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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Looks like BYU can look at storied powerhouses like LA tech and NMS.

Holmoe should be fired.


So this is what it took for the MWC to do the smart thing and become a 12 team league, now, invite Houston become a BCS league and be done with this. Oh and get the a half decent TV deal.



Pay attention. They already said no, and BSU is thinking about staying in the WAC now.

If the WAC adds TCU it will be what the MWC wants to be but can't.


Lol....there's hedgie. All over BYU articles. Hedgies daily schedule:
Sleep, look for BYU articles for 3 hours, eat, look for BYU articles for 4 hours,
Eat, look for BYU articles for 4 hours. Bed.

Goooooo hedgie!


Not only were they invite - they accepted. Breaking news on the "other" paper.

Now what tds, do you come crawling back?

Honestly, Did Holmoe really think this one out?

Again, this guy should have been fired years ago.


Hey RickD, No they have not at this point. Wishful thinking.

BYU's not really going to play in a WAC conference without Boise, Nevada, and Fresneck, are they? Talk about big fish in small pond. And I mean small.

I think BYU is bluffing like Texas did to get more control over their TV rights, and it might not be going so well.



Pay attention. They actually said YES! You need to look around to get your information. So the MWC now has 10 teams without byu and the WAC only has 6. They need to add 2 schools before the 2011 season.


Why wasn't Thompson inviting these teams earlier this year? This looks more and more like a chinese fire drill. Get out BYU, we're way better off going it alone, that relying on lame commissioners and half-hearted efforts.

Dave K

This is a short term stay and BYU will land in another conference in a few years. Everyone is so quick to judge this, but a few years from now it will make more sense. I don't think anything is set in stone for the future, but the MTN tv contract is a real ugly deal and worth leaving.

Captain L

Dave K. , I think your right, BYU will end up in another conference. I have heard BYU will end up in the Big 12 and has a TV contract(BYU's own TV network ) with ESPN.



I'm new here, but "Hog" chill!

This was posted on ESPN this afternoon:

" The two most successful programs in the WAC are Nevada and Fresno State. However, ESPN.com's Andy Katz reports that Nevada and Fresno State, approached by the MWC on Tuesday, have agreed to stay in the WAC. "

They have to pay $5 mill each to leave, which makes it very difficult - but not impossible. That's what ESPN is saying, but agian things change.

A Twin Falls paper this afternoon reports that Boise is considering going back to the WAC. Without BYU the Mountain West won't get an automatic bid, and Boise won't dominate the MWC with TCU in it.

If Fresno and Nevada come to the MWC, BYU should consider staying, they improve the chances for an automatic BCS bid.

It will be interesting to see how things end up.


The bad MTN TV contract was the big problem. The WAC can add a couple of other teams. BYU basketball can carry itself with good coverage. The rest of the sports are not problematic as far as a conference is concerned.



ESPN reported they said no, SLTrib said yes - gee, I'll stick with ESPN for now if it's OK with you.

Fresno will have a hard time justifying the $5 mil hit to leave. I'm not sure Nevada will have to pay, though I think having Nevada and UNLV in the same conference is a very good match.

It may happen, but it still doesnt make sense for Fresno or Nevada. Without BYU it will be very hard to get BCS AQ. The MWC really doesn't have that much more to offer, except trips to Wyoming.


BYU going INDEPENDENT should have been done when "The Mountain" TV Contract came out! It took away from BYU's TV Exposure and nobody nationwide can see them! Good Job Tom Holmoe! The WAC will be good for the other sports, USU is a tough competitor in Basketball, and BYU will have a new "Rivalry" with them!

Something had to be done to Keep Up With Utah and their new Deal, 12.7 Million a year against BYU's 1.3 TV Deal in the Mountain? What would you do? Let's face it, College Football will be played on Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND ALSO ON SUNDAY SOONER rather than later, now is the time to make the jump to Independence and control your own game times and dates.

A Deal with BYU TV, and ESPN will up bring in the bigger bucks, and up the recruiting! BYU has the fan base to go INDEPENDENT, and this is a great thing to do now!!! Good Job, I look forward to the announcement!

1984 for life

Hey Rick D: Sorry fellow Cougar fan but this is a quote from the Fresno Bee "Fresno State President John Welty announced that the school accepted the invitation to join the Mountain West Conference at a news conference in the university's Duncan athletic building." Looks like ol' Hedge Hog got you on that one.

Good day for Cougar football. Horrible day for all other Cougar sports.


I was excited about independence, but with fresno st and nevada joining the MWC, I am not so sure. The other sports will get hurt bad. I am not sure if the WAC is even going to be a conference in 2011. Who would they add? As much as I hate to admit it I am not so sure BYU expected this, and has egg all over their face.


The WAC has just been sent back to the stone age. Maybe they can add Weber and Montana.



You need to go to the respective schools' websites. It's posted there very clearly that Nevada and
Fresno St. have accepted the invitation, respectively.


There's has to be something else going on here!

Without BYU and Utah the MWC broadcasting package is worth about as much as a year's pass to Sizzler. Who brings the SLC / Utah market now?

Fresno and Nevada know this, why take the risk? What changed from Tuesday night when they said no to Wednesday when they said yes.

However, if the MWC gets Fresno and Utah, and BYU decides to stay, does that allow the MWC to renegotiate their broadcasting agreement?

Is ESPN manipulating things in the background? With an 11 team (12 team? Add Houston and bring in another big market and strong athletic program?) they will have a playoff game, more money and exposure.

I've been waiting for someone at the SLTrib or DNews to address this angle.

AT this point I hope BYU stays.


BYU football has no other choice than to go independent. I think the other sports ought to think about joining the WCC.

The WCC actually have better teams than the WAC. Gonzaga, Pepperdine, St. Mary's, and Santa Clara sound better than NMSU, Utah State, etc....

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