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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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I can't blame BYU for going to our old conference. BYU was never going to beat us as long as they stayed in the MWC.


BYU will make $$$ as an independent (even with no BCS bowl, they will make a lot more than they do today). The actual finance info independence provides can be a bargaining chip to show they will bring more money to the table in the Big 12 a few years down the road. That's the ideal situation for Y fans. Independence can work too, but isn't as great as being on the inside like Utah in the Pac 12.


So . . . we're not even an "mid-major" anymore?


I welcome the change. Going independant will be the best move for BYU. The BCS must have given BYU the same agreement that ND has, otherwise it is only for the TV exposure. Watchig the Oklahoma game last year just says Bring it on!

Go Pitt!


williary | 12:50 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
So Utah leaves the MWC and it starts to fall apart.

Utah gets upgraded to a BCS conference and BYU gets downgraded to the WAC/Independent status.

At least this summer has let us know where these programs stand.

You're right we do know where these programs stand. Utah took a small step forward while BYU is poised to make a major leap.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

Seems like the Texas TV deal led to this. I don't think BYU jumps ship if Utah doesn't go to PAC 10.

Now that Utah is gone I don't think BYU cares about keeping games against hardly anyone else in the league.

Big_Ben is right about the TV deal being the albatross of the MWC. Its the reason that I can accept BYU going independent without being too upset. No more MTN! Yay!

Having games on ESPN and BYUTV is infinitely better than the MTN and its friends!!

I'm still worried about the schedule and getting into bowl games but if the athletic department works hard enough they should be able to pull it off.

I will miss playing SDSU, UNLV and UNM in basketball every year but I won't miss the conference tourney in Vegas. BYU basketball should be ok. The Olympic sports were doing fine in the WAC before and they will continue to do so.

Holmoe you just gave yourself a lot of work to do. I hope your up to the task!


scott182 | 11:40 a.m. Aug. 18, 2010
...they can find another byu.
Maybe, maybe not. One thing for sure though, the MWC didn't have trouble finding a school better than Utah in BSU: 2 BCS wins and a top 5 ranking in their bid for a 3rd trip to the BCS. The Yewts will go from 3rd place in the MWC to middle of the pack in the PAC. Have fun playing Wyoming in Las Vegas.

Over the Top

If this does happen - and it looks like it will - congrats to Tom Holmoe for making things happen for BYU, which is something Craig Thompson did not do for the MWC as a whole. No wonder the MWC is imploding. I hope BSU does go back to the WAC.


Wait???? I thought BYU was already in the WAC.


Wow! Are you kidding me? Is this April 1st?

What's the logic behind this? Who's the genius who came up with this idea?

First, let's put all the loser teams in the WAC, then we'll form the MWC. Second, we'll bolt the MWC and go with the losers.

Are they thinking they can now dominate the conference Boise State once controlled in order to get the chance to play in the BCS?

Otherwise, they might as well have joined the Big Sky.



Simple to understand why BYU makes this move...

1) BYU wants to be the Boise State...BYU thinks they can get several easy-to-win WAC games a year, 1 or 2 with the good teams and be unbeaten at the end to qualify for BCS...

2) BYU cannot do it the good way --being in a good conference, tough schedule, and unbeaten records like the 2004, 2008 Utah, 2009 TCU, so they need to get out of MWC and try it this way.

Muss Man

Let's not overestimate BYU's television appeal. If you factor 6 million mormons in the US, divide that number by half (minus women), and then assume that 1/3 are loyal fans, you're left with only 1 million sets of eyeballs.

Add a generous 100,000 non-LDS fans, and you're still left with a relatively small fan base.

I think this is a huge mistake. BYU will have no conference trophy to play for and no bowl guarantees. If the Cougars were playing in a BCS bowl every three years or so, it would make sense. But, they have yet to get there...

What happens in January after a 7-5 season?


I'll give credit to the Cougs. This is a gutsy move.

Think of it this way. These two programs were both looking at the same top-level job that each wanted badly (Pac-10). Sorry, Cougs that's a fact. Utah got the job offer, it was a no-brainer decision, and they couldn't be happier. BYU got shunned, felt bitter about losing the job to their rival, and has decided to start their own company as a result.

Could work out great (Notre Dame), might not change a lot and BYU just stays about the same, or could be a disaster if scheduling can't be worked out.

It's a risk, and I'll give them credit for taking that risk.


@ scott

at least the utes will have ties to a bowl game. listen, I don't know why you are so insecure. I think its an exciting time to be a cougar, i just have to refute any notion that BYU is the king in this. No one seemed to want them, and now they are just making waves themselves. It remains to be seen if anyone of elite caliber will schedule them.

I am excited to see USU and BYU in the same conference in Basketball. I cant wait to see how the dominoes fall in this.


This gives the Cougars the freedom to schedule football games on Saturday's only. Not sure how the WAC will handle Sunday games for Basketball in the next 10 years. I realize the WAC has not scheduled Sunday games yet but that will happen in the next 10 years.


This is all about TV. BYU gets ESPN and BYUTV and loses the mtn. What a score for the Y, USU, and the WAC! Awesome!

In terms of scheduling, this is excellent. If BSU returns, the Y will play USU, BSU, Nevada, Fresno, and Hawaii (your 4-6 teams) every year. If TCU joins up, there's six. That leaves BYU to pursue BCS conference teams, Notre Dame, and the U. The Y is respected to an extent. They'll fill out fine.

...and if the Y can go undefeated with that schedule (which it won't), it can definitely do great things, like win a title. And it will keep the $$$ for itself.

As an Aggie, I find it satisfying to see BYU crawl back to the WAC, even if not in football, after the U and the Y both rejected USU membership in it 40 years ago. The A is more than happy to welcome the Y to to the Spectrum every year. I can hear "Winning Team, Losing Team" already.

Also, after USU beats BYU this fall in football, the move will only look that much better as well. Mark it down. It will happen. :-D



Cutting ties with the MWC and it's horrible TV deal and limitations...

And Ryker Mathews commits to the Cougars!

Dave S

Hey Zoobs I hope you enjoy playing 4 to 6 games annually in football against WAC opponents. Those should really be nail biters. Throw in a couple of games against Navy & Army and you've got yourselves one tough schedule with a lot of interest year in and year out.


"A return to the WAC would rekindle what were once long-standing rivalries for BYU."

This is a disingenuous statement, in my opinion. Yes, they would play USU more, but they could have done that anytime they wanted to. Hawaii? It was a decent rivalry, but included a lot of late, late games in the islands.

Who else is there? Fresno State? They were in the WAC with BYU for 7 years, and it would be a huge stretch to call that a rivalry. San Jose State played in the WAC with BYU for 3 years. Every other current WAC team joined after BYU, Utah, et. al left and formed the MWC.

This is not the WAC of the 80s or even 90s that you fans remember. BYU will lose the same old rivalries Utah will - New Mexico, CSU, Wyoming, Air Force and even San Diego State. And they won't even be playing fun new teams like Oregon, Washington, and USC - they'll be replacing them with New Mexico State, La Tech and Idaho.

I hope this works out for the best for BYU, but it looks like a bad move to me.


If BYU and Boise State reenter the WAC leaving TCU basically alone in the MWC watch for the PAC 12 to swoop in and pick up TCU and Texas Tech and become the PAC 14. Facts:
The Pac 12 is still looking for a Texas connection.

Texas Tech had its bags backed last June for the PAC 10 but was stymied by Texas who they despise.

TCU is a private school no long affiliated with a religion making TCU palatable to the PAC.

TCU is investing $105 million in a new stadium and will not stay in an unstable conference.

TCU and Texas Tech are old rivals from the Southwest Conference.

PAC 14 can easily divide into two 7 team divisions and still play 9 conference games each.

PAC 12 will never again approach Texas or Texas A&M for membership after being stiffed by both last June.

PAC 12 will renegotiate their TV deals in 2011 with two teams in Texas meaning big TV payout.

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