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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Do it BYU. Take the plunge. You may struggle at first, but it will work out in the long run.


@ Buzz

So its ok for the quarterback of BYU to publicly hate his opponent, and yet, its not ok for anyone to hate BYU if they are LDS?


This will kill recruiting. Players play for conference championships and bowl games. The national championship is the ultimate goal but you are deceiving yourself if you think BYU has a chance for that. Going independent will kill BYU football. No player is going to come to BYU when they cannot promise him a chance for a conference championship and an automatic bowl bid.

Those who tout this as being a good idea are not thinking it through. So they play a 12 game schedule and at the end of the season--then what. Nothing. Yippee. Once in a blue moon they qualify for a BCS bowl--maybe.

Dig Dug

"And I don't care if there are self-righteous Y fans out there. It does not give an LDS person any excuse to hate the Y."

No, not to hate, but certainly a point on which could be improved. I don't want a self-righteous image of the church being out there, how does that help anyone? Again, lets all work on lessening the hate and personal attacks, it is counter productive and doesn't help either side.

The sort of language, finger pointing, hate, and down right ugly comments that all boil down to football (it's only a game) are unbecoming to us all. Let's keep football in perspective and not make it a matter of salvation. I doubt I'll need to garb a Y sweatshirt to make it through the pearly gates.


Every day, I get to work and pass the time at lunch by perusing college football news and columns throughout the country.
I've done this for the past seven years. For what its worth, this article/column was the all-round best I've yet to read. Thank you.

Tarheel Ute

The BCS Mafiosos are probably shaking their collective heads wishing they had co-opted a MWC team much sooner. With Utah's defection, the 2nd, and 3rd order effects are that BYU will become an independent, the MWC football has lost two of four football powers and is diminished, and the WAC for the most part has no football status.

BSU and TCU will now dominate the MWC, but top to bottom the MWC will not have the depth and strength of conference required to attain BCS status.

By accepting one team Utah, the BCS may very well have eliminated two big headaches; the MWC and WAC.

I suspect Utah and then BYU saw the writing on the wall, and took the best alternative to staying with the MWC as perennial by-standers to BCS and national status. Utah and BYU may have more financially sound programs, but I do not think that translates to consistently sound and winning programs. The jury is out in this regard.

The BCS mafia are the big winners. The MWC path to the BCS is longer, and so will be the argument for a College Football Tournament.


Who says I am in favor a self righteous attitude? It is bad but Ute fans are very sensitive and take every sentence from a BYU player or fan out of context and they do it often. Prime example- Bronco's Quest for Perfection theme is constantly mocked by Ute fans due to the Y's unsuccessful undefeated season and the U's accomplishment that year.

I can go on and on.

Ute fans like to bring up the non-importance of sports so that they can justify their hatred for Y football.

Let's put the fact that we are talking about a sports team when we discuss the Utes fans hatred for Y football.

Now, how can they justify hating ANYTHING that comes from the church?

I will never understand that and it is the cause of my comments.



I do not condone what Max did. Never said that.

Why do Ute fans insist on putting words in my mouth?



If you chance to meet a frown
do not let it stay
quickly turn it upside down
and smile that frown away

no one like a frowny face
change it for a smile
make the world a better place
by smiling all the while


@ Buzz

since you are on a "LDS doctrine" trip

its the whole "cleanse the inner vessel first" thing. Yeah, why dont you go look that one up. Thats why I brought up Max Hall's comments.

He who is without sin can cast the first stone. Until you are perfect, condemning others makes you look more than ridiculous.


Dig Dug

“I doubt I'll need to garb a Y sweatshirt to make it through the pearly gates.”

Agreed … but how will you account for why you are standing at the pearly gates with a flaming Y sweatshirt on a stick?

Dig Dug

Again, hatred? Where have I said I hated the Y or their football team? Do I like to see them do well? Yes. Do I want them to get worked over when they play the U? Absolutely! I haven't done anything to turn routing for the U into hatred for the Y.

Religion != football; I don't have to cheer for the Y to be a member of the church. There are much more important things in life and at stake than personal pride over sports teams.

I don't know all of the history but you have obviously been personally offended one way or the other. I apologize for that; but sill I do not see how reflecting the hatred you've been shown will do anything but aggravate an already ridiculous situation.

Again, I can list dozens of prominent church members (past and present) who are huge fans and even boosters of the U. To say that being a U fan is against the church is ridiculous. Come on, you're not really that stubborn are you? Isn't there anyway for moderate fans to get along? Is there no olive branch here?


So It is 5:00 pm and no announcement from the Church Office building........

could this be another unconfirmed "Scoop" Story?


Alta High has a basketball and track program. Maybe the Cougs could get a home and home with them.

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