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Sources say that all sports except football will compete in the WAC

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 2:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah = BYU's Big Brothers

Joining WAC is a big step up for BYU.

Way to go, TDS!

Floyd Johnson

Re: Big_Ben

Boise is not the ESPN "darling." With Boise joining the MWC, ESPN has lost all broadcast rights to them. Last year's opener was not the first game ESPN set up for BYU. ESPN often approached BYU about playing in the season opening Pig Skin Classic games. ESPN has, and has always had, an interest in broadcasting BYU football.

I am curious to know how Boise and TCU would respond to losing both Utah and BYU from the Mountain West.

By leaving the conference and the Mtn. Network, BYU positions itself for better national exposure. That will appeal to the LDS Church and the mission of the school.

My best estimate for this actually happening, less than 50%. It is more likely that this process will result in a modified TV broadcast arangement for BYU, but not the rest of the conference. It sure is fun to talk about though.

Tom in CA

@Disco Vegas:

YOU are the "flash in the pan" DUDE - what planet do you live on anyway - oh, I know, po-dunk SLC.

This is a "knee jerk" reaction to Utah going to the PAC-10?? You are all a bunch of nit wits.


Please do not compare BYU to ND — you sound like a fool.

Notre Dame has National rivalries already baked into their schedule. USC, Michigan, Mich St. and Purdue are all long time rivals they play ever year.

What National rival does BYU have?

Unfortunately for BYU, no real BCS power has any interest in forming a rivalry — especially if that means playing in Provo.


NBA Draft picks for the last 10 years


Wow, the Mountain West has so much more talent than the WAC. Why would BYU ever allow themselves to play in the lowly WAC?!

BYU = Best Little Brothers

Utah ---> Pac 12

BYU ---> WAC

that's all there is to it.
The best BYU can come up to answer Utah's move to Pac-12 is the WAC.
Chris Hill is laughing so hard up that hill.
Kyle is loving it.


Cougs, tip of the cap for jumping ship with the MWC. My only beef with most posters here is the delusional numbers game that BYU fans like to throw out there when it comes to their actual fanbase, and how that will translate to TV ratings, etc.

Membership in the LDS Church does not lead to blind fan obedience when it comes to cheering on the Cougs.


While I think it would be fun to see BYU's schedule were they independent in football, I think it would be unwise to do so. If the MWC can keep BSU, TCU and BYU together, then extend out an invite to Houston or Tulsa, they could make a serious run for an AQ BCS bid.

This is not a knock at the Y, but there is NO WAY BYU gets the same deal as Notre Dame does, with regards to being an independent in the BCS.


BYU/LaVell dumped ESPN because of the 7:00 PM Thursday night take it or leave it time slot.

ESPN will forget getting dumped?

Who knows?

At this point, however, almost anything would be better than the current TV contract.

Utes = Cougars' Big Brothers

Utah: Pac-12, Major

BYU: WAC, AA Mid-major

WOW, good move!


@ Floyd

please read my post above. If BYU bolts, Boise will also. ESPN will have their darlings. And yes, Espn might have gone after BYU, in the mid 90's. checking my calendar, we are currently in the year 2010.


Disco Vegas -- Your comment makes you relevant?


I have always read in the Dnews that BYU has a hard time scheduling schools. How will this possibly work for them. Good Luck with that one.

Floyd Johnson

@Big Ben

The 90's, and well last year also....

ESPN is, and always has been interested in broadcasting BYU football.

Utah got a great deal this year. They worked for it and they are a great fit for their new conference. If Utah had not left, BYU would not seriously consider moving this year. With Boise, Utah, TCU, BYU in the same conference, the Mountain West would have obtained BCS automatic qualifier status. Without all of those teams, the prospect becomes significantly less likely.

A move to independence in Football provides an opportunity for BYU to significantly increase it's television exposure. Unlike any other school in the country, BYU already has the network available. They just need the rights to broadcast on it. Even if BYU becomes independent, it may be a temporary situation while they seek other options.


Finally all BYU home events on BYUTV worldwide via satelite and internet! Awesome.

No need for an ESPN TV contract. BYUTV is already in most everyone's home online, Dish, DirecTV, or cable.

The away games will be dependent on their host teams' TV deals.

Great news to finally see BYU football again. They disappeared years ago with theMtn...

After years of not seeing BYU Football. Hopefully, they can arrange for the voice of the Cougars, Greg Wrubell. He's all we've had out here, to listen to on-line with no video..


"I have always read in the Dnews that BYU has a hard time scheduling schools."

True, but they've scheduled Oklahoma, Texas and Oregon State all in the last couple of years.

Hard, yes.

Impossible, no.

And, with their independent status, BYU's schedule will be much more flexible for scheduling, so this may actually make it easier to schedule other quality teams.

Over the Top

Now I'll be able to cheer for the Utes in the LV Bowl!! They won't be playing my alma mater.



You will see by season's end that the U has made a huge mistake. Not only is the U in over its head, but it gives the Y the opportunity it needs to get out of a BAD tv contract that the MWC has in place. In time, you will see that this is an excellent move for the Y, who will cruise and never look back. We will see who envys who!

caleb in new york

@ ImaCaMan 11:28 am

at least in 2001 and 2009. threaten is a subjective term. I will refrain from asking about your comment as to how receiving money for someone else's accomplishments is comparable to receiving an actual berth to the BCS, because apparently you didn't make the comparison to add anything substantive to the discussion and instead your comparison was an attempt at humor.


Tomorrow could be an historic day for BYU football.

With the flexibility the WAC is providing for scheduling, BYU will be able to put together a great schedule of high profile and best of WAC/MWC opponents.

It'll be interesting to see how many other MWC teams will follow BYU to the WAC and whether Boise State will decide to back out of their MWC invitation.

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