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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Funny how a story like this allows one to see just how many computer users can't spell independent correctly.

In any case, the evidence is clear; even though Utah and TCU were the only two MWC to experience an undefeated season, BYU always was and still is the "flagship" university of the Mountain West.

It would have taken much more than an undefeated season or two to take that spot away from them.


No matter how you spin it cooooogar fans, BYU just rejoined the WAC, the freaking WAC.



Today is a good day to be a BYU fan!



this really stinks for the other sports at BYU.

MUSSing with U

blue dot!

Get over yourself. This has nothing to do with Utah.

Getting a BCS bid will be no harder for BYU as an independent than it will be for Utah in the PAC 10.

Unless BYU over-schedules themselves, finishing undefeated or with only one loss as an independent won't be any harder than winning a PAC 10 championship.

A 12-0 or 11-1 top 8 BCS standings finish will all but guarantee a BCS invite for BYU.

A very young, but very talented BYU team will be tuning up in 2010 against a very difficult opening schedule.

In 2011, they'll be very talented and very experienced!

scenic view

"Does anyone understand how playing Hawaii adds a 13th game?? How does that work?"

The NCAA has a special rule that allows any team that plays Hawaii in Hawaii to play an extra regular season game.


Coach M. doesn't get on the I-Net? YES he does, just not to get coaching or FB advice from a wannabe fan. Coaching FB is exhausting, grueling, extremely demanding coupled with 30-second game situation decisions and the noise of the I-Net isn't worth much.

However, for us fans, this sure is fun, errrrr a war!!!!


The PAC10 will be the PAC12 and the BIG12 will be the something else entirely, THE BCS WILL NEED TO WRITE A NEW CONTRACT next year that has the correct wording (i.e. conference names and auto bids) in it. I would perfer them just put an auto bid for the MWC, especially considering in the last two years the MWC has been ranked ahead of one or more BCS conf.'s by the end of the season.

To Ute fans saying they started this take off your rose colored glasses and put on your real glasses the prescription kind. Your move to the PAC10 meant the rivalry might end but the MWC didn't loose anything with BSU coming in. If BYU now leaves the MWC looses one more power house team but with TCU and BSU and a few other teams on the rise they will be fine.

I don't like the move for the basketball team. Last year we had four teams in the tourney the wac had one. Gioing independent COULD BE an OK move for the football team, time will tell. BTW BYU has been considering this for FOUR YEARS go back and look.

BYU Cougars

If it turns out that hey have spoken to the BCS about potential similarities in BCS deals as ND this could end up being a good thing for the Cougars. Only time will tell whether this was the right decision. I don't like the move from the MWC to the WAC in Basketball the MWC is a much better Basketball conference with the exception of UTAH STATE (that are great in basketball and on the rise in football). That part of this deal I could do without. But if all games are on BYUTV and we can pull in a good different schedule every year. I do hope this will inable us to continue the rivalry with Utah although being in diffent conferences might lessen the haterd(not a bad thing).

Cougar Files

I think several posters out there are missing the point. BYU football games are unlikely to be included into the BYUTv programming. News broke a few days ago about a local company inking a deal with BYU Athletics TV or some such entity which does not currently exist. Likely this is the pending entity that would be broadcasting BYU's athletics. The new facility has the capability to broadcast multiple stations. Now BYU can remove the middleman in negotiating distribution of it's athletics, control commercials, etc. I don't think BYUTv is going to be the vehicle for BYU Football, except perhaps re-runs a day or two later.


Let me get this straight... BYU is shunned by PAC 10, ignored by Big 12, and here they are taking a step down from the MWC and going to the independent and WAC?

Am I dreaming or did I smack my head too hard? Wow, that is just unbelievable. They will schedule good enough teams to play. But I think that it is an unwise move.

I guess they just want to show their athletic games as they wish, not as the contract dictates. The easiest way to get out of the contract is leave the conference.



the MWC has just extended and invitation to Fresno and Neveda.

Yes zoobs you will be going it alone.

Cougar Blue

Well, it's nice, I guess, that some of you are excited beyond reason. For years, it's been tough for BYU to schedule big name teams in football. Why do you think that it's suddenly going to get easier? It seems to me that a smarter tack would be to stay in the MWC, await the TV Mtn. deal renegotiation, and keep those long rivalries that we've had since the 1950's. This whole scenario is bizarre beyond belief. A pie in the sky scheme. Be very wary Holmoe, be very wary.


scott182 | 11:40 a.m. Aug. 18, 2010
"Fiddler, the important teams to a conference are the teams that go to BCS games."

Scottie, are you for real?

45,000 seats that are filled off and on. A program that is not consistent, that doesn't know if it can beat UNLV, or go BCS?

Bto, the only reason that BYU would go independent is simple... BECAUSE IT CAN!!!

All thoss things that Ute fans dismiss, the NC, the consistency of being a top 36 team, the awards (Heisman, Doak, O'Briens, Outlands,)... We're taling tradition, not 6 years of spotty football.

But Scott, answer this if you can...

Ute fans, answer this simple question.

With your six years relevance, and 2 BCS bowls, and 45,000 seat stadium, could Utah have gone independent???


I am thinking the Y is going to be done with the NCAA very soon. They will never make it as an independent money wise and I think it is going to be sadly apparent very soon - maybe two years that nobody wants the Y in their conference and funding the program is going to be very difficult. I think this is the beginning of the end for BYU athletics.


This will be a great move for BYU. Its HD Truck has the finest equipment available for remote transmition of HD content. Its new broadcasting building is likewise a remarkable facility, combining both production and broadcasting capacity with the very finest equipment in the industry. Teams will quickly find out that who ever plays BYU will have nation-wide (even international) exposure. BYU's President is very bright. If this comes about, it will not be without all the homework having been turned in and graded.


Dave S | 2:25 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
"Hey Zoobs"

Hey Zoobs?
What does that even mean. BYU just outdid the Utes again...

Hey Utes!!!
If you were waiting for BYU to one up the Utes, they just did and in a Huge way.

Once again, BYU is doing what little brother never could dream of.

That's what tradition buys you...


Where are all the BYU fans that called Utah a 'sell-out' and other names for going for more money, and that BYU would never abandon their principles for more money? Who's selling out now?


TrueBlue | 2:30 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
goodbye mid-major



That's funny when did the BCS give BYU an automatic invite for becoming independent?

It's BCS conferences + Notre Dame.

Not BCS conferences + Notre Dame + BYU

Maybe it will be someday but as of today no.



Someone tell me they are just joking? Please?!? I can't stop laughing! The WAC?


This only hurts TCU and BSU as it jumbles the apple cart that was the MWC. Automatic Qualifier status is now in question as now the viability of the MWC is now in question. This will force TCU and BSU to make changes.

BYU is forcing national recognition upon itself by taking such a huge gamble for independence. And TCU and BSU will pay the price for playing great football in a conference with a weak low self-esteemed sister in BYU.

This is not about Utah anymore. Its about BYU screaming "Hey! What about me?"

This ploy for more exposure hurts the schools that helped BYU get to where it is... You know what? BYU deserves to be downgraded to a WAC nothing school.

At best this is a huge gamble. At worst its the beginning of the end of BYU football.

(Ironic as an LDS school is gambling on its future like this)

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