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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Now that Fresno and Nevada have been invited to join the MWC is the WAC the worst conference in the Nation?

I would say yes - Good move tds, you'll be looking up to the SUN conference.

So sad, so very very sad.


@MUSSing with U | 2:58 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010

Now BYU is leveraging their national reputation to go independent in football and jealous Utah fans simply can't handle being knocked out of the limelight once again by the Cougars.


Limelight in Vegas or 1-4 in the first round? Please do tell.

The talk this summer was all about 4 Super 16 conferences. If that is the future then going independent won't help. I think if the Big 12 expands BYU and TCU are a good fit.


This seems like a no brainer. WHat is the downside to all of this?


The reason that the NCAA has the special rule for scheduling Hawaii is based on the cost for a team to travel, with gear, to the islands. In exchange, any team thay play @HI gets an additional HOME game to try and make up the cost.

Otherwise, no one would ever play @ Hawaii...


Most of you talking about BYU and BSU rejoining the WAC have read it all wrong. Under the speculated agreement, BYU is NOT going back to the WAC in football. The WAC would just be a placeholder for the other sports where conference affiliation is not that relevant (read: sports where there are playoffs in place and where revenue isn't so affected as it is in football).

This is about $$ and about flexibility with TV contracts. BYU is pointing the gun of independence at the MWC and its useless TV deal with the mtn. My guess is that they're brokering for the ability to get an exemption to deliver their games on BYU-TV. Now that Utah is gone, BYU is the only team bringing substantial value to the mtn, and since they have their own network, they don't see the need to continue propping everyone else up.

I think there are a lot of problems with independence, but BYU's probably in as good a seat as anyone - outside the "big schools" - to pull it off. Should be interesting to see how this plays out!


And BYU can take Texas Techs spot.


Big_Ben | 3:30 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
is there any BYU fan that honestly believes that ESPN will pick up all of BYU's home games?

How are things my friend...?

BYU-TV is in 50 million homes, has an HD facility on campus, and an HD truck ready to roll to games...

There are over 4 million LDS that live out of the State of Utah, and while not all are fans, many are very rabid fans...

Also, the fans of the teams BYU is playing would have access to the game in HD...


This could affect BCS AQ for BYU, depending on how the BCS looks at it. ND AQ's if in top 8 in country, Army and Navy have to be top 2, so it depends on what deal could be worked out with the BCS

No spin. Just more money and prestige. Ute fans are thowing around the idea the best BYU can do is the Vegas Bowl.

Not after 2011.


Is BYU accidently backing into being an independent?


They are not NEARLY as respected as Notre Dame on a national level. It's not the 80's anymore BYU.

Now they are gonna play 4 to 6 Whack teams every year? The only one that would be respectable is BSU IF they back out and go back to the Whack. Lets not pretend though that BSU going back is a done deal. They MWC still has TCU which is much better than BYU in football, an the rest of the conference is still far better than the rest of the whack teams.

The only way that i see thid as a good thing is it might FINALLY get the cougs to a BCS game. Wont be that hard when your playing 4-6 Whack teams, then fill the rest of the schedule with cupcakes.

Overall this was a great move for BYU. A great move BACKWARDS!!! Have fun begging for respect as a "Major Independent" Football team and playing the rest of your sports in the whick whick WHACK!


The move to the WAC is like a highschool student chooses to go to junior college for 2 years first before applying to major university to complete their degree.
So, Brian Gumbel would love it. BYU proves he was right...Remember Bo Diddley College anyone?


JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt | 3:47 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
"No matter how you spin it cooooogar fans, BYU just rejoined the WAC, the freaking WAC."

Dude, did you read the article?

Independence with their own TV network in 50 million homes... That is not the WAC.

Texas is looking at building a network from scratch.

The problem is that Utah fans just cannot fathom just how Huge this is.


Fantastic - if it happens. BYU would be independent in football just like Notre Dame and could play with more of the elite. We are talking more revenue, better schedule, and more chance of making the BCS bowls. More National Coverage too. Why not do it. Become an icon.

I think Utah helped us make this decision, but it is incredible. It is a much better option than the Pac-10.

BYU 26 Utah 23


"is there any BYU fan that honestly believes that ESPN will pick up all of BYU's home games? You might get one a year."

You're sounding more and more like a bitter, jealous, BYU hater.

Not only will ESPN be picking up most of BYU's home games, but, since ESPN immediately posted the following on ESPN's website:

"According to independent multiple sources, BYU is in discussion with ESPN for its football rights."

Suggestions that the television deal with ESPN was already a close to a done deal before the story broke.


this is a dangerous power game being played. BYU is trying to break out of the MTN TV package. the threat of going back to the WAC is just that a threat. a better situation would be to start anew with a new conference taking the best of both leagues and start over.

independence is not the answer. not in the long run.

the problem with all of this is that BYU is a draw but not the kind of draw that Fighting Irish (independence). CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, and the Fox money Chanel will not offer a better long term deal than they would to a conference BYU Belonged to. a season full of OU games and ESPN will not want to broadcast BYU

BYU is powerful but not as powerful as Texas who got an extra exclusive TV package and uneven revenue package. BYU could get an extra deal from the MWC but unlike Texas BYU relies on other conference members. always has always will.

Independence is foolhardy and not in the best interests of BYU. the little extra TV money is not worth the risks.


Which genius figured this out? Who prayed about going to the WAC? Didn't that person receive any vibe that the WAC would dissolve?

Given Fresno State has now confirmed it's bolting to the MWC (and Nevada will follow suit), the WAC doesn't have a future. Obviously, this wasn't an inspired decision at BYU.

What's the counsel we receive from the pulpit? Be content with what we have. Avoid pride.

Clearly, pride and discontent has resulted in a bad situation for BYU, its football program, and its fans.



hedgehog | 4:39 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010

the MWC has just extended and invitation to Fresno and Neveda.

Yes zoobs you will be going it alone.
hedgehog | 5:00 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010

Now that Fresno and Nevada have been invited to join the MWC is the WAC the worst conference in the Nation?

I would say yes - Good move tds, you'll be looking up to the SUN conference.

So sad, so very very sad.

Old news.

Fresno State and Nevada have already turned down the "conditional invite", and it looks that BSU has the option to retun to the WAC with no financial penalty, which if this rolls out, they will do...

Huge money aside, (HUGE), it will also put BYU football in 50,000,000 homes, and in the 4,000,000 out of state LDS, which will benefit those members...

Geez, no downside, not even one to make-up, and huge upside...

Utah could never have even considered something this big.

It hurts to be the little brother...

Hurting yout head HedgeHog?


I think its really funny to read all of these comments from people that think they know better than the people who do this as a profession. Most of these morons are on here all day (probably unemployed). It is really amazing to me that they can't see their irrelevance.

There is so much to this deal that we don't know. The people making this deal aren't stupid.


Reading the previous posts, I have seen so much jumping to conclusions that I am feeling a little queasy, like too much time on the high and heavy seas. Does any single person who has posted on the - up til now - four pages of this thread really know what is going to happen?

For that matter, who among us know what agreements have already been made but not announced. Do any of us know what negotiations are going on? Hedgehog is sure that Fresno State and Nevada are headed to the MWC - even if the offer was tendered, would they accept it? I don't know. My plan is to sit back and watch it all happen, then laugh at everyone that was wrong.

Meanwhile, I am pretty sure that Tom Holmoe is not acting like a loose cannon. I have watched BYU academic politics long enough to know that the athletic director never makes a move without the blessing of administration on up to the Board of Trustees - the same group that doesn't announce any change until it is a done deal - new temple, policy change, whatever. It will be interesting.


"The problem is that Utah fans just cannot fathom just how Huge this is."

Busted, I get it. Football for Mormons - nothing more nothing less. I would guess not more than 5 non LDS are BYU fans ( not kidding) - Outside the the ward's around the coutry, no one cares at all.

Very niche.


I just read every one of these comments (some more closely than others), and thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the BYU fans trying to spin this as something other than a move forced upon BYU by Utah's move to the PAC.

I wouldn't say this is a "depseration" move, per se, but it's certainly not something that would have happened had Utah remained in the MWC, bad TV deal or not. A few more years of success against BCS teams would have made a genuine case for the MWC to become an AQ conference; an independent BYU will have no shot at a national title under the current system. At the very least, had Utah not gone to the PAC, BYU would have stuck around a few more years to see how the MWC / BCS question shook out.

I respect the BYU athletic program directors for taking a hard look at an unpleasant reality and responding boldly. Perhaps they could impart that talent upon their fan base? Never the less, good luck BYU, as always. "A rising tide floats all boats."


BYU is doing this because it is good for them. It has been in the planning for years. The BYU audience will build as more programing is conveniently available.

It really is about exposure first. However, BYU will get more money.

BSU did very well in the WAC as far as getting into major bowls. It will be easier for BYU to do the same as an independent. SOS did not deter BSU. It will not hurt BYU as long as they win.

Scheduling may not be as much of a problem as many suppose since BYU does draw well.

The extra exposure for the basketball, basesball, and other sports is a big plus.

BYU can create it's own sports channel and cut it's own deal with cable companies. It might even be able to make deals with other independents such as Army/Navy etc and provide coverage for them. If they wanted to they could provide coverage for Big 12 schools like Texas Tech.

The BYU facilities can support more than one channel. The variable costs of producing a football game are low and BYU already has paid for the broadcasting infrastructure.

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