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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Parry is a Farce

This made a lot of sense earlier in the day. Independent for football and WAC for other sports. If the MWC flinched and gave BYU the option to broadcast the games that were not on the Mtn and re-broadcast all games, then they'd stay. If the MWC did not, BYU had a better deal. Especially with BSU going back to the WAC.

Now with the reports of Nevada and Fresno to the MWC and Boise staying, the WAC almost looks PCAAish (Maybe CS Santa Barabra will bring back football and join the WAC).

I think BYU tried to flex their muscles and the MWC called their bluff. I have no idea how this plays out. They may go independent but they gotta find a different home for their other sports, as bad as that is for USU.

Cougar Blue

No, not every Cougar fan is thrilled with this potential move. I think it is shortsided and filled with deep holes. And now with Fresno and Nevada leaving the WAC, why would we put out minor sports in the unenviable position of playing what is left. And now, no way BSU returns to the WAC. Stay in the MWC, this is madness, cubed! I cringe at the huge MWC fan backlash at this. It does smack of elitism. Goes for Utah too.


ESPN cut the deal with Texas to protect it's other contracts from getting raided. Sooner or later they will revise it all. Maybe piecemeal but Texas will go independent if they do not get their actual worth out of the Big 12 TV contract. USC could/should do likewise (maybe after probation). Penn State, Ohio State, MI, FL and others could demand and probably get arrangements similar to Texas.

That cuts the money to the other teams in the so called super conferences.

Some teams are just props in the conferences as far a generating TV revenue. CO was worth very little to the Big 12. NE has a large following and could demand a deal like Texas but either did not want to try with the Big 12 or could not get it from the Texas.

In the long run ESPN (and maybe other networks) will rearrange the conferences to reflect ESPN's interests.


@Bugoff|12:41 a.m. Aug. 19, 2010

Why is it that your the ONLY one saying more independents yet every sports writer I read says it's headed to a super conferences.

Doea anyone agree with you? Site your source to back your opinion.

Tomahawk Red

BYU is making a big mistake. Effectively, they are choosing to be an independent with WAC ties. This is clearly a downgrade for you BYU folk.

As an independent, BYU will NOT become a fully recognized BCS team... whereas if they would just stay in the MWC, that AQ will come very soon.

Quit identifying yourself with Notre Dame. BYU is no Notre Dame, yet you all are expecting to get what ND gets... its own lucrative TV deal and automatic BCS bids with a top-8 finish. BYU's deal will be nothing like that. Plus, you are watering down your schedule with WAC teams... which will hurt you in the national polls.

Why BYU is actually going with this is dumbfounding. Fine, whoop it up BYU fans. In the end, you will find that you are now worse off than you were in the MWC. You certainly are not on the same level as a Pac-12 Utah.

For some reason, BYU is choosing to distance the gap between itself and the U.


You are all missing the point...

The driving force behind all of this is ESPN.
ESPN loves BYU and is willing to poor a ton of cash at them.

They are not interested in Wyoming or Nevada.

They want BYU back in their fold.

BYU wants to control it's own brand, again, as every team should desire to do.

The Socialistic experiment of the Mtn. is over.

It's the same reason TExas is not about to have equal revenue sharing with Baylor.

This is the new model. USC will be next to demand their own deal.

The days of a Washington State or a soon to be Utah, riding the coat-tails of the top tier within thier own conferences, are over.

Wake up, folks. It's that simple.

All of the other sports, don't reallly matter, BYU can excell in those in any league. Ask Gonzaga.

Football is King.


It's called revenue
1) BYUTV will bring in a lot more watchers
2) BYU has much larger stadium than Rice-Eccles
3) BYU does not have problem scheduling big teams - USC, Washington, ND, Florida State (all of these have scheduled to play both places)

Why would anyone stay in the MWC and the MTN? That is nuts!

Anti Bush-Obama

BYU's schedule after they go Independant.

1. Ball st.
2. San Jose st.
3. Appalachian st.
4. New Mexico st.
5. Idaho
6. Miami of Ohio.
7. Weber st.
8. UCF.
9. Kent st.
10.San Diego st.
12.Hawaii ( The big game)

Maybe in a couple years they will open against Texas or Florida and get pounded.

Otis Spurlock

I seriously don’t know what to say. Utah is invited to the PAC 10 along with Colorado to become the PAC 12. BYU isn’t invited by the PAC 12 or the Big XII so it decides to actually descend the ladder a little bit and rejoin the WAC, a conference it left in 1999 because it had become watered-down even by BYU standards with no-talent programs.


Why do people keep bringing up getting an AQ BCS bid in 2 years? Let me spell it out for you :IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!

As long as SDSU, UNLV, NM, WY, and CSU are in the conference dragging it down, the MWC will NEVER get an AQ bid. BYU had to do something and they did, just like Utah had to jump at the Pac-10 offer. Both schools have been exploring their options for years.


There might be a political angle to this as well. If the BCS gives BYU an opportunity to qualify, maybe not as easily as Notre Dame, but still a path to qualify, it might mitigate Senator Hatch's vendetta against the BCS. Couple that with the ESPN deal, the Broadcast facilities, and all the other upsides and it looks like BYU will make a successful run at independance.


Go for it BYU! I think this would be a good move. TheMtn has been disastrous for fans and a move of some kind of definitely needed. I look forward to finally being able to access the games on TV again!


What a move by Thompson!! With Utah gone i dont have to worry about the mountain west, but as a big time supporter of the MWC for the last decade, I still have love for the conference deep down.

That's why its awesome and HILARIOUS that BYU pulls this crap, acting like they are powerful enough to bail and take all other athletic programs to the Whack (and play 4-6 teams in football) so Craig Thompson says, "OK, We'll just take the only 2 remaining decent programs from the Whack"!

Remember all the posts yesterday about how BYU is leaving so the whole MWC is gonna fall apart?? NOPE. The MWC can still pick and choose ANY team it wants at ANY time from the Whack!

Sorry BYU... your just NOT that cool.


To me, this makes no sense. BYU already has access to the BCS. Both Utah and Boise State have done it twice since just 2004. If you finish in the top 14 you already have access to the BCS. You just have to be great, not good. This has been the problem for your team. Not the system. Last year if you didn't get blown out at home by Florida State and TCU then you would have been there.

It's not the system, it's you.

And now you've given up on what you have to be an independent and play the dregs of the WAC and Army/Navy. What kind of reputation are you going to gain.

Utah is in the Pac-10, and you've just become Weber State.

You're not developing a strong national reputation, you're losing a weak one. Who do you think you are?

And for all the non-football atheletes at BYU, how does it feel to be abandoned by your university.

BYU, eat crow, go back to the MWC, and face reality.
You are not what you think you are.

Wally West

re: Fiddler | 11:29 a.m. Aug. 18, 2010

Is this delusions of granduer or the arrogance that the San Diego paper mentioned that WON'T be missed?

The MWC is folding? News to me. Lets call a spade a spade; BYU is being selfish, greedy, & oh yeah prideful.

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