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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Jeff R.

Nevada and Fresno St. has accepted the invitation by the MWC. That is straight from the MWC website. So the WAC is left with 6 teams and is crippled. BYU still has options on the table. The WCC, West Coast Conferance said they would allow BYU to play all other sports with them. Which is great when you consider that is were the basketball powerhouse Gonzaga calls home. The other sports would still fair well enough off since the main bulk of revenue comes from Football and basketball. Another option is for the MWC to revise its crud deal with The Mtn network. Allow simulcasts and renew the contract with ESPN. What ESPN doesnt cover, the Mnt, VS, and CBSc will pick up. And the MWC must allow BYU to broadcast games on their high tech BYU TV. Either situation is a win win for the Cougars and a Win, sort ok situation for the MWC. The MWC needs BYU and its vast market and following. If they revise the contract and byu stays, the MWC will be a force, and will get out of that crap bowl deal and send the champ to somewhere other than Vegas for once.


Satch, I think you're right. Beating up on Pepperdine and Santa Clara sounds alot better than being smacked around by Utah State.


Cap L what is your source on BYU eventually going Big 12? It would not surprise me but if BYU is going to get 1.4 to 2 mill for home games from ESPN that is a lot more than they are ever going to get from the MTN.

BYU has been working on this option for 3 years or more. The timing is right now that Texas has opened up the door.

Nevada and Fresno are not a big deal to BYU. They can be replaced for Bball etc by other schools. Gonzaga and Butler do very nicely from weak basketball conferences. BYU can do likewise and televise all of their games nationally.

This is going to work much better than most think. BYU has been negotiating with ESPN for weeks. This is no act of desperation. I am sure they will have some basket ball deal to go with the football deal. Any non ESPN broadcasts will be international BYU games. That should help recruiting.

Here is Sub Zero Now Plain Zero

BYU should not go independent. Article on ESPN confirms that Nevada and Fresno are moving to the MWC. BYU should stay in the MWC and the MWC should become a 12 team conference (add another Texas school). There's a good chance that the MWC would become a BCS conference if BYU stays. BYU going independent will not get respect from the BCS like Notre Dame gets. It could be a very bad move for BYU to go independent... BYU would most likely be irrelevant if it becomes independent.


Kids, Fresno and Nevada can say no, but boosters can come up with $5 mil quick if they want their teams to chang conferences, so don't believe all you read.

The source is USU.

There is plenty of time before the September 1st deadline.

Hog, Holmoe has forgoten more about college football in the past half-hour than you have ever shown that you know.

Look at the success of BYU athletics compared to Dr. Hill and Boylen.

Fire Holmoe??? Why???

Jeff R.

I really hope that the MWC will revise their TV deal and let ESPN broadcast some games. With 11 teams all we need is one more for a CONF championship game. Then the MWC needs to get into a bigger bowl with a much higher pay out than $1 million. The MWC will be a force and will be stupid to let BYU slip away



Thank you for your "A Twin Falls paper this afternoon reports ....."quote. I will chuckle thinking about it for days!


Thanks BYU you just killed the WAC and now Utah State is royally screwed...I don't see why the MWC doesn't invite USU to the table. They'd make a good travel travel team to play being close to Boise.


Leaving MWC would be risky for BYU. Adding FSU and Nevada is the countermove from MWC to keep Cougs. BYU will not get the same support from the BCS like Notre Dame gets. This all stems from football seeing that they want to go Independent is only football. Being in a BCS Conference automatically gives each school more money and a spot on the 5 BCS bowls which is also a significant sum of money. The MTN TV deals can easily be tweaked. If BYU stays then I see the MWC being an AQ after the 2011 season. Cougs need to be patient for two years and stop panicking about Utah getting more money and exposure, Utah does not receive the full amount on their TV deal with the PAC 12 for four years anyways. This will backfire at BYU if they play this wrong. But if you do go independent then good luck on getting in a BCS game... just ask Navy and Army how tough it is to be guarenteed a spot by only being in the top two BCS standings at years end... GO UTES!!!!


jazzbball|7:00 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
Lol....there's hedgie. All over BYU articles. Hedgies daily schedule:


Why are you so offended? Isn't "exposure" the reason BYU is going indpendent? With exposure you will get people that don't agree with you opinions.

Chill out, enjoy your team rather stressing out so much.


Adding Nevada and Fresno brings more clout to the MWC and less to the WAC.

What's up?

Thompson seems to have a very hard time with all these teams in one year, out the next, in the next etc. He may be the problem regarding conference line ups.


Nobody can answer the question why fres and nev want to go to the mwc and their pathetic tv deal. The wac has espn. why hypocritically leave?


Isn't it interesting what the media has accomplished over the last two days and BYU hasn't even opened their mouths. They haven't even said one word, not one word about their intent. Enjoy!

Bo Jangles

Lets get this straight. BYU bolts from the WAC to join better teams in the MWC a few years ago. Now they bolt from the MWC to go back to the WAC which no longer has Boise, Nevada or Fresno. Who's driving this ship Holmoe? Is BYU pushing the panic button in response to Utah's move to the PAC 12?

Memo to BYU: Stay in the MWC and wait for AQ status in two years.

Memo to Craug Thompson: Add the Houston Cougars to round out the MWC to 12 teams


Unless the MWC goes to 12 and invites USU, the Aggie football program is done. All the money they've spent improving facilities. The hiring of Andersen who'll build that program given a chance. It's a shame. People in Logan have to be pretty down right now. The old boys network that was at USU for so long, the network that hired coaches like Pella, Arslanian, Dennehy, Guy, are as responsible as anyone for the situation that USU football was in for years. Too bad it took so long for an AD like Barnes to be hired. Too bad it took so long to get a good football coach. Too bad all around.



Thats easy to answer. Better competition, better chance for a auto-BCS bid, and more money in the long run. Plus for Nevada, they are now in the same conference as their main rival. Plus they saw the writing on the wall when Boise left, the WAC is a sinking ship.


gee I almost agree with hedghog. never thought that would happen. Fire Holmoe for even thinking that a depleted WAC would be a better situation then they have.

however, this is all about more TV Money. BYU will not get more money from the BYU Channel. but the BYU Channel is a bargaining chip to getting a better deal form the league. i can see BYU TV game reruns but I can not see how it would make a difference to broadcast 12 games a year.

holmoe is most likely looking at the big 12 and what happened with Texas. For staying with the Big 12 Texas was given the right to an even more unbalanced money share then they already had and the rights to start their own network.

BYU may get a better deal but leave the conference? If that happens, fire up the BBQ Holmoe is toast.


No Big-12.
No Big-10.
Just WACky!
With Nevada and Fresno St moving on to MWC, it seems BYU made a really "good" move going to the WACky.
Congrats, Holmoe and Bronco.

(thanks, Chris Hill and Coack Kyle for delivering the PAC-12 --sure much better than WACky!!!)

Cougars --Best Little Brothers

PLEASE, MWC, don't let BYU back in.

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