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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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And now on with all the comments and opinions from the armchair Athletic Directors.

None of us will ever know all of the options being weighed and all the factors being considered for BYU to make this ALLEGED decision.

But, coming from a fan, I would way rather watch BYU go 9-4/8-5 (or better!) playing quality teams than playing all the poor performing teams at the bottom of our conference.

Rest assured, this ALLEGED decision is driven by Church Exposure first and foremost. Don't forget: Football (athletics) is the "vehicle".


Because of its unique recruiting and fan base, BYU will continue to get by as an independent. But think of this: The BYU football recruit has only two things to play for: an impossible national championship and personal All-American status. There will be no more conference championships, no all-conference honors. Basically, you lose one game and your season is over. This used to make sense for a Notre Dame, which had a realistic shot at the national title, but even they have suffered for the last decade or so. However, their football team does make a lot of money for the school, which is the bottom line. That will be the new goal for BYU's football team, as well. How do you integrate that into the recruiting pitch?


Fantastic! BYU will now have a guaranteeed shot at a BCS Bowl every year. Notre Dame mave have a more storied legacy but BYU has done much more over the last 30 years than Notre Dame has. Heck it would be wonderful for BYU and Notre Dame to play each other every year and build a true Holy War rivalry that would really be something. Hope the Church approves it as this would really build up the prestige and it definatley trumps Utah joining the PAC-10!!


I think I speak for a lot of fans that said we were enthusiastic before Nevada and Fresno bolted for the MWC. Now, we would hope that BYU act very cautiously. The WCC would be an awesome fit for basketball (much better actually) and other sports, but will we have enough quality teams to fill out the football schedule? If we're confident that we do, than great. If not, please be very wary.


Going independent trumps a move to the Pac-10? Seriously? Wow, maybe BYU fans really are delusional. Independence would ruin BYU football forever. Joining the WCC is like leaving the NCAA for the NAIA. Seriously, I'm a fan of the Y,(every day but one in November) but this is foolhearty. BYU fans, please stop patting yourselves on the back and look around you. You're not suddenly going to have a schedule with Florida, Notre Dame, Texas, Oklahoma, and Penn State on it. You're going to have a schedule with Rice, Army, Navy, and Southern Utah on it.


They are talking about a 150.00 a year fee to watch these games?

With the rep of Cougar fans being that of Scrooge when it comes to spending, does the church really think people will fork out that much money in this ecomony to watch BYU?

I don't think so....


Do BYU fans really think going independent is better than joining an AQ conference? Any AQ conference!? That's just delusional. Joining the WCC is like joining the NAIA. It's not a step down, it's falling off a cliff. I'm a BYU fan every day of the year but one, and this move terrifies me. It will utterly decimate byu football. BYU fans, you're not going to suddenly have a schedule with Florida, Texas, Ohio State, and Notre Dame on it. You'll have a schedule with Army, Navy, Utah State, and Southern Utah on it. This can only end badly for the Y if they leave.

Cougar Claws

I think independence has exciting potential, but no way is it better than being in an AQ conference. I think t might have higher money making potential, but being in an AQ conference is a lot safer than independence. Utah is definitely in a safer spot right now.


With Nevada and Fresno joing the MWC the Y needs to seriously consider their options. How will not playing for a conference championship affect long term recruiting?

Ragnar Danneskjold

The WCC would be an awesome fit for basketball? Wow. I've got to agree with VA_Ute, this could be horrible for BYU athletics if not done right. The WCC plays some good basketball, but the schools are tiny and it would still be horrible for basketball (not to mention catastrophic for other sports). Thompson made a good strategic move IMO. BYU doesn't have many great options any more for the rest of their sports.

Otis Spurlock

I love the picture of the BYU fan holding the sign that says, "BYU Loves Fiestas". I'm guessing that picture was taken during the now famous "Quest for Perfection".

Folks, you can't make this stuff up. It just gets better and better.


Parkite1: Are you insane? This would in no way trump Utah's move to the PAC-10. BYU is going independent because the PAC-10 and Big 12 didn't want them. If given the opportunity, you can bet the'd have accepted invitations to either of those conferences.


I love the idea of going independent. It is more about exposure than it is about $$$. BYU is one of the missions of the Church, and the more exposure BYU gets the more exposure the Church gets.


Boise State and the other renegades of the WAC that just joined the MWC will find out about national exposure. They would do better to "about face" and march in the direction they came from.

The MWC leadership and the contract with Comcast is not where any program wants to go.

By the way Bronco fans, enjoy not seeing your games.


Right on Otis... fools mock but they shall mourn.

Only jealous haters take the Quest for Perfection out of context. If you really think that Bronco meant for that to be for an undefeated season, you show your true colors.

But alas, the Utes hold the stronger hand at the moment so I'm sure you'll attribute my response to blindness or something like that.

You go ahead and relish the Ute's program that began it's glory all the way since '04. When all the dust clears on the movement this year, I am confident that BYU will have further solidified itself as a well-respected national program and the most hallowed program in the state of Utah


Buzz | 11:11 a.m. Aug. 19, 2010
Right on Otis... fools mock but they shall mourn.

Only jealous haters take the Quest for Perfection out of context. If you really think that Bronco meant for that to be for an undefeated season, you show your true colors.


The Quest was for a BCS birth; see the article photo for proof.

Henry Drummond

I wouldn't be surprised if this whole thing evaporates. What would make more sense now for BYU is to stay in the MWC for at least two more years and see if they can't become an Automatic Qualifier. In the meantime the MWC could go to 12 teams, have two divisions and get to schedule a lot more non-conference games. It may be that things have gone too far down the road and its too late to turn back, but if it isn't that is what I think should happen.

Otis Spurlock

Uteology wrote:

"The Quest was for a BCS birth; see the article photo for proof."

How did that go for you? :))


Buzz, I can't believe you quoted scripture in a discussion about college football. As for the Quest for Perfection, I understand that the term comes from BYU's mission statement, but I think anyone who seriously denies that Bronco was trying to use that as a quest for an undefeated season is the fool. He may have wanted them to seek perfection in all areas of their lives, but he was talking about football.



I never heard him say that and in contrast he has always said things to the contrary.

I guess he's a liar though right? I mean he's like me right? A self-righteous Y fan


Would it be okay with you if I quoted Shakespeare instead?

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