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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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I think the best move for BYU might be to join the West Coast Conference in their other sports. Because the WCC doesn't even have football, it will be even easier to be independent.

BYU would be a good cultural fit with Pepperdine, Gonzaga, and Saint Mary's already in the conference, and think of the basketball! The tournament could be quite exciting, and the league would get more respect than any out west (including the PAC). BYU might lose out on some easy WAC scheduling, but that could be managed.

It's really too bad about USU and the WAC, but perpetual irrelevance is really annoying for programs like Fresno, UNR, and even Hawaii. Maybe USU should just shutter the football team in Merlin Olsen's memory, and join the WCC as well.

Johnny Triumph

The WAC can and will expand, if needed. It won't die off. And what's not to say that some MWC schools will leave for the WAC? I'm sure that UNLV would love greater basketball visibility than it currently gets on the mtn. This isn't done, and the MWC just got a lot more watered down by adding Fresno and Nevada...guess they wanted CSU and Wyo to have more comparable competition.


Regardless if BYU stays or not, Craig Thompson and the MWC hasn't made the conference any better by adding Fresno and Nevada. It's still the same type of conference. Two good teams and 8 bottom feeders.

The WAC is the loser here. Is is not fair to BYU's other sports to put them in a bad WAC conference.

Is is too bad BYU's football team can't be independent and the rest of the sports compete in the PAC 12 or BIG 12. That is where they deserve to be playing.

The WCC would be a far better conference than the WAC. Gonzaga, St. Mary's, Pepperdine, Portland, etc.. are much better athletically and get better exposure to a larger audience than the WAC.


This would be cool:

BYU, BSU, TCU, Houston, UTEP, AFA, UNLV, & New Mexico. BYU, BSU, and TCU drive the boat.

Rocky Mtn Oyster

There are planets and then there are dwarf planets. I'm afraid WAC leftovers are now officially downgraded to dwarf planets. These programs should consider either closing football or joining the Big Sky. I suppose the Sun Belt conference can either be raided or joined.


Surely the wac can use the five million dollars from both unr and fresno to get montana,sac state or portland state to join, Portland is renovating pge park to hold 22,000 fans for there new mls team, and montana sells out its 25,000 seat stadium regularly. sac state can currently hold 21,195, sacramento is the 20th largest tv market, portland is 22nd and montana already has a huge fan base. Three potential great markets for college football. lets be optimistic.


Dear Gary Anderson,

We will welcome you with open arms back to Utah and the Pac 10!!!!!


I like the idea of all other sports joining the WCC since they have no football. The WAC is history. USU will get an invite somewhere. MWC will need another team if BYU goes independent. Funny how USU fans say BYU has screwed them over. In the end, it may be the best thing for them too. All of this of course is only rumor and speculation. BYU has not said a single word. Of course, not saying anything has a way of being right. The only thing certain right now is that Fresno State and Nevada are new members for the MWC which was a good move for them.


This actually brings down the average quality of both the MWC and WAC. The only thing it does to improve the MWC is probably keep BYU from leaving...so in all, not a bad idea from Thompson. About the only smart thing he's done so far.


@ Bob - High School football in Texas has more fans than the schools you cited (Portland is renovating pge park to hold 22,000 fans for there new mls team, and montana sells out its 25,000 seat stadium regularly. sac state can currently hold 21,195). If you can get 55,000 or better every Saturday you aren't bringing anything to the table. Comparing BYU with USU is not realistic. One has a religious shortfall (BYU - no Sunday play)) that major conferences will not swallow while the other is geographically isolated (USU). BYU going independent is not a good idea at this time because of the moves Craig Thompson made however, it may work out in the future without destroying other sports programs.


I need drugs and therapy!! I am a USU alum and have been an Aggie fan for most of my 50 plus years on the planet. Yesterday and today may be the worst couple of days in the history of Aggie athletics!! I hope whomever is sculpting the Merlin Olsen statue is now inclined to put a very big "tear" running down the big fella's cheek!!! Without somekind of "unlikely" miricle, I just can't see Aggie football ever again reaching any level of Division I prominence or even respect within the extended Intermountain Region. That was an extremely painful acknowledgment but I am afraid it's the fact of the matter. LA Tech will probably go to the Sunbelt Conference leaving the WAC in dire need of recruiting four new Division I institutions to the conference which is not going to happen!! The only real option for the Aggies is to join the Big Sky or dump football and join the WCC for basketball. I guess all good things come to an end. What a shame-collegiate football used to be about sport and rivalry now it's about money and greed!!!


Cheer up AggieFan74, you can always create a new conference with USU, Logan High, Sky View and Mt. Crest. That would make four equal teams and then you can go from there. Maybe add in Weber State but then they would dominate your conference.

Prove yourself year in and year out for at least 5 years and you may be able to join a real conference.


I totally agree. Aggie fans have no reason to cry about all this. They need to face reality that they are not a top tier school for education nor athletics. They can only win championships in one sport and they have a very high acceptance rate, which means they let in most anyone who applies. Sorry, but USU needs to up their game if anyone is going to take them seriously.

Mr. Caveman

Aggiefan, you do need therapy. How about you follow a school that doesn't sit around and wait for things to happen to them, but goes out and does something. There are plenty of happy BYU and Utah fans, and Boise fans for that matter. Time for you to switch allegiance because your team has been failing you all these years.


According to a story on the Honolulu Advertiser web site, USU WAS invited to join the MWC yesterday, but declined the offer.


Re: Striker

First of all the Aggies win plenty of championships in other sports just not the one that counts, Football. Football is king, and everything is of lesser value. So your statement is very inaccurate. But your part right, becasue Football is so poor no one will give the Ags the chance even though their other programs are quite exceptional.

A couple facts reamin. USU isn't dropping football. They've dumped a lot of money into the stadium just last year or two. No they will drop a divsion no doubt about it. Mark my words in two years time, maybe next year USU will no longer be playing division I football. It's a shame too because I think Andersen would have had them competing in the WAC.

Over the Top

Good power-play by Craig Thompson to save his conference - but it didn't really improve the quality by adding UNR and Fresno State. It probably prevented BSU from going back to the WAC. I do feel badly about USU, though. It could have been a win-win situation for the Cougars and the Aggies.
Is it possible for USU to join the Big Sky? Geographically, it's a good fit. And athletically, it good be a very positive thing for the Aggies, too. I think they could be competitive at that level.


It's not over until the O-Line sings. USU has something going down. And it's NOT their athletic programs. to Mr. Caveman... did you ever think that maybe USU is trying to help save ybu's back side??


Wo everyone, getting a little jumpy in here. As an Aggie I have read the many condescending posts of Cougars and even a few Utes, listen the facts are football controls this whole thing, another fact is that whether USU ends up in the MWC, WAC or some other conference really doesn't matter. All that matters is that they end up in a conference. Is the MWC or the WAC a BCS conference, NO? Then really who cares what conference they are. Good for Nevada and Fresno, it really doesn't matter, Nevada, Fresno, USU, BYU, Idaho, La Tech, etc; etc; etc,; are not going to win a national championship or be in a BCS league, so really who cares? We're all essentially playing for a bowl game, other than that this really doesn't matter. NONE of these teams in either of these conferences are National Champions, so again why do we all care so much?

As for BYU they made a bold move, good for them. BYU has always been about the money and exposure so they can spread the word, great, who cares?

This is all a bit humorous really:)

wyoming cougar

re: AggieFan74 | 7:04 a.m. Aug. 19, 2010

Cheer up man- life's too short to hold such bitterness and hatred. USU shot themselves in the foot by having integrity in this situation. Unfortunately- once again a team displays honor and integrity by turning down an offer to the MWC because they had just worked out a deal with their own conference, while 2 other schools go back on their word and bolt.

This leaves USU in a tough place, due to the lack of integrity of 2 other wac schools.

As for BYU, they have said all along that they were exploring all options for their program, but have never made any announcements about those plans. To blame BYU once again, just show that you're worse than the other little brother that BYU has, you're more like the little step-brother.

Congratulations USU for having the integrity to honor your word- hopefully something will work out for you for the best in the long run.

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