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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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@ Kyle loves BYU

I wish there were more fans like yourself. It seems that just about every BYU fan today has not been able to enjoy this news, rather they have to compare themselves to Utah. You are a true fan, you have no insecurities, and you cheer hard while being rational. I tip my hat to you sir, and wish that others on both sides were like you.

Cougars --Best Little Brothers

Looks like BYU can't even play AAA ball (ie MWC) so they choose AA ball (WAC)...hahaha!!!


"So . . . we're not even an "mid-major" anymore?..."

No, sadly for the BYU haters, the Cougars will no longer have that mid-major conference millstone handing around their necks.

goodbye mid-major



"Maybe, maybe not. One thing for sure though, the MWC didn't have trouble finding a school better than Utah in BSU: 2 BCS wins and a top 5 ranking in their bid for a 3rd trip to the BCS. The Yewts will go from 3rd place in the MWC to middle of the pack in the PAC. Have fun playing Wyoming in Las Vegas."

Intellectual honesty was never a strong suit for Zoobies. Way to exclude Utah's 2 BCS wins, that's not disingenuous at all.


It's so funny how Utah fans are trying so hard to be relevent by making the Utes move to the PAC12 the reason for the MWC's demise. Makes me laugh. Reality is what it is. BYU has always been the MWC bread and butter. It would have been great if the Utes had stayed but it wasn't a death blow when they decided to go. The Utes and their 2 years of football excellence while impressive to some (mostly themselves) are STILL irrelevent.

Jeff R.

BYU and UTAH both got it right this summer. Utah was a great fit for the PAC-10 and will reak alot of havoc once they get a good defense in place. BYU going independant in football is the best thing for them right now. Face it people, the reason why BYU is going to the WAC is because the MWC is on its way down because of the horrid tv deal with the Mnt. The Mnt. network is mediocre at best and gives BYU no room to grow. BSU will head back to the WAC since the MWC is crumpbling now. BYU will only be in the WAC for the other sports and Basketball. WAC basketball is closer than people think to the MWC. BYU will still dominate in the other sports. If BSU stays then the WAC will be far supior to the MWC. TCU will leave soon knowing that the MWC is going down. Expect the Big-12(10) to come knocking on their door. This is a great move for BYU. Congrats to all of Cougar Nation, great day indeed.


This is going to take the fun out of BYU football. What do you have to work for?


This is going to take the fun out of BYU football. What do you have to work for?


Brave Sir Robin | 1:30 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010

Here's the problem: you have a TV channel. Cable companies only show it because it's non-profit religious programming, (required per federal regulations). Once you start showing football with commercials (you'll need that to make any money), the station ceases to be non-profit and it will start costing the cable/satellite companies to keep in on air. Know what happens then? They drop your station because nobody watches it.

Write it down: In 3 years, you will not be able to get a BYU game outside of Utah and BYU will be begging to join the WAC for football so they can be on TV.
Actually, cable companies carry it because it's a low cost channel, there's already a cost to carry it. It has nothing to do with non-profit religious programming. Besides, with the deal for ESPN to use the broadcast truck, they may not even need to use their channel. Write this down: In 3 years, Ute fans will still be obsessed with all things BYU and will still need to change your armor.


The MWC is done

Boise State is going back to the WAC. My bet is TCU is also going to go back to Conference USA. They would make more money and have better competition playing teams like Houston.

BYU has a deal with the WAC to play 4 teams.

May guess is that it will be
Utah State
Boise State
And one other.

BYU will still play Utah

I am sure that BYU has a couple of deals with teams for long term Scheduling. I am sure it will be some Big 12 (with 10 teams) and PAC 10 Teams.


re: CT98

Not going to be the case. Any tie-ins with WAC football games, or ESPN games, will not be on Saturday. The WAC's ESPN deal is Thursday/Friday nights.


Congrats to BYU. Rather than being shortsighted and jumping on the coattails of a sinking conference, PAC-10/12, they man up, develop their own TV-HD capability and put themselves in a position to team with Texas and generate their own revenue. Way to go. Not only that, but they will join with the WAC to re-kindle the old rivalries. Very nice.

Looks like Utah with their Pac-10 buddies just got punked once again.

See ya boys...enjoy the sun and surf in Cali...

Utes = Cougars' Big Brothers



It should be "Hello AA Mid-major" for BYU


Jealous U,

"BYU's move from MWC to the WAC and independent status will create a seismic shift in the college football landscape."

Ask any fan from the SEC, ACC, Big East, Big 10, or Big 12 if they see this as a "seismic shift" in anything.

"BYU doesn't even need a Notre Dame type Top 8 BCS guarantee....."

Remind me, when was the last time BYU went into Bowl Season ranked in the top 8?

It's no secret that BYU has been a very good football program for decades, and have financially benefitted the WAC and MWC. But to call them the "Flagship" of the conference might be presumptuous, considering that Utah has run the table twice (including BCS wins) and TCU has finished the regular season undefeated once. The Cougars, as you know, haven't done it in twenty-five years.


@ Kyle loves

The WAC tournament is moving to Las Vegas this year so you'll still have to deal with that but I'll bet anything that UNLV and maybe New Mexico or SDSU follows them. The UNLV/Nevada is a big rivalry in that state as is USU/BYU so basketball would win big time. It'd be the best basketball conference in the West if the PAC-12 keeps up their body of work from last year. Utah State, New Mexico, BYU, UNLV, New Mexico St, and Nevada in one conference would get rowdy! Add decent La Tech, Fresno State, and Idaho teams and that's a tough, tough basketball conference.

blue dot!

If getting a BCS bid as an at large in the MWC was tough, what will an independent Y have to do to get one now?

Smacks of sour grapes to me. They just couldn't get over Utah moving to a better conference. Now they are trying like heck to do something, anything, to look like they weren't left standing at the dance without a date.


Ryker Mathews (4-star athlete, #11 in the country at OL according to Rivals) just committed to the Cougars.

Oh yeah, the battle was between Kansas, BYU, and Utah.

Guess the recruits really do prefer the Pac 10 hands-down over BYU's independent status. I guess Utah really will win all the recruiting battles now.

Or maybe that theory doesn't hold water?


Love it. Love it. Love it.

MUSSing with U

Talk about insecurity Big_Ben, scott isn't the one hanging out on a rival's blog trying to refute every statement he doesn't agree with.

What makes you think BYU won't have ties to a bowl game?

BYU has always been the flagship program of the WAC (for the last 20 years that the Cougars were in the WAC) and the MWC, from when it was created.

You're not being honest with yourself if you think that Utah was invited to the PAC 10 solely because of their superior athletic program.

Take a look at the Sears Cup Standings for the last 20 years. Take a look at the conference championships in both the WAC and MWC for the last 30 years.

Utah isn't even close, by comparison.

The Utes used to have a great basketball program, now in shambles.

The Utes used to have a miserable football program, now with some recent success.

BYU has been very good to great in both for decades.

Now BYU is leveraging their national reputation to go independent in football and jealous Utah fans simply can't handle being knocked out of the limelight once again by the Cougars.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

Does anyone understand how playing Hawaii adds a 13th game?? How does that work?

I hope this comes with only 4 games against the WAC with Hawaii and USU being 2 of them. 6 is a bit much for me. I wouldn't mind playing Nevada and Fresno too but beyond that there isn't any times I'd really want to see from the WAC.

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