in the BCS would be in their own hands at that point.


Buzz | 11:11 a.m. Aug. 19, 2010

"...fools mock but they shall mourn."

"BYU will have further solidified itself as a well-respected national program and the most hallowed program in the state of Utah"

Good grief, Buzz...

Hallowed program?? BYU has certainly done it's part hollow out the WAC.

Anti Bush-Obama

What makes Byu an automatic qualifier just because they go independant? Beat TCU and BSU first.


I have long been a proponent of BYU going independent. I even have their schedule (ten games only):

1 Utah State home
2 Air Force/Army/Navy h/a/h/a/h/a
3 Duke home/away
4 Notre Dame home/away
5 off
6 Stanford home/away
7 off
8 USC home/away
9 off
10 Previous Champ (Florida) home/away
11 off
12 Previous Champ (Alabama) home/away
13 Utah home/away
14 Hawaii away


In my wildest dreams, and mine can get pretty wild, I cannot see how this benefits YBU, at least, in football. Do you really see yourselves as another Notre Dame? I really don't mean this to be mean spirited but, the idea, at least to me, seems insane. You have a difficult time getting top tier teams to schedule you now, much less as an independent. One great coach and a good run for a while and suddenly you think you're another top team? I'm not going to insult any of us by saying you're crappy. You been decent through most of the past 30 years. You are, however, no Notre Dame. The Irish are one of the most storied programs in history. C'mon now, Knute Rockne, touchdown Jesus, the golden dome. How many Nat'l titles and top 10 finishes? how many Heismans and all Americans? do you really believe that your ratings will justify the money you think you'll rake in? Remember, using drugs is against the honor code.


@netjes, HAHAHAHAH!!! Nice pie in the sky schedule there. Did you know the fact that Florida hasn't played an OOC game outside the state of Florida in several decades? Fat chance getting them to come to Provo, especially late in the year. Also, Utah is having way more home/aways with USC and Stanford than BYU, so give up on that one. Reality is that it'll be very hard to get marquee teams to play you during the conference season, so your options are limited to the other Indies and whatever peon teams you can pay to play you.


"It'll allow us to play some top teams in the nation."

What about independent status allows that? Did the MWC hold you back in the 4 OOC games you got each year? I seem to remember Eastern Washington and Northern Iowa being the only ones that would play you with short notice recently. Sure there was Oklahoma last year, but that seems to be the exception to the rule. Getting good games at home will be VERY hard for at least the next 3-4 years.


It would be nice to get into an AQ conference, but no one has come calling yet. Right now independence is clearly the best way to go. Staying in the MWC would be like a lame duck in a small pond. The MWC tv contract is beyond a joke and they will never gain AQ status, especially if TCU bolts which I think they will. BYU will continue to play utah every year and probably utah state. They already have a series with Texas, oregon state and Boise state scheduled into the future. I would bet that Notre Dame will be willing to schedule some games as well. Army and Navy are very possible as well. I dont think scheduling will be as difficult as alot people believe. Especially when you consider BYU will likely have a deal with ESPN and my guess is ESPN would televise at least 3 of their games a year. The national tv exposure will make it even more attractive to schedule some of the top teams in the nation.


Am I taking crazy pills? This would be a terrible move for BYU. Even if they could stand on their own as an independent (and I'm not saying they can't). It is just a BAD decision. No national power wants to put an independent school on their schedule that will come in and mop the floor with them and/or make them look bad. (ask Boise State) And that schedule that was proposed doesn't make any sense. Who knows that those teams will want to play. This is a bad move plain and simple. The best bet is to stay in the MWC and improve it from the inside.


If I were a hardcore BYU fan, I would be vehemently opposed to this. It is a mistake.


I hate to say it, but the Y fans who want BYU to go independant are becoming more delusional with their reasoning everyday (based on these posts).

I agree the schedule could be pretty sweet and the match-ups pretty inticing---though getting a home/away with an SEC team would be impossible (see netjes above). They would also be able to keep their rivalry games against the U and USU, which would be nice.

Plus, asking casual Y fans to pay 150 bucks would be a big request, particularly given their rep (see Confused above). Notre Dame, which has an immensely larger fan base, shows their games on NBC, a free network station.

But getting to a BCS game would become much more difficult by going independent. They have a much better chance of getting their through being a conference champion in the bulked up MWC. Sure TCU and BSU are at the top right now, but BYU has won many championships before and there is no reason to believe they won't return.

Let's be realistic. While it's fun to fantasize, it's much more practical and cost effective to stay in the MWC.


Byu will make more money with their tv contracts but not playing for a conference championship and only at a shot at a bcs game is not a lot to play for. I thik BYU will get lost in the shuffle if they go independent. I think with the WAC no longer a great option to schedule games and not an option for other sports then they need to see if the MWC will give them a chance to air their games on their own network. If Craig Thompson does not allow schools to make more money then he is making a very bad choice for the conference. BYU should stay in MWC because they added Nevada and Fresno. If they could add Houston then that make it Bsc type of conference. Plus the Houston area is a great recuiting ground that schools would love to recuit from.

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