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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Both Reno and Fresno media are reporting that their schools will join the MWC, with press conferences scheduled for 7:30 Pacific Time. Unless the WAC gets two more teams, it will not have the eight teams required to be an NCAA Division I conference. This is getting pretty crazy.


Lobo fan here. Totally bummed if BYU leaves MWC; was looking forward to years to come of great UNM/BYU basketball games. But I'd be even MORE bummed if I was a BYU fan. No more huge games for BYU at Thomas & Mack and at The Pit. Looks like the WAC will be down to 6 teams in basketball, plus BYU. Not a very inspiring conference basketball schedule of Idaho, LaTech, San Jose St., Hawaii, Utah St and NMSU. BYU will soon find out if its image of its football program is overinflated. Regardless, all of BYU's non-football sports will pay a steep price. Hope BYU will change its mind.


By far the best move for BYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this goes through, I am getting BYUTV!!

This gives more flexibility to scheduling Utah, I like the Utah State/General Conference thing, the Hawaii game is awesome, landing Notre Dame, Army, and Navy would be very welcomed as their large fan bases would be tuning in, and this also gives flexibility to schedule Pac 12 and other BCS opponents.

And really, did any of us really care when they won the MWC or WAC titles? Big deal. Conference championships don't mean anything. Once you've tasted the national title ('84), conference championships lose their luster.


BYU considers itself "the Harvard of the West" (it's not), so now it can be "the Notre Dame of Utah County".


I know the old 16 team WAC broke up before because it did not work geographically, but why not bring the Mountain West and the WAC back together to reform the WAC, get the automatic BCS bid, form its own TV network, and have a lot of potential entries into the NCAA basketball tournament. You can have your Conference Championship and get the automatic BCS birth. Of course this won't happen and its a crazy idea, but its an idea!


To Louisiana Cougar,

You can stay in your mediocre state as long as you want, but as for the rest of us we would like to see some games. I welcome this idea - you can have the Mountain...


RE: cfbrules

BYU does not consider itself the Harvard of the west. That is ridiculous. I think if you asked students and administrators if that was really the case they would laugh and say that is neither important, nor does it have anything to do with the mission and goals of BYU. I wonder where you heard that from.

And that honor(Harvard of the west) obviously goes to Stanford.


Utah leaves to go to the PAC 10 and the MWC becomes a "house of cards." Utah was truly the strength of the conference along with TCU.


The WAC can find a couple of teams to add.

BYU will be fine in Basketball. They will have MUCH better coverage and can schedule a lot of other teams including old MTN rivals if they wish. Basketball will benefit greatly from having BYU broadcast all of the games that are not on ESPN.

Jimmy James

Joining the discussion late but:

If true, I hope BYU succeeds as an independent. It is somewhat high risk, but there definitely is a potential for high rewards. That's the thing about a conference: when you're on top they can hold you back, but if you're on bottom, it's sure nice to have someone else to help hold you up.

Good luck BYU in whatever happens, and good luck to the Mountain West Conference. My Utes may be moving, but I still think the Mountain West deserves a lot of respect, even if it does end up being just TCU and Boise State leading the way.


Interesting development... It looks like a done deal with Fresno and Nevada going to the MWC. Also BSU said that they are not returning to the WAC, though there have been rumors that they might. LA Tech is looking to join C-USA... So, there might not be a WAC for BYU to join.


There is no doubt the future of Intermountain West football is in the WAC and not the MWC. The MWC is too restrictive of schools, financially, to keep up with the big boys. And their visibility is next to none due to the awful network.

BYU has been a consistent powerhouse from year to year, and with their bad years behind them, they are returning to form. I'm excited for them to go independent in football. I'm not a fan, but I do enjoy watching BYU football.

Fresno State and the MWC is perfect. Then I don't have to ever see them again.


BYUCOLORADO | 8:43 p.m. Aug. 18, 2010

"Harvard of the west" I have heard it and continue to hear it from BYU students. I think it's ridiculous, too.

Btw...BYU students I know think the mission and goal of BYU is to get married.

NW Coug

Did you guys hear about NC State going indy in track and joining the Sun Belt for everything else except fencing, which will remain in the ACC?


My money is on BYU staying and still creating their own network or whatever they are trying to do. I think with adding those two teams they will be really close in getting that AQ bid. Bringing in those two schools makes up for how bad the bottom half of the league really is. There will be no Wac to join so they will have to stay in the mwc. Better for them in the long run anyway.



You bring up an excellent point regarding the new independent's bowl affiliation(s) or lack thereof.

There's no question that the tds is trying to back door the BCS system, but the gamble leaves them out of other bowl opportunities.

This is a huge gamble with little or no bowl implications in the balance. I'm so grateful that Utah is not involved in this mess.

Rose Bowl, BCS here we come! "Thank you, thank you very much." "Elvis has left the building."


Going independent is a bad idea and going back to the WAC is even worse. Why go back? It's a major downgrade from the MWC when you've got BSU and TCU.


This is silly. The WAC or the MWC...It's like reshuffling the same deck of cards. Who cares???

BYU finally grabbed some headlines today; mission accomplished. Seems like a very risky move but the BYU faithful are happy so CONGRATULATIONS BYU!

Independence is both unique and BYU's only option.


I think WCC has invited BYU's other sports to join them. Better match than the WAC anyways. I hope BYU's leadership has an idea of where they are headed. Exciting and scary times to be a Cougar.


According to ESPN BYU football will be playing 6 WAC games and is unlikely to get the Notre Dame exception.

Navy and Army have to finish in the top 2 to get a AQ bid while ND must finish #8.

So if they don't get the AQ status look for the top 10 BYU receivers to dominate the WAC, talk about deja voo, and going to the Humanitarian Bowl. Hey atleast its not Vegas.

Its a good move for money and exposure but I don't buy they will be the Notre Dame of the West. Notre Dame actually has played in January since 1996.

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