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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Louisiana Cougar: have you been able to watch any BYU football down in Louisiana since 1984? BYU has been able to win big games all the time. There was a game in Dallas Texas last year against Oklahoma... too bad you missed it.

yankee doodle

Chris B and all the Utesies are just scared cuz they know if BYU moves to the WAC they will rule and reign while probably winning another National Championship while the Utesies get pounded day in and day out in the Pac-10 12 16 ? ? And go to the Vegas Bowl aha ahahaha.


I really think this could be a win-win for USU and BYU not to mention the WAC. Especially if Boise State does back out and New Mexico and UNLV follow BYU to the WAC. Then you could have three huge (in basketball anyway) rivalries in USU-BYU, Nevada-UNLV, and New Mexico-New Mexico St. All three of those games could get ESPN prime time spots in a few years I think. I know LA Tech has been wanting conference that is closer to them geographically so you could even have TCU or Wyoming added as a 12th member if that happened.


Lost in all of this. Tom Cella of UteZone is reporting that Ryker Matthews commited to BYU last night.

Ernest T. Bass

byu & boise will become even more irrelevant.
If the Big 12 was going to add byu, byu wouldn't have made this move.


BP; hedgehog is out buying a number 15 BYU Football jersey!


re:Williary - no, outdoing the Jones' - not stuck with pac-12 teams, refs, etc - free to schedule more of the big boys like Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, etc and actually get better money than staying on the MTN. This looks to be a really good move for BYU. It also keeps the ability to keep up the existing rivalry.

Johnny Ace

I never thought I would actually see BYU step up and flex their financial/ratings muscles to the MWC. They had all the leverage in the world and finally used it. Worst case scenario is the MWC caves and lets the Cougs broadcast their games wherever they want. Best case scenario is that BYU goes out and proves they can generate TV ratings and rake in the bucks and once the Big 12(10) decides they really do need 2 more teams and a championship game, BYU is a no-brainer to join. Win-Win!

Floyd Johnson

Re: diegodude

Of the 115 million households in the US, over 50 million have BYU TV. I presume the Mtn. Network is not close to that number. BYU TV is an included channel with many low level cable or dish packages throughout the country.

With ESPN and other networks, BYU retained the rights to re-broadcast football games. They lost that right with the Mtn. contract. The ability to show games live on BYU-TV, and rebroadcast them (say the following Tuesday night) significantly increases the program's exposure.


Those criticizing BYU for wanting back into the WAC when they have shunned the WAC in the past don't get it --- this situation is MUCH different.

1. The Cougs will only play 4-5 WAC games a year, and the WAC with BSU and possibly SDSU/UNLV/TCU (another rumor) would be a much better WAC than before. There would be good pickings for those 4-5 games.

2. The rest of the schedule is much more flexible for scheduling awesome games. How does a regular rivalry with UNLV sound? Still 1-2 Pac 10 teams a year? The freedom to travel around to other conferences too. ESPN says they'll broker 3-ish big exposure games a year for the Cougs. Cool!

3. IF SDSU/UNLV/TCU come to the WAC, the other sports will do well too. That could make a great basketball conference!

4. The TV deal would be huge. 3-5 games on ESPN (counting WAC ones) every year, and the rest seen INTERNATIONALLY on BYU-TV which EVERY cable package carries.

5. Keepin' all bowl monies to ourselves.



Haha, I just caught my mistake---I meant a regular rivalry with Notre Dame, not UNLV.

Jealous U

The one thing our little brothers up on the hill are having a hard time understanding is that BYU leaving the MWC to join the WAC will automatically make the WAC the better conference.

The flagship program is switching conferences and with them goes the national prestige that BYU has been building for decades.

Unlike Utah, whose entrance into the PAC 10 will hardly create a ripple, BYU's move from MWC to the WAC and independent status will create a seismic shift in the college football landscape.

BYU doesn't even need a Notre Dame type Top 8 BCS guarantee, because any Top 14 BCS team is already eligible for an at-large bid and a Top 8 BYU team would be a lock for a BCS bowl anyway.


BYU would be better off joining the WAC fully to backdoor their easy way into the BCS like Boise State did.

BYU will be independent in football on paper, but in the thoughts and minds of other parts of the country, BYU will bee seen as a WAC school.


Congrats to Utah to the PAC12. Congrats to BYU for going independent. Perfect for both in my opinion.

By the way, BYU is negotiating with ESPN. They won't be all on BYUTV. They games be on ESPN family of networks. Doesn't get any better than that.


"Do you really think the WAC with BYU, or BYU and BSU, or even BYU, BSU, and TCU is stronger than the anticipated 2011 MWC?"

Yes, WAC's good teams stay and add the MWC's best teams. Besides, BYU will be independent and won't have to play the entire WAC. They were already playing USU, so they lose nothing there, and if BSU and TCU join the WAC, there's two quality opponents who go towards fulfilling their WAC requirement. Nevada, Hawaii, and Fresno St. aren't too bad, and they're better than the bottom of the MWC. BYU doesn't have to play the bottom of the MWC anymore, and with only having to play 4-6 WAC teams, there are enough decent WAC teams to make it look respectable.


Help Wanted: Broadcast Engineers, HD camera operators for state of the art HD studio and remote crew in Provo, UT. Former 'Mtn' employees need not apply!

Rest in peace MWC...and 'the Mtn.'

Captain L

One thing many fans (especially ute fans) don't realize is, BYU is by far the biggest draw fan/TV audience wise, even in Utah BYU has the biggest fan support, and nation wide the fan support for BYU over Utah is even bigger.
BYU has had and still has the best overall sports program, and has had for the last 40 years. Utah has had it moments, ute football since 2002 has been top notch, and under Majerus their bball was very good but overall BYU has had the better teams and nothing has really changed. BYU is unique, kinda like Notre Dame, recruiting, fan support, etc, will always be high because of their ties with the church (LDS). With BYU having their own TV network, it is only smart to take advantage of the fan/TV interest.
BYU was the top dog in the WAC & the MWC. It would be interesting if BSU and TCU decided to bolt the MWC.
If ByU only had to play 4 WAC teams in football it would leave alot of versatility and options to play top notch teams. I hope it happens.

Brave Sir Robin

Well well well, zoobs, you've been telling us for years how you're just like Notre Dame....now you've got your chance to prove it. But don't be surprised when nobody watches your games.

Here's the problem: you have a TV channel. Cable companies only show it because it's non-profit religious programming, (required per federal regulations). Once you start showing football with commercials (you'll need that to make any money), the station ceases to be non-profit and it will start costing the cable/satellite companies to keep in on air. Know what happens then? They drop your station because nobody watches it.

Write it down: In 3 years, you will not be able to get a BYU game outside of Utah and BYU will be begging to join the WAC for football so they can be on TV.



Sorry buddy, your damage control isn't working. Just be happy that Utah was thrown a life-preserver before BYU decided to jump ship.

Being a middle of the PAC team won't be so bad for the Utes, so keep your chin up.


This looks like a step down to me. I agree with Utah'95. BYU fans would more often then not, say how inferior the WAC was to the MTN WEST. Now you want to join their league in some capacity. Makes your fans who talked smack look silly. Just sayin.

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