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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Fiddler, the important teams to a conference are the teams that go to BCS games. That would be Utah and TCU, byu is one of the top dogs in the conference but not on the national stage. It would kill the MWC if TCU left after Utah, they can find another byu.


Louisiana Cougar, you're missing the point--this is about TV revenue. Whether the Cougars ever win again the national championship, they want to take advantage of the TV revenue they've generated for years but have had to share with a bunch of uninteresting MWC teams that didn't carry their weight in putting people in the seats or bringing viewers to TV. Yes, it's a dog-eat-dog world in football, so more power to BYU for trying to capture the revenue THEY are generating.



Are you serious? If Utah didn't leave BYU wouldn't be going anywhere......sucks they didn't have a better option like the Utes. Though I'm not sure how this is going to help their in-state recruiting? Would you rather play for a Pac-12 team or an psudo-independent that plays 6 WAC teams a year? Easy choice if you ask me.


WOW...That is some amazing information especially if BSU decides to return.
But the MWC is dead no matter what so good move I think...and byutv would be nice to watch games on.


Holmoe say what?

This whole thing is a Colorado Twitter rumor.


I can't believe BYU fans are against. Fans will have better TV coverage, traditional rivalries will remain, old ones can be renewed, and the Cougs can regularly schedule 7 home games. The best news will be the fall of TheMtn.

yankee doodle

Ha ha Chris B is scared, If BYU moves to the WAC they will knock BSU out of their throne and reign supreme and probably win another NC! While the Pootes will get Vegas bowl after Vegas bowl in the Pac 10 haa haaha. Why let BSU rule the WAC and get the BCS love when the MWC will never get an auto bid, brilliant move by BYU if it happens, they can go in and take over. I say do it!!
p.s. GO PITT!!


Football: Boise State, BYU, Nevada, Fresno State and the WAC > Boise State, TCU, Air Force and MWC excluding BYU.

unwholly taciturn

@ Big Ben
You think my statement is arrogant? I beg to differ. I'm not on these boards often, and don't offer opinion for banter. I'm not a fan of Utah or BYU nor am I LDS. BYU is considered a rival by most of the MWC teams, more so than any other conference member. Utah fans are quick to point out that it is because they are the most hated team. The team everyone wants to beat. I simply am pointing out that they have always been the flagship team of the conference. I understand Utah was the first domino, but other teams from the MWC weren't talking about rejoining the WAC when Utah defected. This article states that they now are.


this sounds like the same type of drama that preceded texas NOT going to the PAC.


RUMOR! How did CBS C get in the mix (BYU vs Washington). Thanks again Mtn. Messing with BYU TV games again. Yipes! Let's get out of the MWC and leave the mediocre Mtn in the dust. KSL where are you?


"Wiley Old School | 11:38 a.m. Aug. 18, 2010
Unwholly: Are you telling me that BYU would be considering this drastic move even if Utah hadn't accepted a PAC-10 invitation? (Wrong!)"

BYU has been working on this sort of thing for at least 3 years. Utah wanted to do something as well but didn't have BYU's capabilities so when the Pac-10 called, they jumped and I don't blame them. Both schools have been looking at options ever since the Mtn failed.

Ogden Aggie

This is nuts! It is crazy all that has went down with college football this off-season. I would welcome BYU to the WAC in basketball. With the Ags, Cougs, Nevada, and a decent New Mexico St. team the WAC could be a pretty substantial basketball conference. It would be great to get home and away every year with BYU. Also, with the Cougars playing the same conference opponents it would be easy to tell each year which is truly the better team. Go State!!!


The MTN Network has killed the conference.


It is not about the TV revenue. It is about the TV exposure. BYU has it's own channel. The MTN TV arrangement is an albatross for BYU.

They can threaten to go independent in a move to force the MTN to give them the same TV arrangement Texas has. If the MTN won't then BYU will develop the best situation they can.


what ever utah leaves byu gets scared becuase they know they are going to lose money. Once Utah left is when the conference folded. plus byu is moving to a weaker conference the wac if bsu and tcu stay put.


Seriously, how does Craig Thompson still have a job? Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.

If he had any skill at all, he would have persuaded BSU to join the MWC several yeare earlier, AND kept Utah from bolting to the PAC-10, thereby making a strong argument to make the MWC an AQ conference.

But why would I expect that from the guy that gave us theMtn and deals with the Fort Worth and New Mexico bowls? Sounds like the MWC is imploding.


RE: unwholly taciturn

Yeah, Utah leaves and BYU goes to the WAC. Sounds like byu really got the better end of the deal here.

Nice Try. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.


BYU's course of action has little to do with Utah, TCU or BSU. BYU have been building the TV capability for years and very extensively for the last 3 or more years. This move is precipitated by long range planning.

It probably does have a lot to do with the really lousy MTN TV contract. It has no reach. Nobody watches it.

Going independent expands the BYU reach out of the Intermountain area into a national arena. That has to happen.

Since BYU tends to draw well they can schedule some decent schools in BCS conferences as ESPN will tend to cover the games making the BYU games more lucrative for the BCS schools who play BYU.

BYU like Utah and BSU will have to do what is in their long run best interest. The MTN is not in BYU's long run best interest. It will never have national interest or exposure.


Congratulations BYU! Big move. I'll be interested to see the ESPN tv deal on it. Still playing Saturdays, i hope?

They would NOT do this without a BCS guarantee in top 8.

Big step up for BYU!

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