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Utah's attorney general strongly disagrees with appeals court

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Make them in the shape of a police (UHP) badge.


"A joint resolution by the Utah Legislature in 2006 declared the crosses were nonreligious symbols"

Hmm, where did anyone get the idea that a cross was a religious symbol in the first place?


I can not believe or accept this ruling!!! This is one of the most asinine rulings to come out of this court in years!
If those crosses had any indication that they were promoting religion, it might be different, but these 'monuments' indicate that a perosn gave his life in the service of others.
Does this mean that those thousands of servicemen buried around the world will now have the 'crosses' taken from their resting places because some atheist group wants to make a name for themselves?
I'm sorry, but I am very angry about this and hope that the funds can be raised for this to go to the Supreme court!


amazing that a group from tx had enough sway of the courts for something in another state. You know, if it really bothered them that much, then don't travel on Utah highway. The cross is a symbol of a death; it has nothing to do with religious beliefs; the 3-judge panel should be fired. They are out of touch with the will of the people and do NOT have an understanding of the separation of church and state. I bet if these cops were muslim it would be a whole different story.

John Charity Spring

This is yet another case of judicial tyrants imposing their will on the citizens. The federal judges in this case have turned the Constitution on its head and legislated from the bench in order to reach the decision that they personally intended.

This Country was founded on the principle that the public religion of the nation must be protected from government interference. The courts have been railing so hard against that principle that they now attack even non-religious symbols such as these markers.

It is time to return to the intent of the Founding Fathers by realizing that the Constitution forbids the government, including the courts, from attacking religion.


What a ridiculous ruling. Should we go rip all of the crosses out of the Arlington National Cemetery? Clearly these crosses are meant to be memorials and not a push for any particular religion. So because some atheists are offended, those who would pay tribute to fallen officers don't have the right to do so in the way they see fit.


@ SLars: I like the idea of making them in the shape of a badge - a great way to honor the service and sacrifice.

@ Bearone: In most military grave yards, the symbols/shape of the headstone reflects the belief system of the individual buried in that particular grave.

If the purpose of the marker is merely to indicate that a member of the Highway Patrol died there while on duty, there are many other symbols that can be used - such as the suggestion by SLars.

No one is saying these spots cannot be marked, they are just saying they have to be marked by a non-religious symbol.


@ sg: I am confused by your comment. You state that the cross has no religious meaning and then state that things would be different if the cops who had died were Muslim.

If the crosses are non-religious, then what does the religion of those buried under them have to do with anything?


National cemeteries solved this by letting the family of the deceased decide between crosses, stars of David and other symbols. California names highways after deceased officers. It's as clear as a mountain stream that using cross is using a symbol used by most Christian churches.

Why do Christians from the time of forcing Jews to convert, through various inquisitions feel they have the right to shove their religion on to others?


Crosses are not bothersome thiers only a few.
Only paying a tribute to a fallen officer who has been killed on duty


Those thoughtful
crosses are no Bother
In memory
to a fallen officer on duty~


Some may be upset about this ruling. To them I would say:

'Federal judge dismisses Summum suit against Pleasant Grove' - By Dennis Romboy - DSNews - 06/04/10

'A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the city that claimed it violated the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution by allowing a Ten Commandments monument but rejecting one showing the Salt Lake-based religious sect's beliefs. The clause in the First Amendment prohibits government from adopting a national religion.'

With that out of the way, I fully agree with SLars.

'SLars | 12:57 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
Make them in the shape of a police (UHP) badge.'


Cross is a symbol of death? Its a symbol of Christ's sacrifice.


Our country has been take over by progressives. They invite terrorists here for protections of our legal systems. They overrule the will of the people in CA. They ignore the will of the people in lower manhattan. and they disparrage our Christian roots whenever possible, "this is no longer a christian nation," you know.


"Cross is a symbol of death? Its a symbol of Christ's sacrifice."


and not every American Police officer believes in Christ...


a Cross isn't religious...

Do they honestly think we all that stupid?


'They overrule the will of the people in CA.' - KM | 3:04 p.m.

The constitutional 14th amendment is against the will of the people?

'They ignore the will of the people in lower manhattan...' - KM | 3:04 p.m.

The first amendment, which protections freedom of religion is against the will of the people?

I don't think of this as a 'Us vs. Them' idea.

I think of it as crazy people against the constitution and the country our founding fathers built.


@ KM: Uh, yeah - you better re-read the story. The Utah Legislature is the one that attacked religion by declaring crosses no longer a religious symbol.

The atheist is trying to protect your religion by maintaining the sacredness of the cross.


If UHP made the memorials in the shape of a triangle would it be a problem as well? They could be construed as depicting a pyramid (a religious symbol).

Or a square? Square is often a symbol for earth (some people worship earth/nature). It also has symbolic meaning to Freemasons. And to some it represents the four caridnal directions, four seasons, four cosmic elements (sun, moon, planets, stars), the four prime elements (fire, earth, air, water). The square has spiritual symbology.

Almost all geometric shapes can have some spiritual/religious meaning.

Why is the cross the only shape that would inspire this type of law suit???

Because these people are not actually A-theist. They are anti-Christian. There's a difference. They only target christian religious expression, not all religious expressions.

If something like a minora or a star-of-david shaped object showed up on rural puplic land like this, do you think they would sue??? I don't.


"This Country was founded on the principle that the public religion of the nation must be protected from government interference."

Please cite were you or anyone has been stopped by the government from practicing your region, sending out missionaries or from purchasing or distributing religious materials.

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