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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 10:00 a.m. MDT

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With your six years relevance, and 2 BCS bowls, and 45,000 seat stadium, could Utah have gone independent


Could Oregon? UCLA? Why would Utah, we're in the PAC12.

Here enjoy this from ESPN:
The Cougars are breaking the mold here. There are only three independent teams left in the country - Notre Dame, Army and Navy. The moves this summer indicated college football was moving more toward a superconference era. Does going independent make that easier?

BYU, according to sources, was stunned that an invitation didn't come its way as the Pac-10 first invited the Big 12's Colorado and then turned to Utah to become the Pac-12 earlier this summer.

But if BYU can't be assured a seat at the BCS table, the Cougars won't make the move.

So there you have it it can't bust the BCS so it's trying to get in from the backdoor.


This could be a briliant move!

So in 2011 they play Oregon State, Texas, Utah, Norte Dame, Army and Navy.

This is only a possible schedule but the exposure BYU gets is incredible! They play on PAC-12 TVs twice, Big 10 once, Notre Dame's national exposure then East coast TVs with Army and Navy. This would give them incredible national exposure, then throw in BYU-TV reaches far more screens than the Mountain ever dreamed of.

This could be pretty fun to watch. And switching Boise St and TCU for Norte Dame and others is worth it.

For those really moaning about this you can't have it both ways. You can't complain about The Mountain cable contract then moan about this possible effort.

This is great for BYU in many ways and I hope they pull it off.


Not sure where you heard Fresno was moving to the MWC. The article says they and Nevada declined the offer, viewing the WAC as now the more stable conference.


Now I know what the Elder's Quorum "lesson" will be this Sunday.


You are all jumping the gun. BYU will take advantage of this situation. IF Fresno and Nevada join the MWC then I would suspect that Boise and BYU stick around and BYU gets to use their network outside of 'the Mtn'. IF Fresno and Nevada stick in the WAC then BYU and Boise could leave and do as has been stated in the article.

The thing about this situation is BYU and Boise have no penalties to make any move. Fresno and Nevada do have penalties. I expect it will get more complicated before it is settled.

Have fun with all your speculations!


I hope the Cougs stay put at least for the next few years and give the MWC a chance to be a BCS auto q. e owe that to the other institutions we affiliated with when we formed it. I. for one, was looking forward to as time when the MWC would have it's own championship (once it expanded to 12.

1984 for life

Hey Chuckie---If this is so great why didn't we do it years ago? In reality, this will close the gap between the BCS school payouts ($11M- $20M)and our payout (reported as $5m-$7M from ESPN). The BCS won't offer us even close to the deal that Notre Dame has for access to the BCS games and until we win games like others have (Utah, BSU, TCU, Hawaii), we'll never be at a BCS party. BYU administration has done a good job reacting to the exodus of Utah to the PAC 10 and salvaged something. Let's just hope that reports are false about Reno and Fresno joining the MWC or our non football teams will be playing local high schools.

Cougar Files

Having viewed (or attempted to view) BYU games in Virginia, Texas and Ohio with myriad BYU fans, this would be huge. Most, if not all of these fans, would be willing to pay an additional $50/month to subscribe to an all BYU Athletics Sports channel. This will benefit BYU's exposure and ensure control over advertising and distribution (think, no more awkward questions by your 4 year old about "male enhancement suppliments" advertised during commercial breaks) and increase the revenue for BYU Athletics. At first glance, this was not a move I would endorse, but after thinking about it, there are too many positives not to proceed. Risks, yes, but manageable.


Actually the "super conference" may not be the future. The era of major independents might be the future.

Texas rewrote the rules in favor of becoming a major independent at a future point of thier choosing. USC could do the same. So could other schools with major draws.

It may be better (more cost effective) for ESPN etc to cut deals with a few major draw independents for key games than to overpay conferences.

All conferences have schools that add very little to the value of the conference TV revenues. A handfull of major schools create the TV value. It is in the interest of those schools to get as much of the revenue as they can and not carry and subsidize the weak schools in a conference.

If a few of the big name schools demand contracts like Texas (wave of the future), there will be no super conferences. There will be more independents who will sign thier own TV deals. Scheduling is less of a problem because of the money generated by playing one of the major TV independents.

The conferences are obsolete and inefficient because they have so many teams that are poor TV draws.


Not a BYU fan, but I like the idea of a conference affiliation for other sports, football independence with control over your own sports broadcast rights. It could be with the WAC, MWC or C-USA, doesn't matter. Here is a schedule USU, Fresno, Nevada, Hawaii, Air Force, Navy, Army, Utah, BSU, TCU, SDSU(whether they are in the WAC or not), Baylor, and Boston College. (Eight home games, Five road games, 13 total). The flexibility is endless, and all teams that BYU has played with some frequency in the past. Regional and national appeal, but with a west coast and Texas emphasis. All games will be broadcast, with some home and away games being broadcast by ESPN. This provides great exposure, and TV $. Just be competitive every three or four years to be in BCS bowl consideration. Doable, not easy. If they can pull this off, even with the good basketball, relatively weak football WAC, it will be the best thing that could happen to BYU sports. They won't need the Big12 or PAC12, rather they become the tv option to both for espn.


@Conference Champions

Don't kid yourself. Utah knew three years ago that BYU was working to go independent, at least in football. Knowing that, they jumped at the chance to go to the PAC, and surely they should have. It's not that BYU close to going independent BECAUSE Utah bolted, it's that Utah could see the "hand-writing on the wall" and KNEW they had to improve their prospects while they had the chance. Without BYU, BSU doesn't stay. Without either of them and TCU for sure leaving the MWC, Utah would have had diddly. So they took a good deal for themselves. But you kid yourself if you think BYU's current negotiations have anything to do with or is a reaction to Utah's defection. At best it only hasten them along.


@yarrlydarb | 6:42 p.m

Yeah like Utah had the PAC10 commish create and execute their expansion plans only because BYU was planning on independence. LOL! Thats so funny! I can't believe you zoobies think this stuff up.

BYU is totally reacting to what big-brother did!

"What about us?" is what BYU is screaming now.

1984 for life

According to the Fresno Bee, both Fresno and Nevada are headed to the MWC. OUCH.


At this point, BYUtv is a nonprofit channel, which means that cable companies have to pay almost nothing to carry it. If BYU tries to run football games on this channel, it loses it's nonprofit status and therefore would likely be dropped from a large percentage of those 50 million homes, because the cable companies would have to pay a much larger sum to run the network as a part of their free programming. So, the exposure might not be nearly as widespread as people are suggesting.

Y Ask Y

I don't understand the reasoning some of you are using. The viewership and TV contracts are only secondary considerations.

Recruitment is a top priority, and this move seems like it will hurt recruitment.

Top players will want to play in top Conferences so they can play against other top players, get the best shot at national attention (BCS bowl games), and better shots at the NFL.

The same goes for competition. Who will schedule BYU? Without a set of standard Conference games, BYU may be hard-pressed to fill their schedule.

On the other hand, top teams will have a full roster of Conference games, but will need to fit some non-conference opponents in. BYU could be the non-conference opponent for a number of good teams.

I am torn about this. I don't think I will sell my BYU season tickets and drop out of the CougarClub just yet.



I'd like to ask your age--it's got to be less than 25. You have no idea how many years ahead schools plan their inter-collegic schedules and maneuvers. You think any business with multi-million dollar budgets are going to make any big money deals in a matter of months based on another school's defection announcement of a few months. Do we know how to spell naive?


@TheCanuck again

Not at all. It had nothing to do with the PAC. They had there needs just like every other school. They wanted Texas but Utah was on their list, too, just down the line somewhere. If you think schools react in a matter of weeks or months or even years, you are kidding yourself. Take a look at Hellooo's post. Maybe you'll get the picture.


Ok, here is the real deal.

BYU is attempting a mini Texas and forcing the hand of the MWC for a bigger rev share and possibly going indi in football.

Will the MWC budge? Does having Fresno and Nevada make it easier to accept the BYU's terms or give them more power to say "take a hike"

We'll know soon.


@Y ask Y It is about the exposure, the recruiting will elevate with the exposure.

Besides BSU did very well with a weak SOS in the WAC. BYU will find scheduling easier than BSU because they draw better and have much better home attendance.

BYU can create it's own sports channel and offer it to the cable companies for token cost. They will carry it. BYU has already paid the big expense. Adding a channel to the existing ones is no big deal.

It does not matter if the WAC is weak. BYU will write it's own ticket in basketball, baseball and minor sports. It is not like the MTN did much for BYU in those sports. The MTN was decent in basketball but scheduling is easier in basketball so the MTN will not be missed.

BYU has been planning this option for a long time. Texas has made the timing feasible. The failure of the PAC to grab Texas dooms the super conference idea. ESPN helped Texas write the new rules. ESPN is looking out for itself.

USC and maybe UCLA/UCAL could demand and get arrangements like Texas in the future.


The deal ESPN has been negotiating with BYU is between 1.4 and 2 million per home football game. Do the math and this is a no brainer. The other sports, collegiately, are lucky to make enough collectively to pay the expenses.

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