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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Good move, IMO for the Cougs. I'm happy that they did not go to the LeftCoast 10. That conference didn't want the headaches of scheduling around BYU's no Sunday play. The Y will be just fine.


We "Mormons" have always been good at speculation! Sounds like another D-news story trying to fuel the fires again.I guess we will see.


"LOL, Utah leaves, no big deal. BYU leaves, MWC folds. Another reminder as to who the top dog in the MWC really was."

Silly Fiddler, the MWC was "Dead Man Walking" once Utah move to a BCS Confernce.

Good luck play WAC teams at home and getting crushed on the road by BCS teams that wont return the favor.


LOL, the WAC will surely give BYU some schedule respect!


Trying to keep up with the Jones' I guess.

What a knee-jerk reaction to Utah's move to the Pac-12.

They clearly saw the writing on the wall.

1)Without Utah, the MWC will not get an AQ bid.
2)Utah was gone (2 BCS trips), but TCU (1 BCS bid) and Boise (2 BCS bids) were clearly going to keep BYU from a BCS game.

Good luck to the Cougs.


I said from first rumor this was the only thing to do. Tom Holmoe made references to this from the beginning and our Red friends from the north scoffed at blown smoke. GO Cougars!


Wow I can't believe that the Cougars would go slumming back to the WAC. Isn't that what all the WAC memebers have heard the past years? What a low life conference the WAC is with no talent? Well if this is true you will soon find out life in the WAC isn't as easy as the $ talkers say. I just have to say good luck because it will not be the walk in the park you think it will be, that's for sure.


Hey Skippy:

This is the real deal. BYU/BSU to the WAC, the MWC becomes an irrelevance.

John S. Harvey

BYU getting slaughtered in the Spectrum every year! What's not to like. :-)

We would also get to see BYU football twisting in the wind for a few years until they begged to join the WAC with the rest of their teams. It would be great.


Utes, this has nothing to do with you. Go back to your message boards. No one cared when the MWC traded you for BSU - now the MWC is imploding when the BYU dollars and tv sets are leaving.

As scary as this seemed at first, this could be a great answer for BYU. I would love to see the revenue projections with this switch. As long as I get the games and decent opponents to watch on my TV at home, I hope they go for it. I wonder if they will be able to get into any decent bowls?


How many press members and coaches subscribe to BYUTV? I'm not sure how this helps exposure on the national level.


This could be interesting IF it really happens. BTW, has anyone seen hedgehog lately? Did he get a job or something?


So Utah leaves the MWC and it starts to fall apart.

Utah gets upgraded to a BCS conference and BYU gets downgraded to the WAC/Independent status.

At least this summer has let us know where these programs stand.


How many of you Cougar fans who are now saying, "This is great" have gone on record over the last six months talking about how superior the MWC is the the WAC? You guys were mocking BSU for how "weak" their schedule was, and now you want to play it instead of them?

Just a month ago you were talking about joining the Big 12. Now you want to join the WAC - AGAIN?

If BYU runs back to the WAC, and Boise State joins them (meaning they "left" for about two months, but never played a game in the MWC), they both look really silly. Outsiders looking in (90% of the sports fans in the nation) will say, "BYU just moved to a LESSER conference - the same one they left 12 years ago. Boise State, who looks like a potential title contender this year, would is the prettiest girl in a small town, has zero self-confidence. It's like a soap opera out there!"

Do you really think the WAC with BYU, or BYU and BSU, or even BYU, BSU, and TCU is stronger than the anticipated 2011 MWC?

Take a deep breath Cougars, and have some confidence....


The Crazy Train is leaving the station and who knows who is driving. What BYU sees in the WAC is anyone's guess but if the Cougs want national attention the WAC isn't the place to be. In one way though, going independent allows BYU to select schools rather than being stuck with all the also-rans. The problem will be in getting other schools to play them with 1 and 1 arraignments. Even though they seat 65000 people, they don't charge enough per seat to be able to match the revenue ($1 mil+/-) better programs will give up by not playing at home or one of the bigger venues and substituting Provo. If they can get the right games it could be a master stroke - one Boise State might want to consider.

Qwest Perfected

I fully expect them to crown themselves conference champions of their own conference every year.

Byu will have a hard time getting home and home games with good competion. Notre Dame does it because many of their games have a long standing tradition. The coogs only have that type of tradition with Utah and Utah State.

Even ND has been considering joining a conference because of the challenges they face and the coogs couldn't get anywhere close to the type of TV contract ND gets.

Good luck - I look forward to the demise of your program.



isnt that funny, because in reality, BYU is leaving the MWC BECAUSE it is crumbling, and not the other way around. Utah got more exposure, BYU wanted in as well, and they are doing this.

As far as "no one cared". Right, i think if you look in the archives, you would see at least 8 threads that had 200+ posts, mostly from jealous cougars.


I saw somewhere that SDSU wants back into the WAC. This is precisely why BYU needs to stay independent in football.


This is all about exposure. BYU has been developing it's network for national exposure. Rankings and BCS bowls are great, but year in and year out maximum exposure is going to further advance the missionary work of the LDS Church. That is a continuing goal with or without a BCS bid.

Henry Drummond

I've been hearing about BYU football going independent for over twenty years. I think financially, they are likely to get more money doing this than by being in a conference. I'm not so sure this is going to improve their prestige however. It depends on scheduling. If they want to boost revenue then schedule a lot of WAC, MAC, and Conference USA games. If you really want to prove you belong then schedule a lot of BCS games and risk losing. It does come across like they are playing on tilt though.

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