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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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who will be the 12th team? UH or UH the choice is between oilfields and palm trees.


BYU is now forced to leave the MWC. Their arrogance will not allow them to save face — not to mention BYU would now be forced to accept a smaller piece of the revenue pie ( Fresno and Nevada).

I suspect Jimmer wishes he tried to go pro last year. Y would he want to play in a “dead man walking” WAC conference?

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

Crazy rumors going everywhere. Thompson did this to try and keep BYU to stay but if you really want us to stay we want our own TV rights.

Seriously just let us out of the MTN!!! Thats all I want. BYU on a station that doesn't look like iprovo! Timpview high school has broadcasts as good as the MWC ones.

SJ Bobkins

Thompson spoke after returning from a meeting in Philadelphia with Comcast and CBS officials, who said they wanted the league and its television network – The mtn. – to reach more markets

Yep, you add Reno and Fresno, to the deck and the MWC has now cornered the 121st (with Boise), the 143rd, and the 160th, sized markets. Boy oh boy, I bet Comcast, CBS, are licking their chops over the vast new audience. Wednesday’s moves just diluted the league into obscurity. The point the BCS has been making to the MWC has been the need to "lose" the deadwood, (apologies to CSU, SDSU, UNLV, New Mexico, Old Mexico, and Wyoming. Nevada got rolled over by a terrible Notre dame team 65-0, the same year SDSU almost beat the 'Domers, and to my knowledge have only wins over UNLV out of conference. Fresno, comes close to Wisconsin every few years, WOW. I have to be ignoring the larger markets adjacent to Reno and Fresno, right? Nope, their aren't any, both cites are entirely self contained.
Don't you'all love the yutz boo-birds? If it isn't about them, they just can't stand it.


If holmoe goes through with this, he just sold every non football student athelete at the why down the river. Thought he was making a decision that would be "best" for all BYU athletics. Dosent seem to well thought out as Craig Thompson just punked him. Oh yeah that little 5m buyout that the y wanted in place didnt seem to work too well. Also considering Nevada never even signed the contract. SHeesh, who is doing the due dilligence down there?

Nate J.

Re: Rodgers

Really? Although the TV deal is pathetic, the MWC is still the better confernce. This was a move to weaken the WAC and foce BYUs hand. Nothing more.

Ernest T. Bass

MWC needs to add the Aggies.


The tds trying to follow in Utah's footsteps is a sad reflection on our program and its leadership. We've tried too hard to keep up with the "Jones'" up north and it's going to be to our demise.

Now we have no bowl to go to in December. We've burned a bridge with the MWC, the WAC has lost their best teams and our prospective schedule in 2011 will be mediocre at best. Our home schedule will be terrible and fan support will drop.

Our independence will lead to our demise. I can't believe Holmoe is doing this to our program. It's an injustice to the fans, it's school, and the church. I'm supposed to be excited to play USU, LA Tech, ID Vandals, San Jose St. at home?

No thanks!

Otis Spurlock

Is it just me or does anyone else remember how much BYU fans attacked Utah for leaving the MWC?


Wally West

Funny thing Pride.

Maybe they should talk about in Conference along with Vanity, Arrogance, & Greed.


Great time to be a ute! We watch the little guys fight over the scraps that we drop them from the big-boy table.


One thing to considerhere is has BYU set up the MWC? The MWC has been slow to make this move for years. Adding BSU in 2005 would have been the smart thing but they failed to do it then. Adding Fresno and Nevada would have made them a 12 team 2 division conferance with a championship game. Maybe BYU hacked the CSU web site to make the Mountain West actually make the move. Both WAC schools were offered after word "leaked" BYU was going independent. I think BYU is likley setting up the MWC and forcing thier hand. They may also force it to do a Texas on the MWC and stay in the conferance but be allowed to work their own TV deals.

How about this. BYU has rights to all home games and away games vs non-conferance. Mtn/CBS/Comcast get all away games in conferance. BYU sells home and non-conferance games to ESPN ($1M a piece) or broadcasts them themselves. They get less of the MTN cut (maybe 750k vs $1.5M) but make that and a whole lot more selling games to ESPN at $750k to $1M a pop x 8 home games.


People talk like Houston is itching to join up with the MWC, Fresno and Nevada are schools that bring enough clout to somehow put us over the top in the BCS, and that any other sport other than football is somehow relevant as to who plays each other in college sports.
The MWC can invite Houston all they want, but will they come? Fresno didn't get them a bowl bid before, has anything changed? No one is going to tune into the great Nevada-UNLV rivalry, and it doesn't matter who BYU plays in the other sports other than basketball (in soccer BYU doesn't even participate in the NCAA).
This is all about television money and how many people tune into a BYU game. If people can't see BYU (football) than BYU is irrelevant in college sports. So BYU will go the direction that brings them the most exposure nationally and the most money. ESPN probably is interested in BYU, but do they care if BYU is in a conference? My opinion is probably not.
Should somebody show some loyalty to this rag tag group of teams that has ridden BYUs' coat tails for decades?



Don't be a bigger idiot than you usually are. First of all, this isn't Tom Holmoe's doing. He's just the front man. This is being orchestrated many levels above him and planning for this began years ago, shortly after the disastrous first year of the Mtn. network.

It should be obvious but since you're a little thick I'll type it out r-e-a-l s-l-o-w-l-y. The LDS church is very careful about their own brand and regretted signing away control of the broadcasting and distribution of one of it's own products and they want to get it back. It has nothing to do with wanting to be a Notre Dame or anything else. Its simply about getting back control of their own product. Pumping gas for a living you probably wouldn't know much about running a business so having to make important "grown up" decisions like wouldn't make sense to you.

Also, Jimmer's final season is this year in the MWC not next year (which is when BBall would join the WAC). Engage your brain next time before typing.



Why are you still so obsessed with the MWC and BYU? I thought Utah fans had "moved on"!


Adding Fresno State and Nevada did nothing to change the MWC's lousy television package which is locked in until 2016. The MWC could renegotiate the amount they're getting, but the coverage and exposure won't change at all.

BYU's primary concern is exposure for it's sports programs and the church. BYU will have a brand new, state of the art, HD broadcast facility that will be up and ready to go by 2011. BYU isn't about to let that facility sit idly next to the Marriott Center hoping that in five years the MWC will finally be able to put together a decent television package and give BYU back its broadcast rights.

It's time for BYU to pull the plug on the MTN and move on. If the MWC wants to invite BYU back to participate in other sports after BYU pulls out, BYU should consider that. If not, the WCC would be a great fit for BYU's other sports, especially basketball.



You seem kinda stressed out about Jazzball being stressed out about Wedgehog never getting stressed out cuz all he has going in his life is eating, sleeping and looking for BYU articles in order to make pithy little comments.

Chill out, enjoy your team rather than stressing out so much.



That is hilarious. BYU has done a hard snap count and drawn Hair Thompson, the MWC, ESPN, SLT, DN and a whole host of other papers and magazines offsides on this one. Meanwhile, they haven't said a word other than they are considering it.

What's funny is Utah decides to leave for another conference, ho-hum let's get Boise St. Then, based on an internet rumor, somebody else says BYU is going independent, BYU says basically nothing, and the whole world is turned upside down.

Cougars --Best Little Brothers

looks like Thompson out-smarted Holmoe now.

Holmoe should just ask for BYU to come back to MWC.

Thompson should make him to make a public praise of the new MWC and accepts BYU back.



Little Brother,

You need to ask your mommie to read you the articles again. BYU hasn't left yet.

Wow, I've been out of Utah for a long time, but I forgot how jealous you U people are. I hope Utah does well in the Pac-12, they've built a great program and KyleW is a fantastic coach - best of luck, really!

BYU will leave, and with ESPN as a guardian angle. The Mountain West will never be a BCS conference, especially not now. I'm afraid Fresno and Nevada will regret this, they - and Utah State - will probably be the big losers, and that's too bad.

The Mtn Channel lost 3 mil views, and picked up just over half a mil. There are more mouths fighting over scraps from a smaller table. The MWC is better, but not by enough.


Cougars --Best Little Brothers | 11:24 a.m. Aug. 19, 2010

looks like Thompson out-smarted Holmoe now.


Really? I thought you were smarter than that. How does adding Fresno and Nevada outsmart BYU? Neither team makes the conference better in football, they just water down the pot. The MWC look on course to become a super-league that cannot support it's members finacially like the old WAC.

Read bigdaddy's comments. Holmoe called a hard count and Thompson just jumped.

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