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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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I hear a lot of criticism of Craig Thompson, but this was a brilliant and decisive move on his part. It badly tarnishes BYU's bold move for independence while ensuring the viability of the MWC. It's a shame USU couldn't have been invited.


USU will remain a top-notch school, if its focus continues to be less upon its atheletics program and more upon the College of Engineering.


What a bunch of crock from these two presidents. How will the moving to a mtn tv conference be better than staying in an espn backed wac league? MWC completely hipocritical. One day: "we are not expanding" the next day, "welcome two new defectors from the wac." what a load of garbage.


Isn't it interesting what the media has accomplished over the last two days and BYU hasn't even opened their mouths. They haven't even said one word, not one word about their intent. Enjoy!


Once again BYU factors into the complete ruination of USU athletics!! It happened in the 90's when USU was not invited into the expanded WAC and here it is again!! BYU's need to be the supreme force in West Coast college football at the expense of all other lesser programs and athletic conferences is truly astonishing. BYU's jealousy at Utah joing the PAC-10/12 is driving this whole unfortunate set of circumstances. The defections of UN Reno and Fresno State from the WAC to the MWC conference is going to be devastating to the WAC-no doubt about it. That said, you can't find fault with either UN Reno of Fresno State for the move. However, I don't understand why USU was not invited to join the MWC as well. The Aggies are on the rise in football and have a much better basketball program than most, if not all, of the schools in either the WAC or MWC. This hurts USU big time and may put the Aggies in too big a hole to dig out of. The WAC now has very little viability as a Division I conference.

Nate J.

This is the beginning of the end for the WAC. I can't believe I'm saying this because I have never been in favor of USU in the Big Sky but that is looking like what is going to happen and USU will have little choice in the matter. The WAC as we know it will cease to exist after this season.


So now it appears the WAC has 6 football schools for 2011 with the loss of Nevada, Fresno, and Boise State. Too bad that 8 are needed to keep a conference eligible to play football, per NCAA rules. Guess the WAC will have to pick off Sun Belt teams, since C-USA and MAC likely won't step back, they are looking forward to better invites.


If BYU bolts the MWC, Utah State will be next in. But where will BYU put all of its non football sports without a WAC? My guess is BYU stays in the MWC with egg on their face as the MWC will not allow BYU to be a part time member. Maybe BYU needs to step up for Utah State and get them in as a 12th member if BYU stays. Stay tuned.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

MWC and WAC are self destructing. The MWC will definitely not getting an automatic bid now even if BYU stays and the WAC is hurting big time with only 6 schools left that play football.

I hope BYU finds a way to go independent in football without totally ruining the other sports.


So if BYU was still interested in Independence/WAC options, would they convince SDSU and UNLV to jump with them to the WAC?

Nate J.

Re: AggieFan74

This is BYUs fault? Yesterday BYU was the hero and going to join the WAC (along with USU) for all other sports. Thompson made the move to weaken the WAC and force BYUs hand. BYU won't go to a 6 team WAC! Who would? But this does spell disaster for the WAC and USU. I agree with you on one point and that is the WAC as a division I conference is at it's end.


It's my understanding that the MWC had a weak TV contract to begin with. Now, with the addition of two more schools (especially UN, a low-population market--it's like the 108th TV market in the US) this is supposed to be an improvement for the MWC? Sounds like more animals drinking from the same trough. It might have been a defensive move to preserve their conference (eat rather than be eaten) precipitated by the rumored and anticipated BYU move.

Carl Benson has scheduled a news conf at 11 today. That, as well as the Y's impending decision(s), will certainly be of interest to all USU athletic fans.

USU is the most cost-efficient athletic program in the country--getting the best return on investment in D1. It would be a shame to see the quality (and momentum) of our athletic efforts de-railed by the conference-alignment actions of others.

There's still some wrangling left; not sure what's possible, but this Ag fan remains hopeful USU can find its way and remain viable.


Well here we are again on the outside looking in. It is blatantly obvious that no one is going to do us any favors. We are just going to have to go out and earn some respect through the only avenue left for us, on the field.

Go Aggies.



I agree, it is to bad about Utah St, I was excited to see what Coach Anderson could do with that football program.

Here are a few reasons the MWC did/does not want Utah St:

1. No need for the market in Logan. They already have the Salt Lake Market with byu.

2. No revelance in football. Sorry, basketball financially doesnt matter. It doesnt turn to ratings. Football is all that matters.

3. Sorry to say but Logan is not a recruiting hot ground, unlike bringing in schools from Texas. It would be much better to have either Houston, UTEP, SMU, even Rice, etc than Utah St.

4. It is hard to get to. Kids like to be able to get home easy and be near an airport to fly home.

Hopefully that answers some questions about why Utah St is not a desireable school.


AggieFan74 - BYU is not out to ruin USU. If anything, it's USU that wants something that it hasn't earned, and BYU is fighting to get other programs off of its coat-tails.

Realistically, BYU belongs in a major conference. They've had both the football and and basketball success, and they've got the fan base. I know they're no Texas, but they're certainly at least on par with the average BCS program. Geography and religious affiliation have been BYU's downfall.

Ragnar Danneskjold

CK S007. I think you bring up a good point. BYU will have to get someone to come to the WAC with them. Maybe they could change BSU's mind and have them stay. I am a little surprised it is looking like it will go down this way. I think if BYU leaves, TCU will be gone soon, and you have the WAC from the 90's plus BSU. USU is once again hung out to dry.
BYU may end up staying as Dutchman pointed out and possibly go to bat for USU. But I think we are witnessing a dark time for USU athletics. I'm not convinced BYU will come out of this great either. Utah is sitting up on the hill and thinking to themselves that they could be the only D1 school in a few years.

Rocky Mtn Oyster

With Utah gone and BYU becoming an independent a combined MWC/WAC would have 16 teams. Create two divisions and have a championship game every year.

North: Fresno, Boise, USU, Idaho, CSU, Wyoming, AFA,SJU
South: UNLV, Reno, TCU, NM, NMS, SDSU, UH, LaTech

Set up an agreement to play 4-6 games each year with BYU.


USU's "sources" should have kept their mouths shut yesterday and they might be in better shape today. It's their own fault for leaking BYU's plans before they were ready to make the move.

John S. Harvey

RE: belgie BYU has done its level best to destroy USU ever since the late 1890s, read the two school's official histories sometime, it is there (not all of it by a long shot) in black and white.

RE: Rocky Mtn Oyster That would be logical and best for all involved but it will never happen unfortunately. (I wish it would! It would be the best possible outcome.)

RE: Balto USU had nothing to do with this, it was designed and executed ed by BYU.


RE: Nate J. EXCUSS ME!!! Just exactly "who" started, or triggered, this whole fiasco and "who" is bouncing all over the college football map with absolutely no regard for other collegiate programs and conferences that are going to be trashed by their actions-DAAAAAAAAAA!!!! It's about money, the need for prestige at all costs, jealousy that Utah is now a member of a "big-time BSC" conference, fear that BYU will be a perennial "also ran" in the MWC because of more competitive football progarms at BSU and TCU, and lastly-the reality that there are absolutely no major conferences made up of liberal institutions that will welcome a religious-based ultra conservative university into the fold. The Kittens are desperate and making stupid and ill concieved decisions out of pure desperation and envey to "matter" in the big stage of college football. I have to give MWC Commissioner Thompson a "big" tip of the hat for putting BYU in a very awkward and imbarrasing postion. This guy smarter than BYU's entire brain trust. HA! HA! HA! Bad news for the Aggies but it's going to be very interesting to see how this all ends!!!!!!!!!!!

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