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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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It would be a GREAT decision. It makes sense to go Independent and give BYU more choices than what they have now especially with limits to TV rights, etc. It's time to go back to greatness that BYU once had as an independent. Go for it!


Uteology | 6:03 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010

With your six years relevance, and 2 BCS bowls, and 45,000 seat stadium, could Utah have gone independent


"BYU, according to sources, was stunned that an invitation didn't come its way as the Pac-10 first invited the Big 12's Colorado and then turned to Utah to become the Pac-12 earlier this summer."

Serious? Sources?

Holmoe knew the PAC was not going to invite a religous school three years ago, so it was a pretty drawn out stunned...


Awwwww poor little babys from byu!!!... Have to go indy because they did not get an invite to the Pac-12.. See they are jealous!!!


The more this unfolds, the more it's clear that BYU will be as big as ANY school in the west in a few years. It has to to with the gate and the tv contracts. LaVell said it many years ago to Paul James when asked, "How did you do it, LaVell? How did you put BYU on the map" (paraphrasing, not a direct quote). Being very honest, LaVall said (paraphrasing again), "You put money into a program, you can build a good program."

All these things take place behind the scenes. Coach Kyle and Utah administration aren't surprised at today's news. Coach Kyle and friends feathered their nest as well as they could, given their circumstances. PAC is darned good, everybody knows. That Texas turned the PAC down made Utah's day because they knew that it was only a matter of time before BYU pulled some strings for itself. And anyone who thinks Utah can out draw BYU in the stands or on the tube or cable in any part of the country other than the Mountain West if it's not a bowl game is in fantasy land.


I'm amazed at the ignorance. BYU is not leaving MWC because it's a week conference. They're leaving because of the TV contract and money. They'll make 10X more money with this move. Other MWC schools are figuring this out also and will be right behind them. Utah AND BYU kept the conference relevant. TCU and BSU are great football teams, but they don't have the following to keep the conference together. MWC will be irrelevant in a year or two. If WAC was stronger conference, BYU would have joined them for FB. WAC is just the conduit BYU needed to for their other sports. There was not a better conference that invited BYU, so independence was better than staying in MWC. They are doing what Univ of Texas was trying to do before Big 12 offered them tens of millions to stay. MWC doesn't have the pocket book to make the same deal to BYU.

Robert Johnson

Wow....if this is true, it shows the different direction that the BYU and Utah programs are going. Utah gets upgraded to the Pac-12, BYU gets downgraded to the third tier WAC.
Its sad to see BYU's once strong football program falling to this level.


I absolutely love the idea of BYU going independent. And that they will use the WAC to fill 1/2 their schedule plus the military schools. Cougar fans, get ready for an awesome schedule including Idaho, LaTech, San Jose St., Hawaii, Utah St., NMSU, Army, and Navy. I can't wait till your team flies in to Ruston Louisiana or Las Cruces New Mexico, or play the Idaho Vandals in front of 16,000 in Moscow Idaho. Meanwhile the Utes are playing against USC, Oregon, UCLA, UW, ASU in a major conference. If the WAC and military schools really are used to fill your schedule that means 4 of your 6 home games are from that pile of garbage. The schedule wont make you the "Notre Dame of the west" anytime soon. If you are playing a schedule like that don't expect a BCS game EVER.
Honestly, I don't hate BYU, I just think that schedule is a recipe for disaster. Just be patient and accept your Big 12 invite in a couple years. I can't think of a better non-AQ school than BYU. Their facilities, fans, stadium, teams, support are all great.
Good luck


Good riddance Cougs, good riddance! Everyone suspected you folks thought you were better than everyone else, now you've proven us right!

Observation Deck

Ute Fans... check yourselves. Who is the bigger program nationally? BYU... for sure. The U got into the PAC10 because they HAD to in order to draw bigger $$ and develop the program. BYU CAN go independent. Do you know how huge the ABILITY to go independent is? Can you imagine the U saying "we think our football program can draw enough national attention (translated as "filling the stadium") that we don't need to be part of a conference." Laughable. BYU taking its largest money maker independent is a huge statement about how well the program is respected nationally for its ability to compete at a very high level, increase ticket sales at stadiums on the road, and be an opponent that fans want to see. Don't get me wrong, the U has built a good program & I'm thrilled for Kyle. But Chris & the rest of the administrators on The Hill know better than to consider going Independent.


BYU thinks there is a pot of gold out there waiting for them by going independent... oh please. I like BYU, but that is probably one of the worst moves they could make. Out side of Utah, unless you are LDS, no one cares. There will be no big national TV contract pay day.

If you look at the math, half of the church members don't live in the US, so they could care less. That leaves 6 million people or so, and at least half of those don't care about BYU. BYU through its attempt to be an exclusive school has cut off much of the pipe to a future fan base. Many will have gone elsewhere to school and are loyal to those schools. That leaves about 3 million potential viewers. Now of that half that is left, I know this may be shocking, but a good number don't care about football. I know, not very American of them. My mom who doesn't, and neither do my youngest kids.

So how many households are left to support a BYU sports station - not very many. BYU really over played their hand here.

Dave S

Like I said earlier I hope you Zoobs enjoy playing the bottom feeders of the WAC. You may be fortunate enough to sprinkle in a game or two with the big boys of the Pac 12 or Big 10 from time to time so enjoy.

Jeff R.

Nevada and Fresno St. has accepted the invitation by the MWC. That is straight from the MWC website. So the WAC is left with 6 teams and is crippled. BYU still has options on the table. The WCC, West Coast Conferance said they would allow BYU to play all other sports with them. Which is great when you consider that is were the basketball powerhouse Gonzaga calls home. The other sports would still fair well enough off since the main bulk of revenue comes from Football and basketball. Another option is for the MWC to revise its crud deal with The Mtn network. Allow simulcasts and renew the contract with ESPN. What ESPN doesnt cover, the Mnt, VS, and CBSc will pick up. And the MWC must allow BYU to broadcast games on their high tech BYU TV. Either situation is a win win for the Cougars and a Win, sort ok situation for the MWC. The MWC needs BYU and its vast market and following. If they revise the contract and byu stays, the MWC will be a force, and will get out of that crap bowl deal and send the champ to somewhere other than Vegas for once.


@Bugoff | 6:32 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010

It may be better (more cost effective) for ESPN etc to cut deals with a few major draw independents for key games than to overpay conferences.


Ironic statement considering FOX and ESPN stepped in with a promise of new TV deal to keep the Big 12 from dissolving.

I agree with ESPN, college football is a regional game with its rivalries, etc.


@Robert Johnson

You're almost right, Robert, except you got it upside down. The money-maker in college is FB, all the other stuff (except football) is Title IX mostly. Football makes the money. Money comes from tv and cable, and full stadiums. At the bottom of the PAC, Utah cannot compete with it's own fellow conference members in any of those categories. BYU on the other hand, can draw a crowd anywhere in the country better than Utah ever thought of doing unless their BCS busters in a bowl game. But that will soon change, because as LaVell said long ago, "You put money in a program, you build a program" (paraphrasing again).


yarrlydarb | 10:05 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
The more this unfolds, the more it's clear that BYU will be as big as ANY school in the west in a few years.


Bold statement for a 4th place mid-major who hasn't played in January since 1996. Who now will be playing 6 games against the leftover WAC teams.

I think Gary Patterson's opinion caries a little more wight then yours:

"If you're BYU, you better be careful what you wish for...I can tell you this: If you think being an independent is an easier way to get to a national championship, you're kidding yourself."

@ryansutes | 10:31 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010

I agree BYU should have waited for the Big 12 expansion. In my opinion both TCU and BYU are a great fit in the Big 12.


Hey all you cougars...Do you remember how you bad mouthed the Utes for going to the Pac for money? It's kind of funny now isn't it?
Good luck with all the money you will be getting.




This is just plain stupid.... Don't ever let the guys who are pulling these strings become leaders in our government.... I have to agree with Hedgehog on this one.... If Holmo is involved in making this call he needs to be fired.


Observation Deck | 10:41 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010
Ute Fans... check yourselves. Who is the bigger program nationally?


BYU fans... check yourselves. Bigger programs don't play 4-6 WAC teams annually? It will be interesting to see BYU's 2011 SOS.



Check your sources.

Anyone at BYU? Dude, wait to hear something.

Read what Duff Tittle said. This is all rumor, half truths. Point is, we don't know what half are the truths...

Watch it play out.

Holmoe, un-be-knownst to Hedgeho knows what he is doing...

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