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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Is CSU lying about the Twitter hack?



CSU is just jealous that Utah is in Pac-12, BYU in WAC and CSU is still in MWC.


Of course they’re mum. It’s always hard to deliver disappointing news. Decades of trying to get into a BCS conference is officially a dead dream.


Hopefully BYU will go independent. I would love a football schedule that could go to places all over the country instead of perhaps one time per year. Also, after being to many away games, the anti-LDS sentiment and resentment toward BYU gets old with the MWC teams; too much talk about stuff other than football. Fans from other universities have more respect. Also, although a conference championship is nice, BYU has many of them, they have been watered down though it has been more competitive with TCU and BSU will be in the mix. I have always thought the away conference games to be the more important as it gives the Y more exposure. It would also be good for the fans across the country to experience BYU football.


Congrats to BYU. Rather than being shortsighted and jumping on the coattails of a sinking conference, PAC-10/12, they man up, develop their own TV-HD capability and put themselves in a position to team with Texas and generate their own revenue. Way to go. Not only that, but they will join with the WAC to re-kindle the old rivalries. Very nice.

Looks like Utah with their Pac-10 buddies just got punked once again.

See ya boys...enjoy the sun and surf in Cali...


@ Runner

lol, I assume thats a stand up comedy routine?


Runner, tell me how it's not short-sighted what BYU is doing right now. They are panicking over what - Utah leaving? I thought they didn't care what they did? Apparently that isn't the case. They're circling the wagons and preparing for an attack that isn't coming. The Mountain West, with Boise, TCU, Air Force, and BYU, would be as formidable, if not more, than before Utah left.

Boise State is being touted as not just a BCS-buster this year, but strong enough to possibly crack the top TWO in the nation - enough to get them in the BCS Title Game. If they pull this off, they will enter the MWC on a high note, bringing a lot of press and news coverage as they join the Mountain West. How is this a negative?

BYU, if they maintain the consistency of the past 4 years, should be in contenion for BCS berths, especially if they manage to defeat Boise or TCU in a given year. Why would they trade that for playing Hawaii, USU, Nevada, and Fresno State? This weakens their schedule, and would hurt their chances at BCS bids, which is the goal, right?



You make great points. Yes, Holmoe hit the envy button and made a decision that will haunt BYU for decades.

ute alumni

Your comments make no sense and defy all comments from those in the sports media (national included) have to say about this. It might be worth your time to understand what is going on and why, rather than just spew whatever comes to mind.


Ignore hedgehog. He's just a BYU hater.

One of many....


BYU is joining the WAC? With BSU and TCU in the MWC I guess playing 5 or 6 WAC teams a year is the only way BYU can buy their way into a BCS game. Finally, BYU just might realize the dream they were unable to earn. Funny that the BYU collective despises the BCS so much but pursues it so vigorously.

Best of luck in the WAC (unless of course it is the MWC that you are really trying to extort). Either way, it will be interesting to see this play out.



Congrats to BYU. Rather than being shortsighted and jumping on the coattails of a sinking conference

It sounds like they are jumping on the coattails of the sinking conference call WAC.


BYU fans have a way of justifing everything that BYU does and critizing everything UTAH does. Good luck with this news. You can't possibly think that all your sports other than football are thrilled to be back in the wac. What a slap in the face this is to them...and the slap is from your own people...not UTAH. WOW! That's gotta hurt!!!!


Moving back to the old/new WAC - rekindling old rivailries? Com'on Utah State and Hawaii? You don't seriously think that's a good idea do you?

JoCo Ute

Hey Runner; You been drinkin the Kool Aide again. BYU going independent is meaningless outside of Happy Valley and maybe southern Idaho. Now that's a real strong fan base, one bound to generate millions of dollars per year. Poor old Notre Dame and Texas are probably shakin in their boots. LOL


I don't think BYU will do this unless/until they have a TV deal with an ESPN-caliber network. That would give them more exposure and more money. BYU generates far more than 1/9 of the TV viewers in the MWC, but only receives 1/9 of the generated money (I would be very surprised if BYU isn't the #1 TV viewer generator in the MWC).

Any game that ESPN doesn't pick up then could be aired on BYUTV, which has 3x the accessibility as The Mtn (not saying much I know). It's a risky move with potential loss, but it has a high upside in money and exposure increases as well.

Cougar Blue

I've said it before and I'll say it again--loudly. Be careful Mr. Holmoe and others. If you are checking the way the wind blows (big if) know that many many of us do not like this new plan. Other than the Aggies, our rivals are and always have been since the 50's and 60's, Wyoming, Colorado State, New Mexico. Sure would hate to slap those people around with a ill conceived move.

Cougar Blue

I'm also hoping that by the silence from official sources in Provo, cooler heads will prevail. BYU was in on the expansion talks that started last Monday. There is a certain % of member schools who have to OK any expansion so it's not like everything has been done in secret at the spur of the moment. Unless there is a sweet TV deal coming from somewhere,in writing, a move outside the MWC would be premature and very unwise.

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