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Utah's attorney general strongly disagrees with appeals court

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 12:00 p.m. MDT

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re - sg | 1:09 p.m
"amazing that a group from tx had enough sway of the courts for something in another state"

kind of brings the whole utah mormons vs california prop 8 thing to mind, huh.

re - John Charity Spring | 1:16 p.m
"The courts have been railing so hard against that principle that they now attack even non-religious symbols such as these markers."

they ARE NOT non-religious symbols. A cross is a symbol of christianity. everyone in the world (except you) knows that.

"It is time to return to the intent of the Founding Fathers by realizing that the Constitution forbids the government, including the courts, from attacking religion."

I thought you said they aren't religious symbols? if they aren't religious symbols, how is this "attacking religion"?

re - Durfee | 1:22 p.m
"What a ridiculous ruling. Should we go rip all of the crosses out of the Arlington National Cemetery?"

only cristians have crosses in arlington. other religions get their own symbol. even wiccans get their own symbol on their headstone.

re - KM | 3:04 p.m
"they disparrage our Christian roots"

"our" roots aren't christian.


'No. He was put in a tomb.' - wrz | 10:52 a.m.

Cherry pick much?

If jesus died, HOW did he die?

He was crucified.

On a cross.

Not the highway patrol.

While I have the deepest sympathy for them, they are not jesus.

And while sacrafices were made, they were not crucified.

We are not supposed to put one religion over another, and yet we have example, after example of people trying to do just that.

Watch 'The Passion of Christ' if you don't believe me Wrz.

As for the tomb, still a far cry from the easter bunny.


I agree with previous posts, I've never thought of the memorial markers as being religious symbols. I always felt sad that someone died at that spot.

Just out of curiosity, do Atheists use U.S. currency, which is loaded with religious references, or do they just use their debit cards all the time?


re - @Charles | 5:56 p.m

"I'm sorry, but can Brian Barnard or any atheist please show me the piece of legislation from Congress that has established a national religion?"

by putting crosses along the hiway it says that the state is a christian state.

"Crosses stay. Atheists and Barnard can go jump in a lake."

would you say the same thing it they were Wiccan symbols?

"God Bless America!"

who's God? yours or mine?


The cross was accepted a a religious symbol YEARS after Jesus's crucifixion.

The cross was used as a form of capital punishment and it did not end with him.

Also note, that the LDS church has said nothing on the matter. The church does reconginze Jusus as a devine, but recognizes the resurrected person, not the mode of death.

The cross in various forms were used in religions in years BC.

Yes, I an not totally in favor of crosses.
The markers perhaps should vary based upon the preference of the families of the fallen and a variety be available for choice.

Please note that Arlington National Cemetary does have headstones bearing crosses.

Silence Dogood1

Move the cross bar down and make it a 'plus' sign.
Surely no one can sue over a 'plus' sign


Put the crosses on private land and it becomes a non-issue. why is that so hard to understand?

most hiways just have a certain width of public land and then it is land owned by someone. Just move the crosses back to the private land.

of course the private land owner might not be a christian and may not want a big cross on his/her land, but since it looks like everyone in Utah is a christian, it probably wouldn't be an issue.


re - jacobmightywon | 10:47 a.m

""Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof""

putting big crosses along the hiway on gov't owned land establishes christianity as the state religion. so it is "the gov't establishing a state religion".


re -- Morgan Duel | 11:17 a.m

"I totally disagree with the 10th Circuit Court. This Nation is one Nation under God and we are a Christian Nation."

yes, and it's 1830, not 2010. so there is no need to debate a mosque being built near the site of 9/11 because there are no muslims. and wiccans didn't really need to petition the gov't to allow their fallen soldiers to have the wiccan symbol on their headstones because there are no wiccans.

and tom cruise isn't really a scientologist, he's a closet christian... (although I don't think scientology is a "religion" as much as a "club" since they don't actually worship any deity)


re -- TKO78 | 11:29 a.m.

"maybe all of us who are upset by this decision should go get thousands of crosses and start lining the "public" highways for the sole purpose of annoying all those athiests who are destroying this wonderful country!"

do you really think only athiests were annoyed seeing the crosses? I would think anyone that has a religion other than christianty would be annoyed.

everyone else would think "what makes those christians think they are so special they can put up big crosses on a hiway I helped pay for?"


Pres. Obama declared the importance of the first amendment screaming for religious freedom. If he feels a muslim mosque can be built on ground zero for that reason, surely christian crosses can be place along the highway. What gives liberal thinkers?


re - ToBeConsidered | 11:48 a.m

"Just out of curiosity, do Atheists use U.S. currency, which is loaded with religious references, or do they just use their debit cards all the time?"

atheists aren't the only ones that think the markers should be non-religious in nature. they are simply the ones that bring it to light and do something about it. do you need examples of other religions that take the lead on things, like prop 8?


re -- 1Observer | 10:29 a.m

"The courts have zeroed in on the establishment of religion phrase but are overlooking the free exercise allowance."

you are fee to exercise your religion any way you want, just not on land I helped pay for.


Isn't there an amazing irony in calling yourself a Christian and only praying for god to bless America? This is as ironic as printing god's name on the medium of exchange used to traffic drugs and to fund the sex trade.


re -- Bucky | 10:51 a.m

"How can one be Athiest? The definition means "without God(s)", but in order to believe that there is no God, one would have had to met a God to believe that he or one does not exist."

on the other hand, common sense says that to believe in a God one must have met one.

when did you meet God? (and I'm not an atheist but your post amused me)


As has been noted a least once in earlier posts, there are no crosses on the graves at Arlington National Cemetery, just plain headstones with a small space for display of a symbol of the veteran's choice, which can be a cross, a Star of David, a crescent, or an atom, among other things. Crosses and the occasional Star of David are used to mark the graves at US cemeteries in Europe.


Isn't it really all about a certain people trying to kick God out of America? May God have mercy on America and hedge her from harm.


re: charlie91342

It is a memorial, not a religious marker for Christians....are you annoyed at every memorial you see regardless of its shape?

I am surprised at the close-mindedness of all those who have turned this into a religious battle (once again) rather than recognize it for what it truly is which is a tribute to those who have sacrifed their lives for our safety.



"Cherry pick much?"

Only when they ripen.

"If Jesus died, HOW did he die? He was crucified."

No, no. He gave up his life freely. It was not taken... He said: "No man taketh it from me, but I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. John 10:18

"While I have the deepest sympathy for them, they are not Jesus."

Jesus is in us and we in him.

"And while sacrifices were made, they were not crucified."

The crosses are not there to indicate any kind of crucifixion or religion. They are there to remind that officers died on those spots in the line of duty... And that all who drive Utah roads should be reminded to give extra thought to safe driving.

"We are not supposed to put one religion over another, and yet we have example, after example of people trying to do just that."

How could a devise used to prop up my grape vines have any relation to religion?

"As for the tomb, still a far cry from the Easter bunny."

Are you saying there was a bunny in the tomb? You're sick.


I guess there should not be churches either because athiests are offended? The cross is a memorial of a fallen trooper, not a church! I am sick at my stomach at this ruling. IT is unconstitional.

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