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Sources say that all sports except football will compete in the WAC

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 18 2010 2:00 a.m. MDT

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ESPN is courting them big time and will offer them many multiples of the piddly $1MM they get from the MWC TV deal and 5 times the TV viewers for exposure! PLUS they can then make millions more broadcasting the games that ESPN does not. Absolutely nothing to lose except a horrible TV deal and horrible bowl agreements. Now their national fans can actually watch them! Good riddance Las Vegas Bowl & Craig Thompson! :)

Wasatch Sasquatch

For all the posters commenting on how moving to the WAC for all the Olympic sports would be a bad move, when was the last time you went and watched the women's softball team? Or cross-country. The volleyball teams already participate in a different conference. Outside of basketball, who cares?

And teams from even the smallest of conferences make it to the NCAA tournament, how would it hurt the basketball program?

This helps the football program, and at worst maintains status quo for the other sport programs.

The Milk Beast


You really think the Lord wants BYU to join the WAC? Are you being serious?


@ Old greg and @ Otis

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! creepy creepers!!


This is so funny. BYU fans saying "they really should think about this before they do it." and Utah fans saying "this is all about us leaving." What is being overlooked is that this has been in BYU's plans a long time. long before the Utes became the red jerseyed step child of the Pac 10.5. The broadcasting facility and capabilities were put in place for a reason. Nationally recognized broadcasters were hired weeks ago (not released yet) to cover BYU athletics. (They were not hired to broadcast track and field or womens soccer.) Football. This is a posture to be prepared to join the Big 10 when the time comes, that is all. It is not a plan to go independent forever. It is to get out from the ridiculous MWC and it's lack of exposure and be ready to move in the next couple of years. Stop worrying and let the chips fall where and when they may. Very exciting day in BYU athletic history.


The Jealousy is killing BYU and it's fans!


Idablu.... again, not trying to rain on the aq parade, but I said this before utah left and I stand behind it now... the bcs won't invite the mwc as long as the bottom half of the conference is a. Perpetually ranked in the 70-80 range, and b. Cannot sell out small venues... even the mighty tcu averaged a puny 65% capacity last year, with only one sellout (utah).

Fair or not, it's all about the money, and the bottom half doesn't make enough.

Solomon the Wise

This is really not that big of a stretch for BYU. The Cougars practically carried the WAC on their backs for more than a decade while turning out a string of All-American quarterbacks, a Heisman Trophy winner, and winning a national championship.

BYU put the Holiday Bowl on the bowl map and has been an ESPN favorite since BYU played Pittsburgh in the first ever nationally televised college football game on ESPN.

BYU isn't Notre Dame, but finishing in the Top 25 regularly for the past 4 decades has given BYU the national cachet to be successful as an independent.


how come people think BYU is "the lord's school?" I though Notre Dame was.


This seems like a perfectly reasonable move for BYU. Their own conference is bad and doesn't look like it will get any better, so why not take matters into their own hands?

Otis Spurlock

Joining the WAC will really improve recruiting for BYU!


Why hasn't the DesNews yet updated this article? It's been updated twice already on espn.com and it's only 10:45am MST. Anyhow, to all those Ute fans who would like to pride themselves on thinking this is simply a reaction to Utah's move to the Pac-12, that's only a (small) part of the story. If BYU had left, Utah would be up a creek even more. Could Utah even consider making a move to football independence? No. BYU has a national product and following that, while not nearly as big as Notre Dame's, still commands attention and money. It's too bad that the other sports programs would be relegated to playing lesser-quality WAC schools, but hopefully that would be only temporary. It would give BYU basketball a better chance at the tourney instead of attending the Las Vegas Invitational. The MWC TV contract is a joke and hurts BYU. BYU has as large a television draw as some of the biggest schools in the country, which is its trump card to either going independent or forcing the MWC's hand in allowing more TV rights/money. Go Cougars!


Dear Truth ---

The actual truth is that Utah was in all the time... and the only truth is that byu is like the little kid in the school yard and is going to take their ball and go home.

you may want to consider this truth... the only reason they y even has any play right now with espn is that BSU has left the wac and they need someone to fill BSU's shoes.... so how does it feel to be the replacement for BSU ha, ha.....

I hope you go independent, your relevency in the landscape of the football world will be alot closer to navy then Notre Dame

This summer just keeps getting better and better for UTAH fans!!!! GO UTES!!!!!


Recruiting for football, basketball and other sports is going to take a major hit too. Doing what has been reported is akin to the athletic program committing suicide. Maybe they are afraid that Boise State is going to come to the MWC and dominate it in football like it has the WAC since it joined that conference. Has anyone at BYU discussed this with Coach Bronco Mendenhall? I can't believe that he is in favor of this move.

U R Not Man Until a BCS Bowl


The Savior and Creator of all the world wants BYU in a BCS Conference, not the WAC!


RE: Disco Vegas

The Cougars are a flash in the pan????????

Ute fans so easily forget the thrashing the Cougars have generally given their imperical team. Yes, the rivalry is even these days. Between 1970 and just recently, the Cougars stepped on your face first and then asked questions....flash in the pan? Stay on topic or get is site!

Brigham Young has a forty-year legacy in college football. Add to that LaVell Edwards brought them out of darkness called the WAC and now the MWC.

Our sold-ot stadium will still dwarf your additional 10K seats....

Add to that the work that Bronco Mendenhall has accomplished since the Crowton debacle and how he would have to be behind this move for it to succeed, as well as the Board of Trustees of the LDS Church...and our fan base.

Oh, by the way, let's consider the utes with their minisquel(sp?)fanbase and we will dwarf you in one season!

Add to that 100 million television sets in HD and the Cougars have the makings of a huge coupe in college football.

A nevermind to our little bro's in SLC...we have bigger plans...Go Cougars


They will give this independent thing a try for a couple of years, and then the football team will join the wac with the rest of the byu athletics.


What great news! Not only is it great for football, but even better for the other sports. To have global broadcasting of track and field, volleyball, soccer, rugby, etc., will create a fan base and recruiting base that will grow sharply in coming years. It also provides an opportunity to broadcast 30 and 60 second family messages that will be encouraging to people of all faiths. If one of the underlying purposes for our participation in sports is to gain exposure to the mission of the church, this will be a huge leap forward. Everything about this is a plus and the result of many years of analysis, planning, and preparation. The Utah move may have accelerated the timing slightly or maybe not at all.


BYU is not going to make a decision without contracts for t.v. settled, and with their own network, which is a very high quality broadcast center. One source says that UNLV and San Diego St. might be going back to the WAC. That source came from 1280 the zone radio. BYU stands to make a lot more money with Independency, rather than the horrible mtn. deal.


Why go independent now? If you wait 2 years the Mountain West might be a BCS conference. If not then you go independent.

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