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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Gosh and just when things were looking so good.
Who is BYU going to play when the BCS schools are playing their conference schedule ?
Slippery Rock and West Texas State may not want to play.
Remember when the Blue Bloods were accusing the Utes of mutiny and had abandoned the ship--all for a bigger share of the PAC 12 Television booty ?
I really do appreciate the competition my Utes and BYU had. Deep Down?
To me, this does not seem to be a good move, but rather one of the oddest sport maneuvers that I can think of.
Should be good fodder for our cannons for years to come here at the comment blog.
Please keep your hands on the safety bar and remain seated during the next 2-3 years.. this looks to be quite a ride !


I'm working HARD to suspend my disbelief that this is a good thing.

On the other hand, what if this is a step towards BYU owning not just their own games, but owning the network that broadcast's their conference's games?

Imagine if the MTN was actually good, and in HD, and had a good deal with Comcast AND Dish AND Direct TV? What if it made each of the conference members more than they now make and made BYU LOTS more?

Then this would make sense.

The LDS church owns a number of TV stations AND a satellite. (At least they used to). Could be interesting...

Otherwise, I don't get it.



sounds like you are trying really hard to convince yourself. Let me give you a tip: if you don't believe something yourself, the rest of us won't believe it either and saying things like "Makes me laugh", just shows insecurity. Just enjoy it bro. Life is good.

Its all right, take your lumps, regourp, grab some water and then come on back, we won't hold it against you.


phramahaphil | 2:33 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
"Maybe, maybe not. One thing for sure though, the MWC didn't have trouble finding a school better than Utah in BSU: 2 BCS wins and a top 5 ranking in their bid for a 3rd trip to the BCS. The Yewts will go from 3rd place in the MWC to middle of the pack in the PAC. Have fun playing Wyoming in Las Vegas."

Intellectual honesty was never a strong suit for Zoobies. Way to exclude Utah's 2 BCS wins, that's not disingenuous at all.

You suffer from reading comprehension problems. The Utes have 2 BCS wins. BSU has two BCS wins AND a #5 ranking (higher in sports illustrated), AND a legit shot at the title game.


Look on the bright side doubters and ney-sayers -- at the least we'll finally break that Vegas streak!

In seriousness, at first I thought this was kind of just a tactic to get a Texas-style t.v. deal. Even if it's not, I'm starting to warm-up to it. At the end of the day, BYU GETS OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN (worse-tv-deal-EVER). Isn't that really the reason for joining the WAC in all other sports? As I recall, for YEARS Utah and BYU were complaining about that contract; Utah found their escape, BYU made another.

It's about exposure for BYU sports, right? People think all of BYU's football games will be on BYUtv. Probably not. Most games will be on ESPN and maybe rebroadcast on BYUtv. But what about volleyball, lacrosse, SOCCER -- are any of those sports carried by the Mountain (worst-tv-deal-EVER)? Imagine the INTERNATIONAL audience BYU's Men's Soccer (a semi-pro team not beholden to NCAA regulations) could reach by getting off of the Mountain (worse-tv-deal-EVER) and onto their own International t.v. station? It's exciting news.


Utah steps up to the Pac 12.

BYU steps down to the WAC. Duck those losses to Boise State and TCU, Cougies!

San Jose State? Idaho? Nevada-Reno? Louisiana Tech? New Mexico State? Those schools should be in the Big Sky Conference!

This is beyond funny. To the point where I acually feel kind of bad for Cougie fan.


This makes no sense! we are not notre dame and will not be treated teh same. We are going ot leave teh mw to pla in such a bad conference4-6 games vs the very low end of the wac. Not good


HA HA HA! This is the beginning of the end for BYU football. I thought after Utah left, BYU would become what USU is now... with this plan, BYU will become less than USU.


As a Ute fan, good for byu for making a move to get out of the hole that is the Mountain West. It is to early to tell if it will help byu or not so im not going to say anthing beyond that. My question is though, what happens when byu drops a few games at the start of the season when they are independent?? How will the players react when there is nothing to play for?? Will fan support drop off since all you have to look forward to is the Humanitarian Bowl?? That is the biggest problem with being an independent is not playing for a conference championship throughout the season which is huge!

Before every season the motto for byu will be BCS or bust plain and simple. Will they be able to live up to the hype? Well since it has not happened yet, im saying no.


Someone asked what the team will play for without a conference. That's simple: The goal each and every year will be a BCS Bowl and hopefully a National Championship. Everyone knows that is more important than a conference championship anyway. Just ask Utah which looks better in the case, the conference championship trophy or the Sugar Bowl trophy from that same year????

sports fan

this whole thing sounds like gossip at a junior high school. not a shred of actual evidence just a lot of talk. BYU has built TV capability so they can transmit church related material around the world. i saw BYUtv in africa and eruope and they used it to broadcast conference and training sessions and things like that. football had nothing to do with it. and it has nothing to do with the new HD building they build by the merriott.

scenic view

Fans from the SEC, ACC, Big East, Big 10, or Big 12 couldn't care less about Utah's move to the PAC 10 either.

Utah has had a couple of stellar seasons, but BYU has finished in the Top 25 more times than any other team in the MWC.

Your "remind me..." argument is silly.
BYU had never won a national championship, until 1984.
BYU had never finished in the Top 10, until 1983.
BYU had never won a bowl, until 1980.
BYU had never played in a bowl, until 1974.

Things can change quickly, but BYU has been there, done that, and will do it again.

2010 could be the kickoff for an amazing season in 2011.


If the WAC could manage to get Boise back and lure a couple of more teams along with them like TCU and Air Force then I think they would have a real conference on their hands. Bowl games might not get better though.

I'm with everyone else as far as TV though. I used to be an avid BYU fan until the Mtn TV network came along. Now that I can't watch them on TV I am lucky to be able to name 5 players who even play for them, and I get less interested every year. If I can watch them again maybe my interest in this program will rekindle.

Everyone seems to be attaching football success to this deal. Notre Dame has a sub-par team every year and the networks still pay the big bucks for them to play mostly Big 10 and military acadamy schools. BYU won't get the kind of money that ND does, but probably quite a bit more than they are now. In the end that is all that matters.


is there any BYU fan that honestly believes that ESPN will pick up all of BYU's home games? You might get one a year.


@Utah '95

I would say that a school, BYU, who has won half of it's Conference Championships for 40 years, has the largest TV and fanbase etc.. is the Top Dog!

Last year...
MWC Conference Championships BYU-9...Utah-1

nuff said...

1984 for life

Major step back for all of our non football programs. Football will be great if we schedule 8 BCS conference teams and then play 4 WAC teams. Ask USU what the WAC is like in b ball when you win the conference and then lose in the conference tournament----NO NCAA BID.

Old Scarecrow

Of course it's about money, but at BYU the more important goal is EXPOSURE, and with an independent ESPN deal plus control over home game broadcasts at least and their new HD tv capabilities, this is great for BYU, the football program and their fans. Are the Utes who are riduling the move really saying that anybody in the country cared who won the MWC? Utah or TCU, the country could care less. So BYU as an independent and on TV regularly will be a solid boost to EXPOSURE, and not having to share the money will help as well. Utah won't have any more exposure than the Y and BYU will eventually develop a list of solid opponents every year. Great far-sighted move that leaves all of the doors open except the one into the dark hallways of MWC TV.


I've never said this, but seriously... several Ute fans here are proving Max Hall right. Not all, but several. What an embarassment you are to the U.



UNLV, San Diego State, Boise State and Air Force

drop La. Tech and add TCU/New Mexico and goodbye MWC.

Quince Orchard

Starting next year, EVERY BYU football fan in the country and tens of thousands of BYU fans from around the world will be able to watch EVERY BYU football game LIVE in HD!


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