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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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With the addition of Fresno and Nev., the MWC will actually have a worse chance of AQ status even if BYU stays in the conference. They do nothing to improve the middle portion of the league. The Y should move to any conference with an automatic qualification for Basketball, and that will let them have control over their sports broadcasting. BTW, any team in the MWC can leave at any time. So, Nevada and Fresno can return and for that matter BSU can still leave before they ever play a game in the conference.


Cougars --Best Little Brothers

BYU's only official response so far to all of the independence rumors is that BYU is studying its options.

BYU doesn't have to ask Thompson and the MWC for anything and Thompson, if he had any brains, which is doubtfull, would be pulling out all of the stops to pursuade BYU to stay in the fold because without BYU, the MWC's slim chances of becoming an AQ conference are dead and the chances of the MWC being able to improve their television contract are just as dead.

Thompson is about to lose the entire Utah market in order to pick up Reno and Fresno.

How smart is that?


The MWC is yesterday's league. I'm still shocked Boise State said yes to MWC--I'm sure the ESPN darlings took a pay cut to join MWC. The MWC will never be an AQ conference--the MWC is only attractive to mid-major teams who think they might possibly have a chance to play with the big boys someday. "Hey, we get to be on TV!" teams. Put USU in that category.

I wouldn't be surprised if TCU has been talking with other conferences. TCU is only in the MWC to play Utah and BYU in football. Personally, I'd like to see BYU and TCU in the Big 12, but the Big 12 TV deal requires some Sunday games, so the Y isn't all that attractive to them.

1984 for life

If I'm BYU, I stay true to joining the WAC. However, I convince SDSU, UNLV, BSU, and TCU to go with me and the WAC now has 10 football schools and BYU as an independant in football and a WAC member for everything else. The "new" WAC's tv revenue with ESPN would increase with the addition of a So. Cal market, the Vegas market and a Texas market and the WAC will easily be able to pay these teams more $ than the MWC does ($1.2M each). BYU operates as a football independant and keeps its ESPN and BYUTV revenue and schedules 4-6 WAC teams every year including USU, BSU, TCU, UNLV or SDSU. and Hawaii (to pick up the extra cash for a 13th game). Everyone is happy because every one of these schools gets more $ and Thompson and the MWC lose.


BYU would be crazy to go independent now and join the WAC in all other sports

Rock Of The Marne

Why do some of you think that BYU has the power or persuasion to make other teams do what is in the best interest of BYU (ala convince TCU, BSU etc. to join them in the WAC)? That just reeks of arrogance which among other actions has pretty much garnered the ire of teams in two conferences. News flash, maybe your world revolves around BYU football but the rest of the nation really doesn’t care; they should and will do what’s in their best interests (Fresno, UNR). By the way nice job in sticking it to USU but no worry since it is all about you and your football (nice job selling your other sports/athletes down the river).


Make no mistake, this is a power play by the MWC to keep BYU. It’s not a coincidence that the MWC dismantles the WAC on the same day that BYU threatens to leave to the WAC. Losing BYU would cost the MWC more money than they would ever recoup from adding Nevada and Fresno ST.

Bottom line: if BYU never threatens to leave, Nevada and Fresno St Never get this invite, these invites have more to do with keeping BYU than any other factor.


To Hair; getting bigger does not help you either with AQ or your tv.., your tiny tv k will now be split even furtheramong additional mid level mid levels.

This is a bad move for nevada fsu and boise state in the long run. The grass really is not greener in the mwc.

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